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  1. Do you guys have a membership to the Athletic? Fascinating read on the changes in minor league baseball. We can’t fool around with a new ballpark. https://theathletic.com/3080746/2022/01/26/whistlepigs-and-2-beers-minor-league-clubs-kicked-out-of-baseball-face-uncertain-future-liberation-in-exile/ “It’s been quite an effort to start a whole new system,” Sword said. “I’m becoming convinced that this is the right thing for the game of baseball, and it’s going to result in a lot more stability and longevity in these cities.” Added Sword, “We’ll be grateful, 10 years from now, that we took those steps.” What will the minors look like then? Several owners think the reduction to 120 affiliates was only the start. “There is very popular thinking that sooner or later it’s going to be 90 [teams] — if not less,” said Andy Shea, owner of two former members of the defunct South Atlantic League. Added Katofsky, “It wouldn’t shock me, in five years, if it’s 60.” What happens when a minor-league team gets kicked out of the minors? More teams may find out.
  2. Same for me in the Fan. But my car has been rummaged through elsewhere too. Can’t forget to lock it!
  3. They are going to demo the newer addition of the Pocahontas building at 10th and Main and replace it with a new building for the State Supreme Court. I guess to be fair they haven’t confirmed the proposed height yet, but it will be over 230,000 sf so not an insignificant structure.
  4. This is good. You could include the proposed state buildings on Main Street which are both double digit and the the buildings VCU Health is planning as well. Perhaps we don’t know the floor counts on the VCU buildings yet.
  5. There were no city funds going to the casino project. I can’t believe how many times I heard this.
  6. You should go door to door in the neighborhoods near the casino that overwhelmingly voted in favor and inform them that they didn't vote in their best interests. You could really save them from themselves. They'll just believe anything they see on a billboard or hear on the radio.
  7. Trying to get permits out of the city is a nightmare. Might be a factor.
  8. Plaza = the James Center green space not Kanawha Plaza. Agree that Kanawha Plaza isn't super popular for lunch, probably because it was a concrete wasteland for most of its existence.
  9. This project is in line with the county's vision longer term vision for Westwood, similar to the new Kinsale office building and adjacent residential project https://www.tapestrywest.com/, plus some other projects in the pipeline. Today however, it would feel pretty isolated as everything around it is still very much in use industrial / flex properties.
  10. It’s a state owned deck, so it would be incumbent on them to have a different need for the site.
  11. Haven’t heard any plans with the current ownership. My fear is that they develop the parking lot as a parking deck and that’s it so as to not kill views from the existing buildings with a taller residential or mixed use tower. I don’t see anything being built on the building plazas either. Best hope is the parking lot.
  12. A few project photo updates in Manchester: Tidewater The Commodore The Current - this one looks really good in person. Hydro and the soon to be replace silo. The Box
  13. Thanks for sharing. It’s been a consequential couple years for Richmond and I’m optimistic we can rise to realize some of the potential that is oft spoken about.
  14. That’s the CoStar height version it’s over 1,000 ft… above sea level https://www.wtvr.com/2013/02/27/holmberg-wtvr-tower-a-surprisingly-gentle-giant-turns-60?_amp=true
  15. What’s cool is that the view is changing from almost every angle of the city since there is so much happening in so many different neighborhoods.
  16. Not just that, but also the new interdisciplinary health sciences building. Both have major price tags VCU Health plans to build a new school of dentistry at a cost of $196 million, to be funded by the state in the 2024-26 biennium. Replacing the current building would be an interdisciplinary health sciences building, library, innovation center and green space, slated to cost $281 million, funded mostly by the state. The new building will be a central hub for the MCV campus, and it will feature a bridge system that connects adjacent buildings. https://www.vadental.org/for-our-patients/2021/05/18/new-vcu-school-of-dentistry-building-included-in-vcu-six-year-capital-plan
  17. would be great to have better renderings or detail on the project. The retail marketing flyer is kind of weak.
  18. That workforce number must be their entire workforce including branches. They don’t have anywhere close to that many people in corporate functions and even fewer downtown. I could see them doing something different than James Center at some point but it won’t be a massive tower unless there are other companies signing up for it as well. And they would likely need to double their rent expenses. You need to hope for someone like Markel or some other big corporate HQ to want to relocate from the burbs.
  19. I meant for the Hardee's specifically.
  20. Something is planned there, but I can't recall exactly.
  21. This should be a positive for Monroe Ward if they move quickly. This portfolio has been on the market forever and really languished.
  22. Tom Papa being super candid about South Falls III.
  23. They've owned much of it for over a decade, so they need to start fixing up.
  24. Douglas owns much of what has not been renovated along the 100 and 200 blocks of East Broad Street.
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