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  1. https://www.vcuhealth.org/community-memorial-hospital/patients-and-visitors/maps-and-directions
  2. They do have hospitals in other parts of the state.
  3. Thanks for sharing and visiting. When you come back to explore, there's tons of neighborhoods that each have their own bit of character. Here's a few more to add to your list that are outside of the downtown core: Bellevue Westhampton (Libbie Ave at Grove/Patterson Aves) Scott's Addition Forest Hill / Westover Hills Byrd Park / Maymont Agreed on the city infrastructure in general. It's improving though.
  4. I had heard they were looking for a different, smaller space to operate from, but no idea about the status of the site other than that.
  5. And to clarify -- Dulles vs RDU for this reason. I would definitely opt for Richmond if it ever had a direct flight to London or somewhere in Europe. Connecting flights with family/kids can be a pain, especially when the luggage disappears.
  6. I’d go Dulles for European flights. More options if there is a cancellation, and would think a shorter flight.
  7. Kinsale putting more than their people at the anthem site at Broad and Staples Mill: https://richmondbizsense.com/2023/11/10/kinsale-looks-to-transform-corner-of-staples-mill-and-broad-with-massive-development/ “The publicly traded specialty insurance company led by CEO Michael Kehoe, with the help of Marchetti Development, is planning a $450 million redevelopment of the former Anthem Inc. campus at the northeast corner of West Broad Street and Staples Mill Road. According to documents filed in Henrico County, they’re looking to build nearly a million square feet of new construction on the 29-acre plot, with plans for 692 apartments, a 147-room hotel, more than 350,000 square feet of new office space and over 32,000 square feet of street-level retail.”
  8. We also structured ours differently. Everyone else voted first whether to have a casino or not and then selected location and operator later.
  9. The Pamunkey can’t get their Norfolk site out of first gear, what makes you think they can do both at this point?
  10. Time to move on. Richmond won’t see a 3rd chance even with a new process. Hopefully this site can be repurposed into an industrial investment that helps South Richmond.
  11. Is that the new office building or the Spy Rock project next to Sauer Center? I think both are coming out of the ground.
  12. The unfortunate thing is that the back of the building faces Main with a pretty depressing sidewalk interaction. Pocahontas bldg at least addresses Main. The state doesn’t care. Main used to bustle. Will look good from Bank Street.
  13. Ed Slipek review of the grand new General Assembly Bldg. https://richmondbizsense.com/2023/11/03/architecture-review-handsome-new-general-assembly-building-opens-on-historic-turf/
  14. Gosh I wonder how long before we could actually have a rail connector from MSS to the airport. I feel like we’d have flight to Europe before then
  15. Believe our runways are too short for a 787
  16. Assume there will be some sort of screening.
  17. The airport should be able to study data on tickets sold to people with Richmond MSA addresses (or areas more convenient to RIC than IAD to determine how many head to IAD for european flights. You'd think we could pull one of the Icelandic carriers that connect through RKV and then onto Europe.
  18. I guess tomorrow the data for September comes out. Curious to see how we look.
  19. Think about the other sports though. Jefferson cup for youth soccer is gigantic, one of the largest in the country. They host over 1600 teams from all over the country. https://jeffersoncup.strikerstournaments.com/jeff-cup-fast-facts it generates over $30 million in annual impact and over 50,000 room nights per year.
  20. Love the different architectural style packed into that image.
  21. This development looks pretty massive from Chippenham Pkwy, especially with the stair and elevator shafts rising.
  22. Curious thoughts on the decline of PHF and whether it is more beneficial for ORF or RIC? I would guess it helped marginally at RIC but allows ORF to accelerate growth as the primary airport in the HR region. It’s great to see passenger counts and destinations rising at both airports.
  23. There wasn’t a photo, but maybe your intent was to show its effect is nothing ?
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