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  1. 2 hours ago, asies said:

    Pretty interesting data from Apartment List for the first quarter of 2022 showing migration trends.  Almost half of apartment searches (47 percent) came from outside the metro area. In comparison, 41 percent of searches in Charlotte were from outside the metro, Atlanta just 28.1 percent of searches were from outside its metro, Austin's outbound search rate was 45.4 percent, while Nashville's was 49. 3 percent.  Raleigh had a slighter higher ratio than Richmond with 52 percent of searches coming from outside its metro. RVA's profile is increasing,  and is attracting a higher rate of outside interest than  Charlotte, Atlanta, and Austin.  This study isn't perfect (it measures interest, not leases signed etc.) but it reflects RVA's rising profile, at least regionally. Apartment List Renter Migration Report: 2022 Q1

    I’ve seen and heard a bunch of similar data and anecdotes, feels like it is a trend building. 

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  2. 19 hours ago, eandslee said:

    Plus, the rendering seems to show a "healthy" crown on top of the tower that would look cool if lit up at night.  So, I'm thinking that this is still 425 feet and that nothing has changed.  I'm excited to see ground broken very soon on this.  If anything (since CoStar is gobbling up more real estate), they should expand the tower taller to add more space.  We'll see what actually happens though.

    Would be nice, although 2 things: we don’t know their long term plans for the Manchester space. Maybe it’s just swing space for a few years? And 2, they paid $170/SF for that building. Their new building will probably be north of $600/SF to build and more expensive if you go taller. It’s so much cheaper to not go taller. 

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  3. 35 minutes ago, DowntownCoruscant said:

    Drive thru Starbucks ain’t exciting, but a) that’s all Starbucks is building these days, and b) that’s what outside the downtown core neighborhoods  have everywhere from LA to Las Cruces and anywhere in between. Besides, the drive-thru on the Boulevard takes up a small footprint and feeds from/to a side street. It can be done.

    very accurate.

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  4. 38 minutes ago, I miss RVA said:

    100% agreed, Coupe, on all points. We do indeed need more commercial/office and other uses in lower Manchester to go along with the tremendous growth of residential development there. Am guessing this building was/is vacant? CoStar filling up 117K SF of office space in Manchester will be a real plus.

    @wrldcoupe4- did the news release give anything definitive as to the timing of when the big project would break ground?

    It was being vacated by Truist so backfilling with a few hundred daytime workers will be great for the neighborhood. 

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