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  1. I'm gonna be going down to jmu this weekend so I probably won't be contributing much. I really hope some other Richmonders show up while I'm gone!
  2. the city of colonial heights near richmond has only a little more than 17,000 people. It became a city in the 40's. I agree that localities this small should not be considered cities.
  3. Here is the favored plan that was submitted to the City...it is in the process fo evaluating the report: More info on the project: here
  4. I agree, thanks for popping your head in to say hello. It's not quite as vibrant here as it is on BR
  5. The Virgina Center for Architecture opened in the Branch house designed by John Russel Pope on Monument avenue. The branch house is a 27,000sf mansion built in 1919. Frank Gehry spoke during the grand opening ceremonies. I know Robert Stern spoke last week as well. More images can be found here.
  6. We should be hearing more about it soon. I think it would be great for the city. Just have to cross our fingers....
  7. Good point..I think it seems taller though because its a bit of a distance away from the CBD. There is supposed to be an announcement on this building by early next week at the latest. From what I can gather its use will either be multi-family, hospitality, or a mixture. Great to see a building that has been vacant for some time come back to life. Downtown is really starting to come back to life!
  8. I thought it couldn't hurt to throw some facts into the discussion; you know something real, tangible, and factual instead of "we are better than you are." I put it out there so that other people could use the info to formulate opinions and ideas about the discussion. I thought it would add some to the discussion. That was my point.
  9. I do commend the beach for attempting a project that can combat sprawl
  10. here is the streetcar plan so far which was posted earlier in the thread... It calls for two lines to service the area. Plans would be to expand it after the initial phase. I'll try to get more info.
  11. just to throw it in (i'm totally neutral on this)...norfolk has under 30 buildings that are 10+ completed. It has 12 buildings at or above 50 meters. Virginia Beach has 23 buildings greater than 10 stories that are completed. The tallest building in virginia beach is 121 meters, while the tallest in norfolk is 104 meters.
  12. For those that are unfamiliar with the building, it is this one: This image is from RCW and was taken by Ryan Ramsey.
  13. An insider on RCW....an announcement should come by the beginning of next week or sooner.
  14. Here is a great map for trying to look at the region as a whole: TD Preps Map I'd like to see somewhere near Main St station if not Main St Station be the Main "central" Station. What do you think would be some viable routes? What about river crossings? Should it be a separate system from the downtown streetcar system?
  15. Some tidbits of Richmond's Retail Market for 2005: "At of the end of the third quarter of 2004, retail space in the Richmond metropolitan statistical area totaled approximately 33 million square feet, with a vacancy rate of approximately 8 percent. Even with an unusually large influx of space and new retailers in 2003 with the addition of two large malls, it is expected that existing retailers will continue to add new units and that new retailers will continue to enter the market. This is based on the Richmond area
  16. There is supposedly supposed to be a positive announcement in the near future on what will happen to the Central National Bank Building in downtown. The 22 story, 282 ft Art Deco skyscraper on Broad St was built in 1930 but has been vacant for a few years. It has been having difficulty meeting fire code regulation among other issues. Originally, there was a plan to convert it into hotel/condos with some retail given its proximity to the 700,000 sf Convention Center.
  17. Don't be so quick to push Richmond aside. They are very much dedicated to the project. It has regional support and the governor and the legislature are backing it 100%. An organization called Virginians Racing for the Hall of Fame has been assembled. Just because Richmond isn't as vocal about its efforts doesnt mean they don't materialize. Richmond beat out research triangle and just landed the $300 million Philip Morris research facility, a deal that was tight lipped until last week. Here is a Times-Dispatch Article from last thursday discussing the bid...
  18. I've noticed that everyone has mentioned charlotte is competing with daytona and kansas city and alabama. However, Richmond has also thrown its hat into the competition. Does that change the dynamic at all?
  19. What do you guys think.... Could Richmond support a regional light rail system within the next 5-10 years?
  20. The Philip Morris Research facility could be a boon for biotech development and other economic development in Richmond. The announcement received global press coverage as news outlets in Canada and Britain (among others) covered the story.
  21. How could we forget the Museum of the Confederacy? Definitely cool if you want to learn more about the history of the Confederate States of America's short-lived existence. It consists of a museum with exhibits, as well as the White House of the Confederacy. "Designated a National Historic Landmark, the White House of the Confederacy is one of the nation's finest historic, architectural and decorative treasures. The Washington Post has written that the White House of the Confederacy
  22. This link shows the potential locations within Richmond's riverfront district for new development. Site 4/5 is the Riverside on the James project which will begin occupancy in may/june 2005. Site 6 is the Lady Bird Hat building which is being turned into Toad's place, as well as other retail and office. Site 10 is the Turning basin development which is home to First Market Bank, Morton's of Chicago Restaurant, Pricewaterhousecooper, Richmond Arts Council, Virginia Performing Arts Foundation among others. Site 11 is home to the future Canal Landing Tower, which will now be a residential tower done by Daniel Corp. The original was supposed to be 18 floors so hopefully this one is the same or higher. Sites 2,3,7,8 are currently an Alcoa manufacturing facility (it's where Reynolds Aluminum Foil is manufactured). It is prime real estate for entertainment, retail, residential, and office for the canal walk area. Site 1 is owned by Ethyl Corp. and is next to the Federal Reserve building. It was originally thought of as being the place for a riverfront baseball stadium. However, now I think it would be great to see some tall towers over there, extending the Richmond skyline. 3 or 4 towers could easily fit on the property.
  23. It will also be a LEED building.
  24. The new federal courthouse in Richmond is underway and has been for some time. The 8 story, $95 million courts project is designed by Robert A.M. Stern. The project will be over 200,000 sf and include parking. It is expected to be completed in 2007. There are some renderings above. Hope that helps answer the question in the HR forum vdogg.
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