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  1. A new museum which is being built in Richmond and scheduled to open in conjunction with Jamestown 2007 festivities is the First Freedom Center. It will focus on the importance of Religious Freedoms and the impact it has had all over the world. The first time religious freedom was established was in Richmond in 1786: Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom by Thomas Jefferson. They plan on constructing the First Freedom Center at the corner of Cary St and N 14 St along the Shockoe Slip. "Construction of a 30,000 square-foot Center (including galleries, an auditorium, exhibits, classrooms and a bookstore)" There is also a plan for a First Freedom Monument to be built along the James River possibly by the Canal Walk. I can't find many rendering for the building, however, here is a link to a couple: First Freedom Center Here are some more from RCW: RCW Renderings for FFC
  2. Loads....I'm not sure of the exact number. Probably in the dozens though.
  3. Next up, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, located on The Boulevard, next to the Virginia Historical Society. The museum is undergoing a major expansion which is scheduled to be finished by 2007: These are the key features which can be found here # The expansion will add 100,000 square feet of new space to the existing 240,000-square-foot museum. Gallery space for the collections and temporary exhibitions will grow by nearly 50%, and visitors will be able to circulate easily through the galleries without having to retrace their steps. # The new Atrium, a triple-height "main street," will connect the new building with two existing wings and open onto a new library, museum shop, caf
  4. First off, The Headquarters/Museum for the Virginia Historical Society located on the Boulevard adjacent to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. "The new building made possible by the current campaign will address all these needs. It will consist of a new, 54,000-square-foot wing that will include a 500-seat auditorium, new exhibition space, a state-of-the-art classroom, and enough space to house the next twenty years' worth of anticipated collections growth." The facility has already tripled in size since 1991. -VHS Expansion Expansion Construction Photos
  5. Hey guys, I thought I would add this forum as well. There is a lot of stuff going on with Richmonds Museums and the city will be adding a few more in the years to come....
  6. Only thing is 75% of the time that new companies locate to Richmond, they find a home in the burbs. With all the new businesses that have set up shop here in the past 2 years (Philip Morris HQ, Genworth Financial HQ, Wachovia Securities HQ etc...) you would have thought another tower could happen.....
  7. Perhaps a reason for them being in Stony Point in Richmond too....It's good to know that there is some historic preservation in Norfolk. Any organizations who focus on that in Norfolk?
  8. Wow I dont mean this in a bad way but I've never heard that about Norfolk. I know that Richmond's Fan District is one of the largest in tact historic Victorian Architecture neighborhoods in the country (85 blocks). Richmond's Museum District/West of the Boulevard is the 3rd largest historic district in the State. Perhaps Norfolk is in 2nd there? Could you find more info on that?
  9. The potential for the Richmond area to be a major center for Biotech is huge. Not only does it possess the downtown biotech park which sits on 34 acres; Meadowville technology park in chesterfield county is a 1300 acre satellite park for Biotech. Another satellite site is White Oak technology park which is already home to Infineon Technologies (1,300,000sf, with a $1 billion expansion and increase of 800 employees to over 2500 employees underway to boost square footage by over 550,000sf) as well as Hewlett Packard who has facilities totaling 1.4 million sf. Richmond landing the Philip Morris project is proof that we can win out against other areas like Research Triangle. I hope/know this is a sign of great things to come!
  10. Thanks... and I didnt mean a literal competition. I also like how you can see whats happening in other cities, though I usually stick to the hometown thing. Richmond has a lot of development going on so hopefully more will join in the discussion here as well as other sites.
  11. Nice to have some more Virginians from the Southwest.
  12. I think its actually $2 million in free assistance to the airline that sets up shop here. Also since Delta lowered its fares at Richmond and other airports, RIC has been breaking records for the number of passengers coming through the airport, month after month after month. It proves that if the prices are more comparable to other airports, the Richmond air market can definitely do better than it has in the past. We usually end up flying out of Dulles because its cheaper. If Richmond could compete pricewise however, you better believe I'd choose RIC over Dulles any day. Landing a discount carrier would definitely benefit Richmond. It's only a matter of time. The Airport construction is also coming along and definitely worth applauding as well.
  13. Thanks Vdogg...now if we could just get some more Richmonders to participate on this thing. You've got lots of competition from RichmondCityWatch.com and BuildRichmond.com though.....
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember hearing that when the two malls opened in late 2003, Richmond MSA had more retail square footage per person than any other place in the country. Probably has changed since then, but it was positive considering how strong the Richmond market remained after the 2 new malls added soooo much retail space.
  15. NBC12.com video also said it will be 8 separate buildings that are connected on the site. Since they will be building all of them at the same time with an anticipated opening date of 2007, around 1000 construction workers will be required. I'm sure more information will be available in the coming days and weeks......
  16. Found it thanks...This project is definitely on the fast track. City council, which is strongly in favor of the project. will approve it on April 11. This will definitely change the view from the highway since the coliseum had always been such a major player in the view. I wouldnt be all that opposed to moving the coliseum to a new venue and freeing up more space for the bustling Biotech Park. After this project is complete, it will encompass over 1.1 million sf.
  17. Yea I was gonna say that Stony Point has a Saks Fifth avenue, the only other city between D.C. and charleston S.C. to have one. ShortPump has a Crate and Barrel as well. The obvious favorite for groceries is Ukrop's. But there is also food lion, kroger, super-walmart, and a few winn-dixie's left which are all supposed to go out of business soon. I think farm fresh owns one store, called The Market, near the Bottom. Carytown is probably one of the most unique shopping experiences you can find.
  18. The site is composed of 2 city blocks...475,000 sq ft on two blocks means this project may have a decent height. Maybe 10 stories?? Not to mention a parking structure may have to be built to accomodate all of the new employess. I cannot wait for specifics or rendering for this project!
  19. Fresh off the presses.... From the Richmond Times-Dispatch (portions have been edited out): I kept in most of the important, juicy stuff, but to read the whole article go here: RTD Philip Morris Article
  20. There is supposed to be a press conference tomorrow morning around 11 that will go into greater detail on the project. I'll have more on it then.
  21. Good to know everything is being leveled you would be surprised how far a building can come though, from almost falling down to absolutely beautfiful... does Norfolk have a large quantity of historic neighborhoods downtown? What type of shape are they in? If not so good, are people renovating? I guess what I mean is like in Richmond, there is a lot of restoration of old neighborhoods and a lot of investment in older buildings (tobacco row). Is there a trend like this in Norfolk along with the reshaping of the skyline?
  22. gotcha, I didnt think there was a venue in VAbeach for an arena football team to play in.
  23. There was an arena football team in va. beach?
  24. Jason- hey man hope you can add to the richmond conversations
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