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  1. Who's rooting for the Thalhimer team on the Diamond District?!
  2. As of today that humidity is back!!
  3. The Box is going up across 5th from the current. And directly across Hull a big one is starting soon.
  4. Pretty sure you are referencing the Commodore. They are doing underground parking but it sure is a big hole! https://capcityre.com/our-portfolio/commodore/
  5. Folk festival weekend isn’t the worst although last few years it feels like it has taken over the state fair’s reputation for rain in the forecast.
  6. Perks of being the state capital. The biggest museums are heavily funded by the state.
  7. Re: #5 Richmond is dynamic and far from dying. It just isn’t growing as quickly as some here would like. There isn’t a light switch for that. You guys are giving too much credit to Nimby’s. Growth comes from talent pools and jobs. The question should be what do other cities with higher growth possess that Richmond lacks? And then, how can Richmond create an environment that fosters this growth in a way that doesn’t screw up our quality of life? Things on the ground don’t feel as dire as represented here.
  8. I’ve seen and heard a bunch of similar data and anecdotes, feels like it is a trend building.
  9. Possibly, but one would expect that the ballpark design will ultimately require addl feedback from the City and the Squirrels, so in all likelihood will be different at the end of the day. I can’t speculate as to how much engagement these bidders have had with the team yet.
  10. These pictures are almost meaningless. This round was more about the quality of the parties submitting and high level vision for the site. The details come in round two. Don’t get fixated on the pretty pictures (or ugly depending on your perspective) yet.
  11. I suspect so. The details will come from this next round. Density, how it’s being paid for, timeline, etc.
  12. I’ll be curious to see their actual proposals. These are really just pretty pictures at this point.
  13. Would be nice, although 2 things: we don’t know their long term plans for the Manchester space. Maybe it’s just swing space for a few years? And 2, they paid $170/SF for that building. Their new building will probably be north of $600/SF to build and more expensive if you go taller. It’s so much cheaper to not go taller.
  14. The new multi family project at the corner of Monument and Hamilton is underway. Old office building has been demolished.
  15. It’s always been the office floors plus the parking. As a comparison, Gateway Plaza has 19 floors but there is no 13 and 2-7 are parking. Y’all need to chill. Last thing, as much as people here harp on Richmond being Richmond, the quick to criticize and discount is equally very Richmond, some may say.
  16. Nothing has changed. Good news on this submittal!
  17. Henrico slashed their tax rate on data centers by like 90%, so that shouldn't hurt either.
  18. Chipotle is going into a storefront on Hull w/o drivethru.
  19. It was being vacated by Truist so backfilling with a few hundred daytime workers will be great for the neighborhood.
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