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  1. https://www.costar.com/article/1417409556/industrial-development-is-booming-in-richmond-virginia this is the article but it’s limited to subscribers.
  2. Lowe’s distribution center
  3. I don’t know, it’s a pretty incredible stat considering our market size. That investment leads to jobs and tax revenue which in turn leads to more investment.
  4. CoStar had a stat recently that Richmond is second in the country for industrial development among all markets. Phoenix was #1.
  5. Impossible and maybe unpopular thought. VCU swap part of the land next to Diamond District for City Stadium with the Kickers. Kickers build a new stadium near the new baseball stadium and we have a mini version of the setup in DC. Rest of the land is an extension of the Diamond District. VCU scrapes city stadium (total dump) and repurposes it for their athletic village.
  6. I don’t mind it being a good transitional buffer to the single family neighborhoods on the other side of the interstate. And the parcels at Leigh and a hermitage are part of Sauer’s project. I think you’ll see a really high quality expansion there which is more appropriate than athletic fields.
  7. Burt used to talk about the shipbuilding operation on Chapel Island that would use the lock at Great Shiplock Park. I think I recall him mentioning a floating restaurant there as well. Wonder when the lock was last opened?
  8. Come on UK or Europe. Let's do it!
  9. I’m so over this lame sports team. Please don’t come back so we can do something great on this site. “Not financially equitable” - from one of the richest sports franchises around. Pitiful. https://richmond.com/sports/professional/commanders-training-camp-may-not-return-to-richmond-coach-says-one-week-trip-is-not/article_88587c27-8f31-549a-a8a2-632b045acf86.html#tracking-source=most-popular-homepage
  10. It works because it helps tie into rt 60 and rt 5. And it avoids the bottle necks in the Bottom. I don’t see a feasible crossing south of rockett’s.
  11. Honestly, this would be pretty awesome.
  12. Maybe at Maury interchange linking up near the Dock Street roundabout?
  13. Yep that is the same setup in Paris. Pretty neat.
  14. It was inspired by the Pont Neuf in Paris which interestingly also connected an island in the middle of the river.
  15. I think the census estimates are total junk. It just doesn’t jive with reality at all. There is no way Henrico and Richmond had zero growth. There was a lot of talk about minorities and cities being undercounted during the last census, something which shouldn’t be political, but seems to have been. We all thought the numbers were short for 2020. I’m not trying to “go there” in this venue, but maybe these numbers are indicative?
  16. It’s more complicated than this, but would you build a house twice as big than you can afford because you might get a job that pays you more in the future? Would the bank give you a mortgage if you couldn’t afford to repay the loan but maybe if you get a new job after you close on the house you would be fine? They are building what gets the project going it seems. They probably have an obligation to VCU to do so. And again overly simplifying - adding residential on top sounds nice, but it completely complicates the building design and systems and will make it even more expensive and take more time which makes it again more expensive. We are in a weird time, I wouldn’t wish this project away. The momentum from things happening is more important than getting the perfect project, at least for me.
  17. I can't imagine VCU pulled the plug. If they did, the tower wouldn't be happening at all. They just don't have anyone else lined up. Construction costs are straining everything and lenders haven't really signed off on notable spec office in our market.
  18. My guess is that they haven’t had luck with the addl speculative office space in addition to VCU. I’m not entirely surprised. Also potentially, it doesn’t mean it can’t be adjusted higher in the future and they amend their submittals. When Gateway Plaza was announced I believe it was 15 and they added 3 and could have added more if the demand was there.
  19. I don’t know, I’m sure there are some more Florida airports we can fly to.
  20. Ideally, we have a city that can walk and chew gum.
  21. I'm wondering if they shouldn't hire a different PR firm. Less purple billboards and glossy mailers, more outreach and education in the areas where they fell short on votes.
  22. This is great. This intersection may look unrecognizable in 5 years. Salvation Army moves to the site they bought on Chamberlayne at some point, so the northwest corner of foushee and Grace will also likely become redeveloped.
  23. The one on Leigh next to their theater.
  24. What replaces it if it gets torn down? Neglect isn’t an excuse for demolition. I think we can appreciate Goodwin preserving the Jefferson and at the same time challenge to be best I this situation. We don’t need to kiss the ring.
  25. I know - my comment is more directed at keeping this conversation on topic versus going through another unnecessary city vs city comparison for the umpteenth time. all good!
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