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  1. It's a real thing guys. When you harp on some of these deals that are slow to start or get truncated, much of it is driven by things like this at the moment. And let's be honest, pricing never really goes back down, it hopefully just won't go up as quickly at some point.
  2. I assume we will see a BizSense article by end of week touching on this, so let’s see what factors impacted this.
  3. That's lame, but it is still good density in that location.
  4. I think Porter had this listed to be fair.
  5. Don't forget that NC cities can annex. Raleigh by land area is 146 sq miles compared to Richmond's 63 sq miles
  6. That's correct, and to clarify, Stone doesn't own the terminal property.
  7. This is the school there now. https://www.cristoreyrichmond.org
  8. It became a different Catholic school.
  9. they could at least use the renderings from the POD submission instead of that weird trapezoid thing.
  10. You have a problem with cool cats?
  11. Thalhimer is just marketing the ground floor commercial at Leigh Addition; the developer/owner is Level2 out of DC.
  12. they've been marketed as restaurant and lowrise office development sites.
  13. Those areas took off initially due to historic tax credit districts being formed. Chamberlayne and Brook corridors through here do not have a district.
  14. Unpopular opinion - not a fan of the name Chamberbrook. It feels lazy.
  15. Think that is still happening as well.
  16. Totally agree. The BP is for sale. Just needs a developer.
  17. Not sure if you covered this, but the state is selling it's 21 acre site adjacent to the tanks on the east? side of Route 5.
  18. There is like 20x more occurring up there at the moment.
  19. Case and point - Autozone’s new 800k SF distribution center in New Kent: https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/autozone-to-build-185m-distribution-center-in-new-kent/
  20. It should only be fashionable to rag on city hall. Richmond as a place has improved so much in so many ways. The culture, vibe, energy whatever you want to call it is strong and people are definitely starting to notice.
  21. I don’t think there were 100 developers at the first meeting. 100 parties, many of which could be teaming up. I saw architects, engineers, etc listed in the 100
  22. 15 bidders https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/02/16/breaking-news-diamond-district-solicitation-attracts-15-developer-responses/
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