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  1. MikesLogic

    Economic developments in the Charleston metro area

    I was just reading an article saying they had exceeded their hiring guarantees by a large margin already. There has been buzz that they might expand.
  2. MikesLogic

    Greater Charleston Projects & Developments

    So they finally opened the new Citadel Mall IMAX theatre in West Ashley and it is very nice. http://southeastcinemas.com/charleston-imax.htm
  3. MikesLogic

    Economic developments in the Charleston metro area

    What a catch! A Boeing assembly plant? Are you kidding!?.. lol was not expecting this any time soon when they said they wanted to get an aerospace cluster going.
  4. MikesLogic

    Charleston Photo of the Day

    The idea was neat but they did become a huge nuisance. Some kind of rule was passed where they can only sell them in certain areas or have to have some kind of permit. I don't remember the specifics. But they had become way too aggressive and would swarm people trying to make a sale. But I don't want them gone, not at all.
  5. MikesLogic

    Charleston Photo of the Day

    Enjoyed all the photos. Thanks for sharing all of those.
  6. MikesLogic

    Charleston Photo of the Day

    Great shots, thanks for sharing these.
  7. MikesLogic

    Ingleside Tract project

    Actually Noisette and Magnolia both are coming along good. The Magnolia project has seen tons of old warehouses being torn out and leveled, the road network is being prepped still. Noisette has quite a few companies filling in the old warehouses on the old Navy Yard along with tearing down surrounding dilapidated buildings. One thing to note about those two projects is they were aiming for the long haul. Both of them were projecting developments out to 2012 and beyond. They were both basically old brownfield type areas with huge abandonment issues.
  8. MikesLogic

    Ingleside Tract project

    Oh I agree, though this is very preliminary planning. It's wide open on what they are going to be putting in there. I was just glad to hear it isn't going to be more cookie cutter neighborhoods.
  9. MikesLogic

    Higher education in South Carolina

    The College of Charleston is trying to attract more in-state students it has a high ratio of out-of-state students to in-state and they would like to change that.
  10. MikesLogic

    Ingleside Tract project

    North Charleston has been shopping around for this piece of land for quite a while now. I don't trust N. Charleston when it comes to urban development but I really like this plan. Ingleside Plantation Development ""Plans include more than 3.6 million square feet of office, retail and residential space, some of which will be built as a new city center with higher density than downtown Charleston, officials said. Developers said they are looking past the troubled economy and positioning themselves for better times. In fact, the plans are so forward-looking, they include a hub for rail transit
  11. MikesLogic

    Five Points

    Ouch, I was just reading over documents on building requirements here in Summerville and it's ridiculous all the requirements to get your building permitted. It's so many dang rules that prevent any kind of creative use of the lots, so frustrating. The rules require suburban type development.
  12. MikesLogic

    The Banking Industry in SC

    Yeah I keep an account with both Navy FCU and BoA.
  13. MikesLogic

    Greater Charleston Projects & Developments

    North Charleston is getting an hhgregg. Isn't that basically the same as a Best Buy? It's right around the corner from one is why I ask.
  14. MikesLogic

    Charleston Off-Topic

    So only two cities in South Carolina even appeared on any of the lists in CNNMoney's Best Places to Live 2008. Summerville and Goose Creek Number 18 and 19 on the air quality list. lol
  15. MikesLogic

    Charleston Off-Topic

    Charleston moved up two places on the Travel & Leisure's list of best cities in US & Canada to the 4th position. Top 10 Cities U.S. and Canada