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  1. I was just reading an article saying they had exceeded their hiring guarantees by a large margin already. There has been buzz that they might expand.
  2. So they finally opened the new Citadel Mall IMAX theatre in West Ashley and it is very nice. http://southeastcinemas.com/charleston-imax.htm
  3. What a catch! A Boeing assembly plant? Are you kidding!?.. lol was not expecting this any time soon when they said they wanted to get an aerospace cluster going.
  4. The idea was neat but they did become a huge nuisance. Some kind of rule was passed where they can only sell them in certain areas or have to have some kind of permit. I don't remember the specifics. But they had become way too aggressive and would swarm people trying to make a sale. But I don't want them gone, not at all.
  5. Enjoyed all the photos. Thanks for sharing all of those.
  6. Great shots, thanks for sharing these.
  7. The College of Charleston is trying to attract more in-state students it has a high ratio of out-of-state students to in-state and they would like to change that.
  8. Ouch, I was just reading over documents on building requirements here in Summerville and it's ridiculous all the requirements to get your building permitted. It's so many dang rules that prevent any kind of creative use of the lots, so frustrating. The rules require suburban type development.
  9. North Charleston is getting an hhgregg. Isn't that basically the same as a Best Buy? It's right around the corner from one is why I ask.
  10. So only two cities in South Carolina even appeared on any of the lists in CNNMoney's Best Places to Live 2008. Summerville and Goose Creek Number 18 and 19 on the air quality list. lol
  11. Charleston moved up two places on the Travel & Leisure's list of best cities in US & Canada to the 4th position. Top 10 Cities U.S. and Canada
  12. Good looking signs, saw a few of them when I was up in Rock Hill the other day.
  13. I really like what they did with Daniel Island. I hope they can achieve the same feel there in S. Berkeley county. It's a shame they couldn't get some land from Alcoa on the other side of the 176 intersection so that they completely circled that intersection (Carnes Crossroads.)
  14. I remember reading that they were going to downsize a bit when making this move.
  15. SC as a whole is doing bad in comparison to other states and that is a fact. It doesn't look good nor is it representative of one particular area but it is the truth. It's the whole socioeconomic thing and I don't like talking about it because there are so many factors that affect it, makes it tough to keep arguments on the same page.
  16. The top 10 culinary destinations according to Travelocity: Barcelona, Spain Boulder, Colo. Charleston, S.C. Las Vegas London Montreal New Orleans New York Rome San Francisco
  17. I've seen some international flights come into Charleston every now and then. It definitely has to be the customs that gives it that title. There are no regular interval international flights to or from Charleston that I know of.
  18. I'm not a huge volleyball fan but this seems to be a pretty big event for the sport so I thought I would mention it here.
  19. Nice shot, you can see my brothers office in that picture. I was there Saturday and the views from the top deck are amazing. I didn't have a camera on me though. That building is very nice on the inside.
  20. It's gonna be close to that way one of these days. With just pockets of rural scattered in between.
  21. Ladson company snares $490M Marine contract Force Protection and General Dynamics won the contract, they beat out eight other bidders. They also employ over 900 people up from 750 and plan on adding another 100. This is a HUGE contract for these companies. Protected Vehicles Inc isn't doing too shabby either they just lost out on this contract, but they have been very busy at the old Navy base.
  22. I posted this in the developments thread but feel it belongs here. (its economic news)
  23. ImagineAir will be offering air taxi service in the Charleston area soon. Charleston is already served by a few different air taxi services. These options aren't too expensive relatively speaking and offer on demand flight with little hassle.
  24. Indeed. It's all about the system and keeping things as-is.
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