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  1. What would be especially useful in the redevelopment of this particular area is the opening of the planned light rail station here. That would really expedite the process. I could see new businesses opening up and maybe even some of the crappy auto-oriented crap alond Lee being torn down in the vicinity of a light rail station. UNCG has its shuttle bus system for commuters, this could be slightly modified to be more like a circular transit system around the campus which would stop at commuter parking lots as well as the station.
  2. Definately. There are a few decent businesses, such as a pretty cool little skateboard store and some ethnic restaurants that add flavor to the area, but most of what's along there I wouldn't miss at all.
  3. Well anyway it's Mt. Tammany http://www.purdes.com/njhiking/tammany/index.html Here's another, much better pic:
  4. Ok here's one for you all: 1 for the county, 2 for the name, 2 for the mountain range it's in and 3 for how it got it's name! Oh and the image URL contains part of the name - NO peeking!
  5. Happy Holidays everyone! And Here's a little music to help you get into the spirit. (might take a minute to load)
  6. That's my name! Now, the highway, you really got me on that one. The town I'm going to say Woodbury, Gloucester County coming down Hwy 45, Woodbury's Broad St.
  7. The town of Riverside in Burlington County is getting tough on illegal immigrants. On the one hand it is the law and there are benefits to this, but it is making it hard for the economy to remain competitive. Since strict immigration law was passed, this town has been quiet
  8. Well anyway, the building in the picture is: the Governor's Office. Here's the link to the article I got it from. Now let's get some more pics up on here!
  9. No, it's on State Street right across from the NJ State Building. It's the office of the only statewide elected official in NJ! ( )
  10. Yes! And no it's not a brothel it is a state office, and it belongs to the only statewide elected official. (this should be easy now!)
  11. Yes! You're on the right track, that's 1/3...
  12. Ok I know this is not my thread but I don't think Lammius will mind if I post a pic of my own. Well not of my own actually, I got it from another site (with permission of course! ) Anyway, there are 3 categories to this one: the city it's in, (approximate) location in the city, and what the building is used for. Good Luck!
  13. Part's new "Mountaineer Express" between Greensboro and Boone http://www.partnc.org/US421express.htm AFAIK, this is the only express bus that goes all the way through the Triad like that. (correct me if I'm wrong?) Anyway, this could the the course for the rail line to be build in the future as it follows a somewhat similar course and makes some of the same stops. BTW, Part's been adding a number of new lines lately. They must be doing well which bodes well for the rail line
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