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  1. Here's another one I did just for fun. I based it off just looking at maps i.e. I put zero research into this (so most of it probably doesn't make much sense )
  2. So anyway, using the above map, this map, and the Washington DC map from www.urbanrail.net, I put together this little map. I think this is all the current proposals:
  3. Some are. It's nothing at all like JC or Hoboken, but there's a few well-groomed blocks. Most of them are in the Cooper St- Rutgers campus area. Occupied mostly I think by professors at Rutgers Camden and doctors at Cooper Hospital, as well as other well-todo types. There's maybe about 2 or 3 blocks in the whole city that look like that pic, there's tons of potential though, because they're really sturdy build houses that just need a little TLC.
  4. Man, it looks an awful lot like some of the houses on Mickle Blvd. in Camden City...Eh I'm probably wrong though, I don't know my rows as well as I should
  5. ^^ Speaking of which... I was browsing some info on Washington Metro Rail and came across this document which proclaims the Silver Line which is to contain the Dulles extention, a done deal. Can anyone confirm this? I can find little or no information on it anywhere else. Sure looks nice though...
  6. Only MARC trains run from Washington to Baltimore. But you can connect from MARC easily to the Washington Metro.
  7. Brindisi, in the southeast on the Adriatic coast. This is the only link I could find: http://www.dvrbs.com/camden/CamdenNJ-ThePanzarottiStory.htm Apparently it's not real well known outside of South Jersey. Which is a good thing, we don't wanna see tons of mediocre panzarotti knockoffs!
  8. Okay so here's something to do: Post your favorite Jersey food and the best restaurant to get it! Now I grew up in Collingswood, NJ right next to the city of Camden. South Jersey derives many of its specialites from Philly, but one unique contribution is the Tarantini Panzarotti, which originated in Camden and can be found in many South Jersey pizza shops and Italian restaurants. It's basically a rolled-up pizza dough with the cheese and sauce inside and then deep-fried. With Mushrooms: It came to East Camden in 1963 with Pauline Tarantini who set up the famous shop that is still there to this day. The most famous place to get a Panzarotti however is probably Franco's in Westmont. Now they make a damn good panzarotti but don't belive it when they say they invented it
  9. ^^ From that article: But I wonder, where to in Forsyth? Specifically, how many of them are actually headed downtown and how many work at suburban office parks? That makes a big difference.
  10. There's a lot I want to talk about on here. There's so many great yet poorly known towns, cities and yes suburbs in NJ, especially South Jersey which is what I know best. I've been very busy lately but I'll eventually get around to making some more threads.
  11. From the 'Landmines' article: Sounds kind of shady to me.
  12. Sounds nice and all but I can't see it happening. I'll bet the farm that it will end up a tangle of sprawl just like RTP. Much better would be to direct this development into PTRP or downtown Greensboro. $0.02
  13. Am I understanding this correctly, to be 10,000 jobs promised just in that little area east of DT? That's nothing short of amazing... if they deliver.
  14. College, in Greensboro NC. Long story but I'm basically stuck here now cause I don't have the money to go out-of-state.
  15. South Jersey native here, grew up in Willingboro, NJ's Levittown. Moved to Collingswood in 1999, graduated CHS Class of '03. The following year I moved away, I miss it and want to go back really bad but can't Still keeping up on the local ongoings though.
  16. Question: What were the main passenger railroads in NC during the early 20th century? Also, does anyone have a map of the state's passenger railroad network from that time period. Thanks
  17. So last time I drove up through the Richmond area I noticed a couple new Wawa gas stations opening up. Well maybe this is slightly off-topic of this thread, but I think Richmond could benefit from a downtown Wawa location. Anyone who's ever visited Center City Philadelphia knows what I'm talking about. I saw a picture of exactly what I'm talking about once but I couldn't find it to post here. In CC Philly, the Wawa's generate a HUGE amount of foot traffic. And yes I realize Philly is much bigger than Richmond, but I'm talking more than average pedestrian activity in the vicinity of Wawa. Also a higher-than-usual number of homeless, but that comes with the territory. Also for those of you who don't know, Wawa carries the basics, i.e. drinks, snacks, cigarettes and light groceries. BTW, does Richmond already have anything like this DT?
  18. $120 million for all that! Wow, that sounds like a bargain! I mean compared to the River LINE in Southern NJ which is 34 miles long and cost $1 BILLION! I wonder if that estimate will go up in the future?
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