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  1. I feel very confident, however this news could actually backfire and as we give up our guard, one of the other two cities snatch it up. We can't be too sure.
  2. I go to UGA, so I get the AJC everyday. They have been constantly covering the HOF bid. I think most people in the paper really want the project, yet most Atlantans don want the project. The writers understand Charlotte's lead in the bidding and are now becoming desperate by belittling Charlotte and reemphasising the project's importance nearly everyday. Hopefully WE will recieve the hall.
  3. Good point. I have decided today that I would rather have "Pete" announce the tower as dead than string it out for months. Yeah, sure he has built a little platform to start with, but with 9 or so buildings of equal or taller height announced and plans that look 10 years old, I wouldn't mind the enitre thing being scraped. I am a skyscraper whore as most of y'all are, however an old looking project built on top of a 15 year old parking deck doesn't warrant spending top dollar on a"luxurious" apartment.
  4. BofA to become the new "Official Bank of NASCAR" replacing Atlanta based SunTrust. Score one for Charlotte's Hall chances. One of Atl's biggest pluses was its large number of NASCAR sponsers... Maybe Hugh McColl help orchestrate the deal in exchange for the Hall. Maybe I'm over analyzing.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the lot next to Blockbuster is not the DILWORTH WALK project. Doug-ie was talking about Dilworth Walk in today's article, not the lot that I am wondering about. Corme correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Unfortunately I think that the announcement coincides to closely to the Daytona 500. I think they will foolishly announce Daytona during the festivites. Do y'all think the've decided to delay the announcement further to meet the 500?
  7. This may have been covered before, but what are the plans for the vacant lot to the south of Blockbuster. I know the new Epicurian was to be built, along with office space, but it may have totally gone belly up. I know there is still a sign for it, but what is up?
  8. I have heard that the Marlins officials have visited San Antoino and may be visiting Charlotte. I think we might be a couple of years away, but what have yall heard and what do you think will happen.
  9. http://www.charmeck.org/Departments/Planni...ns/2004-143.htm were is the application with Meck. county.
  10. What do you think Pei does for Charlotte's NASCAR Hall of Fame Bid?
  11. I believe that the demolition will start soon on the movie theatre. So the project will prob. start soon. I'm not sure that the residential tower will be the exxon, though, I think that will be greenway, and the tower will be in the parking lot toward Kings and Baxter.
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