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  1. amato407

    Amway Center

    How about the Tavistock Centre? They propbably have the finances. But I do like the idea of Richard Branson stepping up
  2. amato407

    The VUE

    Do you think they will add the purple band upon completion...it was the only exterior aspect of the building that made it unique, otherwise it looks like a typical rectangular building.
  3. amato407

    The VUE

    I have a 2-story loft with a west view next to the northwest corner of the building, so I can sell you that one if you really want it
  4. amato407

    The Plaza

    I have not been to Bola, but heard it is amazing!!! One of the restaurant highlights of I-Drive...I'm glad to see one opening downtown.
  5. amato407

    The VUE

    Although I am not a frequent contributor, I'm on this site 3-4 times a day to read about new developments happening downtown and most of the really insightful information comes from OrlandoNative. If you are the person I think you are...thank you for all the hard work you have done for this site as well as Orlando and I look forward to hearing about your new and exciting projects.
  6. amato407

    The VUE

    The colors in the book do vary slightly when you see them in person. This building seems like its going to be occupied by Orlando's younger demographic. I'm 25 and I've met a lot of other people in their 20's moving into the Vue. It should be a cool building.
  7. amato407

    The VUE

    Is your unit a corner unit? Wow, imagine what they'll be worth once the building is complete.
  8. amato407

    The VUE

    I purchased my 2-story loft for $315,000 and I think they are now selling in the mid $400,000 range.
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