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  1. It was the office for the G & N railroad
  2. Trey Cole

    The West End

    Is there a community meeting? Or work meeting at City Hall tomorrow?
  3. One unit is under contract, I expect this project to be a go.
  4. This freight line just serves the lower part of greenville county. A train goes out and comes back in once a day Monday- Friday, or not at all, so it's not too bad. We do make big effort to build quiet, energy efficient homes. We use high quality windows and doors, spray foam insulation and sound proofing. These are sold, custom designed and built as single family homes, so they are permitted invidually. This process takes a little longer than a standard condo project. We will be building the two units on the interior row next, and plan to start by the end of the year if we can get the permits.
  5. How about the conference center? I am starting to think the CC would be better on the edge of downtown instead of being located in downtown core. The CC would not be active a lot of days and would create a "dead zone", and would also create a lot of traffic. As an example I think several different mixed use buildings would be a better use for the river street site, then The CC and a parking garage. At the AGFA site the CC could be a block long, pushed to the 123 with the garage behind it, it also would have good street connections for traffic.
  6. They are condos, per DPC meeting, yesterday,
  7. A few things that concern me about this project: The enclosed plaza, with one large unbroken mass of building on the back side, I am just not sure about the feel of the plaza. I don't see anyway to get to the river from the plaza? The project needs some way to get to Falls Park. A set of grand steps like the Peace Center would be great. The project does not extended the city off of Main Street, there is no way to connect with the land ( future development) behind the old Bowater building. I just don't think the project is very Intergated into the city, at this point.
  8. They have reservations for about 50% of the units. They have also applied for site permit, site work should start soon.
  9. On monday, city counsel agreed too abandonments of streets as needed for the beach company project to be build. Beach company stated they plan to start construction by the fall 2013.
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