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  1. Black Abbey - Haven't been in a couple of years now, but the brewery on Sidco Dr. is an awesome place to drink great beer Bearded Iris - Both locations are great. I love the one out on Charlotte if I want a pretty quiet place to hang out in the middle of the day. Yazoo - I was sad when they moved up north, but it's a really cool space and gives them more room to brew Harding House - One of my favorite new-ish breweries in Nashville. Great, great beer and a cool location. Jackalope - One of my favorite older breweries in town. I used to love going to their old taproom, but I've not had a chance to check out their new space since they relocated. And shout out to Cedar Glade in Murfreesboro! The owners are family; I've not been able to make it down to the brewery yet but they've given me a few cans, it's pretty great stuff. And, not a brewery, but... Hops and Crafts - Still a favorite place to grab a beer on a nice fall day. May Flying Saucer and Beer Sellar rest in peace. I truly loved those places (even if FS was a chain), it's sad that they didn't survive the Bachelorettification of Nashville. DC and Northern VA have a decent enough brewing scene, but honestly, this place sucks for trying to find a drink sometimes. Most places don't open until after 3:00, even on weekends (which sucks when you're old and want to drink but be home by 5:00)...and everywhere is expensive. Nashville and Philadelphia have spoiled me.
  2. Holy crap, don't look at the price estimates on some of these. For instance, $1.4 million to add sidewalks to Eastland between 16th and 17th Streets. That seems excessive, even if they're burying utilities in the process.
  3. I don't know why, but for some reason I was skeptical that this would ever actually get out of the ground. Glad to see they're making progress on it!
  4. I was coming to post this very article. However bad Nashville may be when it comes to highways, Houston will always be worse.
  5. Amazing post as per usual, Rookzie! I think your point here about outside limitations on service keeping Nashville from realizing its commuter rail potential is a very good one. With the huge influx of workers into the CBD and the exponential growth (in both population and density) of the exurbs as people try to find affordable housing in the region, Nashville would theoretically be an ideal scenario for expanded, frequent, commuter rail. In order for that to happen though we're basically going to have to tear it down and start over with the downtown connections, though. To service two lines effectively you need at least a two-track terminal station, or ideally, a four-track in-line station. The rail infrastructure is almost there, especially if the state could work with CSX to make use of right-of-way to double or triple track existing lines to terminals in Franklin, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, and (maybe) Dickson. Murfreesboro and Franklin could almost certainly sustain frequent, two-way, 6 or 7 day a week service with DMU equipment. Gallatin and Dickson could at least do rush hour weekday service serviced by push-pull consists (maybe not enough demand to justify reverse commutes on those routes, though). And hey, if CSX is reducing operations at the downtown yard, that kind of makes an ideal location for a downtown terminal station. There are a lot of moving parts that make this all more of a pipe-dream than anything, as well as CSX playing nicely (which we know is almost certainly not going to happen). Who knows though, if fuel costs keep rising, maybe people will start demanding alternatives to 40-mile-one-way commutes?
  6. Clearly sidewalks are for keeping utilities out of the road, not to let pedestrians have a safe place to walk. I don't know how the city isn't constantly being sued for ADA violations with crap like this everywhere.
  7. Sometimes I really think I could do better with a box of crayons and a printout from Google Maps.
  8. That is nuts. The fact that they are placing crosswalks in such a way that you have to cross twice to just go across the street in an area that is quickly becoming one of Nashville's most urban, walkable neighborhoods is insane. The city HAS to start prioritizing convenient walking in these areas.
  9. Indeed... it's changed a LOT in the few years since we held our wedding after-party at Two Bits. It was a fun neighborhood, lively but not crazy like lower broad, and a lot fewer tourists to boot. But that is just not the case anymore. It's amazing how just a couple of poorly run businesses can ruin a good thing.
  10. That worked! Thanks! No idea how I missed that.
  11. I agree, hence the second sentence of my soap box. I think increased enforcement and higher standards of entry for drivers are a part of the solution. It's comically easy to get a driver's license in the US, and it's one of the reasons our road fatality rates are the worst in the developed world. We also don't effectively deter bad behavior through enforcement (3 years living in the UK taught me that there is zero reason there shouldn't be photo enforcement on roads everywhere). But, we also don't design infrastructure appropriately for the settings or give people real options other than driving. Sent from my Pixel 5a using Tapatalk
  12. That chart is fascinating. You're more likely to be killed in an car-related incident in Nashville than you are to be murdered in all but the most dangerous couple of areas in the US (namely Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis, and Jackson). Maybe there's a really, really big problem with how we approach roads, driving, and transportation in Tennessee. [gets on soap box] We have *got* to stop treating driving on public roads as some sort of God-given inherent right and tighten up licensing, enforcement, and penalties. People need safe, convenient, and reliable options for getting around other than being in or surrounded by two-ton death traps. [falls off soap box] Maybe it's equally unrealistic, but just removing 40/65 west and south of downtown and widening 440 would go a long way to giving Nashville a better beltway that would get through traffic out of the CBD. Caps over the interstate would help re-connect the northern neighborhoods and take steps to undoing the damage caused by their construction.
  13. I'm so glad to see they're able to keep these numbers up into the season. If they're able to hold on to regularly putting 25k+ butts-in-seats for a couple of seasons, I'll be seriously impressed. They're averaging 28,646 this season (according to 2022 MLS Attendance - Soccer Stadium Digest) . For perspective, the most recent numbers for the highest-average-attendance NBA team, the Bulls, are 20,881 for the 2022 season, and 19,092 for the highest average attendance NHL team (Tampa Bay).
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