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  1. Has anyone else here taken a foray into classic car ownership? Since I'm living in the UK for a bit, I figured recently that I would take advantage of the relatively inexpensive classic car market and get a proper British car. I found a 1978 MG B GT for sale down in Bristol, after a test drive and a good once-over, it appeared mechanically sound and of acceptable cosmetics for the price. I picked it up to have as a weekend project and to have something more exciting to commute in than the 2011 VW Golf I had been driving the past two years. It's been interesting so far... It's rather straightforward mechanically, easy to work on, and spare parts are inexpensive and easy to come by. Quite fun to drive, too! And when I move back to the States I'll hopefully have an interesting, and relatively unique (what with it being right hand drive and all), souvenir! Anyway, let me know if you have anything old or interesting!
  2. It looks like a failed attempt at building something designed by M. C. Escher.
  3. Wow, it's so hard to believe that just a few years ago this corner was just a dead edge of a completely closed off convention center. Absolutely no vibrancy, that stood in such stark contrast to everything around it. It was basically a wall that told you that you had reached the end of anything interesting and created an unnecessary boundary to lower Broadway. Now it's about to be a complete 180!
  4. A lot of higher-end hotels now are advertising room quieting as amenities...perhaps this is part of a noise mitigation strategy between rooms?
  5. Yeah! Those beigelings! Get 'em! (What's a beigeling?)
  6. Looking forward to this! Will be my first actual group meetup (not counting a couple of drive-arounds or over coffee discussions)!
  7. Well, I got bored. I blame it on the severely restricted work schedule I'm currently on...but I bought a drone. I'm still learning to fly it, so my ability to get good, steady shots isn't quite there yet, and my editing abilities aren't exactly professional, but I was able to get this over the last couple of days. Anyway, you guys help me keep abreast of what is happening back home while I'm away, so at least now you can see a bit of what the part of England that I live in looks like! Please, if anyone has any pointers, let me hear them!
  8. I love it! Keeps the storefronts intact and adds some nice, dense infill housing.
  9. It is astonishing that Amazon, Google, and Facebook haven't gotten the hammer brought down on them in regards to antitrust legislation. All three have cornered various e-commerce sectors and emerged as completely dominant in their areas. Controlling a majority of all e-commerce is just astonishing, though it seems in recent decades Congress has lost its appetite for trust-busting and I fear we're well in an era reminiscent of the late 19th century when this sort of thing was at its peak (nadir?).
  10. I know, but I can dream, right?!
  11. Definitely. I have been wishing for a natural history museum or art institution ever since they announced the State Museum here. The State Museum has a little of both in its collection, but not enough to do either the service they deserve.
  12. I cannot wait for those parking lots to the north of Charlotte to get developed. Honestly some low rise, dense development would go well there so as not to kill the sight line to the Capitol. Break it up into smaller blocks and build it out into a 3-4 story row house neighborhood.
  13. I'm trying to place this...you say it's looking SW from 21st Ave and Belcourt, but it looks like it's facing SE...is this where Jacksons and its parking lot used to be?
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