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  1. I was driving east on Broadway and stopped at the light at the West End intersection. I was floored by the amount of massing this brings to that intersection. The car lots are going to be dwarfed soon!
  2. They must be relocating 12th Street to downtown! I know it's small, but sloppy editing like that isn't good. They need to find a more professional graphic designer for their material.
  3. Walking back to the car last night from the Titans game across the Woodland Street bridge. I've been walking this same route more times than I can remember after Titans games for the last 20 years, but haven't been able to the last three years because of deployments and other obligations keeping me away on game days. It is astonishing just how much it has changed, not just over the last 20 years, but the last 5, especially how much the skyline is filled in and stretches to the south. I remember when they built the Pinnacle building, and how I thought the design was cool but how I really didn't like the placement. It stood out on its own too much, and I thought it should have been built over one of the many surface lots north of Broadway. There was no way it would ever fit in, and would always just be this weird outlier outside the skyline!
  4. Hey everyone, I know it's super late notice, but I was wondering if anyone would be available for a mini-meet over lunch or coffee on Monday, maybe around 11:00 or noon. I'm thinking Hillsboro Village area. If anyone is interested, let me know!
  5. Literally one empty seat (next to me, conveniently), and that was apparently only because someone missed their connection. It really goes to show how much the current terminal setup is limiting the potential of the airport.
  6. No way! My dad has PSLs in 310 row V I believe. Spent many a Sunday in those seats. Will be there this weekend for the first time in years!
  7. On an additional note, I flew in on BA223 this afternoon. So convenient to not have to worry with connections in New York, Boston, DC, or Charlotte. It seemed like a pretty even split between Americans and Brits on the flight, with some other nationalities sprinkled through. BNA has GOT to get a better handle on passport control. Only three officers made the line go very slow (I still don't understand how UK Border Force personnel are friendlier and manage to not make it feel like an accusative interrogation, unlike how US CBP treat their own citizens). The infrastructure felt slapdash and temporary. Even the queues were too short for the number of passengers involved. All in all a very poor experience gate-side.
  8. This is actually pretty common throughout Europe. I've experienced it at Heathrow, Luton, and Palma, and I know it happens elsewhere. Think non-gate parking spaces. Either for shuttle boarding (see above) or parking.
  9. I know! I never understood why they just didn't fill it in and pave it over when they were building the terminal. It always just seemed so cramped, without much non-gate parking or holding space on the ramp. I was about to say the same. I only counted 9 unoccupied gates.
  10. Just saw that there are plans to lower neighborhood speed limits to 25 throughout Nashville. Some mixed feelings on this... Lower speed limits in built-up areas aren't a bad thing. Far from it, in fact. But they need to be judiciously and appropriately applied, otherwise people will ignore them when they think they can get away with it. Additionally, enforcement has to be evenly applied (perhaps cameras are a good thing here). The city needs to realize though that speed limits are just a part of an effective approach to improving traffic safety. Sidewalks and curbs (or, alternatively, combined streets where appropriate), smarter street and infrastructure designs, and a pedestrians-first approach to intersections where feasible are necessary to decrease pedestrian fatality rates.
  11. Oh man, those details may make this my favorite building under construction right now. I absolutely love it. More!
  12. I hear ya, Rookzie. It's tough to balance my desire for conservation with improvement and growth. I want more than anything a return to a walkable, vibrant, 24-hour downtown that I, having been born in the first half of the '80s, was never able to previously experience. But I also want to keep the parts of Nashville that make it what it is. A city entirely made of shiny new buildings, all built within a 10 year period, has little in the way of soul. The peppering of new with old makes a city vibrant and interesting. I especially am saddened when a building like The Sullivan is torn down when there are so many parking lots, brownfields, or architecturally uninteresting and non-historic recent builds are still remaining in the city. If the Sullivan tower was the last block left in the CBD, then I'd be more sympathetic, but it was far from it.
  13. Yes, yes, yes. I've been saying this forever. A natural history museum would be a huge addition, something to provide a focal point for science education on the Bicentennial Mall, as well as what would probably be a huge tourist draw. There's so much Tennessee has to offer in regards to the natural sciences that you could have a great museum featuring paleontology, geology, zoology, and botany. Tag on a planetarium and a an astronomy department and you're set. A dedicated art museum with a permanent collection would also be nice. The Frist is cool, but it's so focused on traveling and temporary exhibitions. The Fisk Galleries and the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery, as well as the gallery in the Parthenon, are all nice, but they're limited in sized and scope, not to mention display space (I'm sure all have more art that they just don't have room to display). It'd require a pretty major starting gift or grant to begin a collection, but between all the other small-ish collections in the state that could put their pieces that are currently not on display out on loan, alongside that which is held by the State Museum, I'm sure they could get something together to get it off on the right foot.
  14. Definitely. I'll be driving through next week, if I can snap some pics I will. Anyone else who can, please do!
  15. Agreed. Not everyone is inclined (or can afford) to eat every meal at a boutique burger or BBQ restaurant. Those visiting on a budget would likely appreciate more inexpensive lunch options, from more food carts (a la the falafel or hot dog carts of my old town of Philadelphia), to national fast-food chains, to more local-ish fast-food chains (thinking stuff like Cook Out, or even a Krystal). As well as those who are at work who weren't able to pack a lunch that day but don't want to spend big. There are a few places to go, like Arnold's or Varallo's, but there could certainly be more. And catering more to the take-out crowd, with a few tables with stools to cater to short-term eaters (but discouraging loitering), can help prevent them from becoming hobo hotels.
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