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  1. I think it's hard to understate how much this is going to transform that part of the CBD, with a positive urbanization impact at least a block in each direction. This is the best thing to happen down town in the last 10 years I think.
  2. Nathan_in_the_UK

    MSA North & East - Montgomery, Sumner, and Wilson Counties

    I was thinking the same thing. You can see the station from some of the houses, but have to walk so far out of the way to get to the station. It may only add 5 minutes, but it creates a huge psychological barrier. I'm actually very disappointed that this wasn't one if the first things done.
  3. Nathan_in_the_UK

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Sad to see that's still such a bad problem. When I worked at the Museum of East Tennessee History we had to constantly keep them run out of there because they'd be using the facilities for any number of unmentionable activities. Supposedly Knoxville had a reputation at the time among the bum community as a good place to be.
  4. Nathan_in_the_UK

    Nashville College & University Expansion

  5. Nathan_in_the_UK

    Soccer in Nashville

    The FOP is a joke. I say this as the son of a retired law enforcement officer. I'm starting to understand why my dad was always against them.
  6. Nathan_in_the_UK

    East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison/Donelson/Hermitage/Old Hickory

    Glad to see they're expanding, but dang, they need to narrow their list of beers down a bit. They'd be able to do some great things if they weren't so focused on doing one of everything.
  7. Nathan_in_the_UK

    Soccer in Nashville

    Heh, she responded to a critical tweet by calling me out for allowing autocorrect to change Amons to Amos, instead of discussing content.
  8. Nathan_in_the_UK

    Soccer in Nashville

    Ugh, she's the worst. This is why I never go to Channel 4 for local news anymore.
  9. Nathan_in_the_UK


    What the heck is going on over there? A story popped up on CNN while I was at work today and I saw there appears to be a random shooter out there. Not much on the UK news. I go a weekend without reading WSMV, WKRN, or Channel 5 and find out this is happening... Hope everyone and their loved ones are safe!
  10. Nathan_in_the_UK

    Nashville College & University Expansion

    That's entirely one of reasons I respect Vandy more than my own alma mater of UT. It's an academic institution that has some student athletics, not a minor league football team with an attached school.
  11. Nathan_in_the_UK

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    They really do, especially from that angle, and it makes the city look like a run down Midwest city from the air.
  12. Hopefully this gets out of the ground quickly. I wonder how much remedial site work needs to be done to get it going. There's probably some erosion, stability, and sediment concerns if I had to guess, considering that the lake has basically been left to nature for so long now. Here's to hoping this spurs on a continuous developed strip all the way to the CBD!
  13. Nathan_in_the_UK

    West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    I think this is going to be a huge, positive transformation for the area. It'll give Hillsboro Village much more 24 hour activity than it currently has, I think.
  14. This whole Fairgrounds fiasco is straight out of an episode of Parks and Rec. Just change soccer stadium at the fairgrounds to penguins in the zoo. Everything from the insane muckracking two-bit local journalist to the cranks at the public meetings. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so maddening.