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  1. Indeed. Just down the road from where I live in rural Bedfordshire, The Bellamy Brothers were headlining a small festival at Kimbolton. THAT was a surprise to see!
  2. Well this is hilarious. A town in South Wales is holding a "Nashville Day." Just goes to show how far Nashville has penetrated in the pop culture around the world, but also how far it has to go to shake the "country bumpkin" image. https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/17842948.nashville-day-takeover-chepstow-town-centre-ahead-castell-roc-event/ I also continue to see a large number of the Music City branded taxi ads in London every time I'm there.
  3. Agreed. I'm as big an aviation nerd as a can be, but @Sean blackdog really should create a thread in the coffee house for this. Scrolling through dozens of shots of mundane activity, such as freighters landing and flights diverting is a bit distracting while trying to get news on the airport. If it's something truly unique, like a vintage aircraft, first flight of a new airline, etc., then post away, but until then it really is more appropriate to do this elsewhere.
  4. I at one time was quite active with it. I have dropped off quite a bit since moving out of the country, but police it occasionally and provide updates to a few pet projects. I believe a few years ago I tried to get a Wikipedia editing group together from here! Would love to see that get up and running, considering how high profile Wikipedia is, and having accurate information can really help shape public perceptions of the city.
  5. Arlington is... weird. It is a self governing county that has no incorporated cities within it, so the county government effectively acts in the same way as a city government. Even the census bureau treats it as a CDP. The places you mentioned are not townships, but rather just neighborhoods that have no self governing bodies. For instance, when I lived in Arlington just a couple of years ago my apartment was in the Crystal City neighborhood, and my mailing address was Arlington and all local government interactions were with Arlington.
  6. I recall discovering that after the first time I flew into there. I've gone through SAN probably 15 times because of work and every time I'm shocked how they squeezed so much airport in such a tiny place. It honestly reminds me of the ploppable airports you find in city building games. But it does have a Stone Brewing inside, so that makes it enjoyable if you're in the right terminal!
  7. Indeed. I heard the same thing. Like 12Mouth said, Bernstein has benefited in a huge way from Nashville's growth. You can have plenty of arguments that the city's expansion has been rather haphazard, but when you're coming from his shoes you should be careful how you word it. This goes beyond biting the hand that feeds you straight into some serious self denial about your own role in some controversial gentrification.
  8. I cannot WAIT for more service to LHR or LGW from BNA. Recently bought tickets home for Thanksgiving and the direct flights to Nashville were already starting to sell out. Maybe we were just looking too early so they hadn't opened up all the tickets yet, but that seems unlikely...
  9. I am continually baffled by why they chose to do that. It makes absolutely no sense. I get having a branch that goes through the stadium and amphitheater, but having the main route go through a gated area that is regularly closed just seems designed to discourage use of the greenway to regular commuters.
  10. Interesting infographic from the BNA Twitter account. Puts the explosive growth in some perspective!
  11. Scooters are, according to Channel 5, are just now becoming a problem... https://www.newschannel5.com/news/despite-new-laws-wheelchair-users-say-scooters-are-still-a-problem I don't understand how these companies are making money. I remember reading not long ago that they on average lose money per each scooter, because the money generated by each unit is often less than the cost of the unit before it requires refurbishment or replacement. Hopefully the legislation will keep up and start slamming companies and riders with fines for their irresponsible behavior.
  12. Was there any attempt to sell off the seating? I imagine plenty of sports fans would love to have a couple in their rec room.
  13. Indeed, a Museum of West Tennessee in Memphis would be awesome! East Tennessee already has the East Tennessee History Museum in Knoxville, but maybe Chattanooga?
  14. Why hasn't the MNPD shown up and arrested the lot of them and destroyed their toys?
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