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  1. It's odd that this forum has no Knoxville representation, and that the most exciting city in East TN goes un noticed on this board. I should note that as a resident of Knoxville, Turkey Creek (which has the largest movie theature in TN), Downtown, and the South Knoxville waterfront are experiencing unprecidented growth. Historic Market Square is alive with businesses as is Gay Street. Check out this link regarding the South Knoxville waterfront: http://www.knoxvillesouthwaterfront.com/
  2. I would say the Tri Cities is not a rising star because it's not really growing, and here in knoxville, I meet people from there all the time (seems they move here to find work). I would definately consider Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville, and Chatanooga rising stars though!
  3. The Tri-Cities is the combination of Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, TN/VA Kingsport is largly known for Eastman/Kodak which is by far the largest employer in the area (and in east TN). Johnson city has the campus of ETSU, and Bristol (the most pleasent of the three) is somwhat famous for is Nascar motor speedway. I'm not sure what the metro population is for this area, but I have heard is either 5th or 6th in the state in terms of size. Regarding Knoxville, there are a lot of exciting projects going on here, and the speed they are building office parks and neighborhoods in astound
  4. Knoxville has been making a lot of noise, but there are not many Knoxvillians on UrbanPlanet! We need better representation. Even the Tennessee subforum misses out Knoxville in it's discription.
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