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  1. Not going to happen: the decision has already been made to sacrifice for the 'good' of the many at the expense of a few, while discounting the effects of an overloaded health care system. McMaster has washed his virtual hands of the situation and will only make recommendations now. Any action will only happen by the regional governments.
  2. https://www.greenvillesc.gov/civicalerts.aspx?AID=2016 Greenlink Adding Six New Electric Buses to Fleet The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently awarded $130 million in grants to 41 recipients, including Greenlink, through its Low- or No-Emission (Low-No) Grant program. The Low-No grant program funds the deployment of transit buses and infrastructure for the purchase or lease of zero-emission and low-emission transit buses and supporting facilities. Greenlink received $5,277,325 to purchase six 35-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 battery electric buses and associated charging equipment to meet the ridership demands linked to service improvements outlined in its current Transit Development Plan. Greenlink was the only agency in SC to be awarded funding. Greenlink’s current fleet includes four 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 electric buses, which were purchased using Low-No funding awarded in 2017 and deployed in June 2019. The new 35-foot buses will provide better maneuverability, allowing Greenlink to utilize them on routes with narrower streets. Greenlink will order the new buses and schedule their delivery date to coincide with the completion of the new maintenance facility project in 2023. ...
  3. By the way, the first one in that last group was the Mills Mill Reserve townhomes.
  4. From Facebook: Off the Grid Greenville - I have mixed feelings - the store added some character to that location, regardless of whether the storefront is aesthetically perfect.
  5. And 46 additional CV-19 cases reported in the SC hospitals yesterday, but don't tell anyone.
  6. Until now, Camperdown was previously known as the center of an Ice Cream Desert.
  7. Here's a list of the stores within city limits https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1HbgFgNuJbyPHKfkVOBycy5B3fu3cK1FJ&hl=en&ll=34.847998501342985%2C-82.359175&z=12
  8. I believe they have determined that the rubberized construction is not durable enough for the trail traffic levels. Those will be replaced with a solid surface when it is fixed.
  9. New Zealand was quick to act, quick to shut down travel and did their own early shutdown. After they confirmed it was under control, they're able to completely reopen except for unrestricted travel between countries.
  10. I think I heard some others mention this location because of the social events at Community Tap / Methodical Coffee, and now there's the D'Allesandro's Pizza also. If the residents use it regularly, it would add to that count. But NorthPointe might be enough of a 'car culture' location that they wouldn't use the trolley.
  11. Yes, Universal Joint isn't far, and probably a safer place for the trolley to stop.
  12. The Greenville trolleys resume tonight with new routes and schedules. Looks like there's no stop yet at Northpointe - it may require more people to move in there first to crete a demand. http://trackthetrolley.com/
  13. bikeoid

    245 E Broad

    Last I knew, this was in the "North of Broad" district - they even had signage:
  14. I haven't seen any hysteria, outside of the meat and toilet paper aisles at the grocery store. The concept behind stay-at-home is working here in Greenville, based on the reported hospital load. This has positioned our area in an advantage moving forward: 1. First responders and hospitals had a chance to stock up on PPE and prepare their patient handling procedures. 2. Treatments become available such as remdesvir to improve the chances for the critically ill. Already there are promising developments for treatments that activate the proper immune response from the body and could be given earlier. They do have to pass review yet to ensure they are effective and safe. So if "Blue lives matter", the shutdown has been well worth it so far - keep in mind that NYPD alone has already lost more than 35 officers to the virus. The future is unknown, and only time will tell if the reopening plans will work as we hope.
  15. This is a poor analogy. A rough equivalent is killer hornets that attach to the undercarriage of vehicles to travel down every Interstate and major highway and build silent nests in the tops of trees. Much later, attracted by crowds, they swarm and attack all at once. A better observation is to ask the question: why, if Greenville County receives an F rating for statistical social distancing, hasn't there been a serious outbreak? Clearly it's in the community already.
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