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  1. Is that area still part of the flood plain? Note that the warehouse building that includes Southernside Brewing is elevated.
  2. While not Google Maps, here's some updated imagery from some of downtown - https://www.mapillary.com/app/?lat=34.84353173712471&lng=-82.40555567089842&z=14.193401210095013&panos=true&dateFrom=2020-11-03&pKey=323097099189374&x=0.33908079641864997&y=0.39016138061870465&zoom=0
  3. I agree that the trail to Verdae is the most critical. I still see the Verdae bridge as critical to be scheduled soon after - using the ICAR parking garage as a trailhead, extending the line to the Golden Strip area, etc.
  4. Yes, it's likely that they'll be able to create a tunnel using one or more of the existing bridge tunnels.
  5. Greenville County refuses to accept city's blame for mounting Swamp Rabbit Trail costs
  6. The other rumor going around is that they were too late ordering to be able to obtain that quantity of fireworks, which are temporarily in short supply.
  7. This has been flogged to death, but now even more have pledged financial support. Community Foundation of Greenville announces $15,000 in grants to Hispanic Alliance for ‘Wings of the City’
  8. And Unity Park will officially open in Spring 2022. Not sure if that includes the tower.
  9. From what I can gather: Completion date slipped Dec 2022. Reason: Covid set other priorities City is uncomfortable with the schedule slip and lack of detail on bridge costs by now. May or may not be able to open partial trail as it completes, pending actual bridge schedules. My opinion only- Disappointed that the project could not get a higher priority by now considering the surrounding area investments by businesses. Construction bids and design should have been able to proceed during Covid, pending coordination by the County. Bridges a
  10. The good thing is that they have plenty of lead time for next year's Artisphere, and the Artisphere juror process can include a limit on the maximum amount of body parts that will be allowed into the show. Here's another Op Ed point of view: Op Ed: Look up — then stand up — for the Wings of the City tonight at County Council
  11. Oh dear... GVL county council votes to pull funding from Hispanic Alliance art exhibit
  12. When was the last time you were in the iStore in Greenville?
  13. We have the reverse problem of Greensboro, where they wonder "why do people always try to call us Greenboro?"
  14. bikeoid

    The West End

    This is because discrimination against the unvaccinated is not allowed, and there's no way to easily check who's fully vaccinated anyway.
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