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  1. I don't believe this wetland ever floods - it's much higher than the other river bank.
  2. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2023/03/02/ford-establishes-latitude-ai-to-develop-future-automated-driving.html
  3. Word on "the street" (A.K.A Facebook) from multiple people is that it is a good idea to allow extra time to get through TSA for the next day or so. There is some issue like a new or malfunctioning X Ray machine.
  4. Perhaps this will be paved before the bridges open, but it's not paved or open yet between the Double Stamp brewery and the Laurens Rd Bridge.
  5. Status updates from Dorothy Dowe's newsletter -
  6. Here's where the new trail goes, 2/3 mile of old railroad bed and nearly 1/3 mile of connector trails on both ends. Swamp Rabbit trail green line along Laurens Road
  7. Which project is going in next to Waffle House?
  8. They have to build the bridges long enough to meet requirements for disability access and road height clearance, so that's why the big price tag.
  9. I would guess no change to the trail under the bridge because one place stated that the existing walls wouldn't change.
  10. I'm surprised that they can't do something else to improve the existing pedestrian bridge and add a bridge over Church Street which will always be a challenge for pedestrians because of the 2-way street. They could use the building to get some height for road clearance, but of course would require something major on the other side.
  11. It's going to be a challenge to get dog owners to clean up after their pets - stepping off the trail is an exercise in danger. The likelihood of stepping in a 'bomb' is pretty high, as the dotted tracks show on the concrete. There are already 3 bag dispensers along the trail. But the rest of the park is coming together well for the opening...
  12. It shows on the county GIS imagery, probably from early this year (near 130 Halston Ave). Appears to be active construction.
  13. They are moving to a new location, yet to be disclosed. The previous location doesn't yet have a consistent high level of foot traffic, despite being close to Fluor Field.
  14. What if they relocated one of the old mill water towers and converted it into an observation deck - are they higher than the Unity Park proposed tower? For example https://nextpittsburgh.com/environment/north-parks-iconic-water-tower-finds-new-purpose-as-a-public-observation-site/
  15. Someone figured out that it'd be cheaper to buy one of these units than hotel rooms at $400+ per night.
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