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  1. bikeoid

    The Rumor Mill

    After Anmed, the next thing will be to swallow Bon Secours to eliminate more competition.
  2. bikeoid

    Greenville Transit

    There were some issues with the Trolley Tracker app when 4 routes were created, because the apps were based on the previous premise of a single route path. It should have improved by now. Do you find the app confusing now, and what parts are confusing? Granted, trying to describe what they do in a single map and text is confusing.
  3. bikeoid

    Greenville Transit

    For one example - the "Arts district" route was a logical add-on but has seen low ridership. The "Augusta Rd" route is popular and is almost certain to be kept in some form.
  4. bikeoid

    Rails to Trails

    More like dumps to trails, but a new trail for Lake Conestee Nature Park to a closed dump - A new trail will link Lake Conestee Nature Park to a former municipal landfill
  5. bikeoid

    Rails to Trails

    Reading between the lines, I'd guess property prices are rising faster than the right of ways can be obtained. Too bad they couldn't have secured all the arrangements starting in 2015, where any money exchanged would be a fraction of what it would be today.
  6. bikeoid

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Lighting fixtures and signage going onto the new Luna Rosa cafe location.
  7. bikeoid

    The West End

    Boom crane on the Children's Theatre site.
  8. bikeoid

    The State of Downtown Retail

    Sweetberry Bowls (superfood bowl shop) coming to the former Beaded Frog space next to Jersey Mike's on N Main Street. C.O.R.E. Fitness / apparel coming next to Orvis
  9. bikeoid

    The State of Downtown Retail

    Gather Greenville lot ground preparation in progress.
  10. bikeoid

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    It's taken from the parking garage.
  11. bikeoid

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    No workers were on site today. Should I be worried?
  12. bikeoid

    The State of Downtown Retail

    Possibly where Luna Rosa is today, after they move to the new Main Street location
  13. bikeoid

    The West End

    That was my first thought, especially given the size of the event space would be a good choice for large crowds.
  14. bikeoid

    Augusta Road

    It would be interesting to hear more details because this boggles the mind after seeing the video. Grossly deficient wiring? That can be redone for much less, even in brick walls. Poor weather sealing? Add insulation.
  15. bikeoid


    Many of those Augusta Rd shoppers go to the Publix on S Pleasantburg.