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  1. Thanks - it seems that those updating the map have avoided Woodruff Road because it's too crowded There is actually a plan to severely limit curb cuts, and future growth would feed in only via one of the unused roundabout connectors.
  2. Grand opening this morning https://www.greenvillesc.gov/Calendar.aspx?EID=7362 Map of the new Parallel Parkway at https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/34.83170/-82.31147
  3. The common name is the American Spinning Mill, although there may have been a Victor association in the past since it's next to Victor Street. Ironically there was a fire in that building earlier in the month; fortunately didn't burn down though as far as I know.
  4. I still have to refer to another source to remember if the name of the arts district is "West End Village" or "Village of West Greenville". So that is further confusion for the "West End" that covers the SJJ Museum. I don't see the name "West End" used as often as in the past, probably because it no longer feels like "The end of the west side". You may also point out that the apartments are not the "Green Apartments", they're the "Greene Apartments".
  5. The Limburger Loft, of course!
  6. Route Changes Effective July 1, 2019 The results of the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA), which were unveiled in August 2017, included recommendations for a number of bus route changes. As a result, Greenlink held 16 community meetings throughout the months of October and November 2017, sharing information about the proposed route changes and giving the public an opportunity to provide input on the route designs. Feedback received at the community meetings were incorporated into the routes and the Greenville Transit Authority Board of Directors voted to adopt the new routes in December 2017. The changes will go into effect July 1, 2019. More detail
  7. bikeoid

    The Gateway Site

    How many Cranes?
  8. YeahThatCrane.com! (Domain name might even be available)
  9. So, 2 more lanes for parallel parking to parallel the existing 5 lanes of parallel parking that lead to the shops at gridlock?
  10. It has plenty of headroom on each floor though!
  11. Upstate Performance Project moved 1/2 mile to Dunbar St next to the big storage place.
  12. bikeoid

    The Rumor Mill

    After Anmed, the next thing will be to swallow Bon Secours to eliminate more competition.
  13. There were some issues with the Trolley Tracker app when 4 routes were created, because the apps were based on the previous premise of a single route path. It should have improved by now. Do you find the app confusing now, and what parts are confusing? Granted, trying to describe what they do in a single map and text is confusing.
  14. For one example - the "Arts district" route was a logical add-on but has seen low ridership. The "Augusta Rd" route is popular and is almost certain to be kept in some form.
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