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  1. It looked like some of them were pole replacements. I only got a glance however.
  2. Oops - I should have checked my memory; One of the stops is the http://www.candleton-apts.com/ Candleton Village Apartments on Woodruff Rd near the Beck Academy.
  3. Possibly not - it doesn't transport people between ICAR and the Candlewood Apts. But if the free shuttle utilization numbers were too low, there would be no reason to continue it.
  4. I think I have see the proposed name Cafe Outre also. Red Fin seems final - there is a prototype web site: http://redfinonmain.com/
  5. http://www.onontri.com/About-Us.html
  6. bikeoid


    I don't have any inside info on funding, but if they continue to meet their design goals, customers will be beating down their doors for the product, if they aren't already. Unlike the Chevy Volt, which is optimal for only a select audience, for those cities who can afford to start adding the new buses, payback is quick, as well as less downtime because of better maintenance, and quiet operation.
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