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  1. It would be interesting to hear more details because this boggles the mind after seeing the video. Grossly deficient wiring? That can be redone for much less, even in brick walls. Poor weather sealing? Add insulation.
  2. Many of those Augusta Rd shoppers go to the Publix on S Pleasantburg.
  3. Wu's Cajun Seafood on Main St is closed.
  4. Blackstream / Christie's International Real Estate
  5. There was a period after the renovation (90s?) where the lighting at night inside GM didn't seem adequate. I never noticed or thought about it before the renovation. I mentioned this to my hairdresser and she said the same thing. I could imagine this would have affected shopper's choices as well.
  6. That brings up parking at Westone; as a gathering spot it is likely to attract more cars than pedestrians even with the nearby residential housing and end up with more cars than parking spaces. There is possibly some parking across the street which some businesses might consent to use as overflow after business hours.
  7. And of course, this is worth posting again D'Allesandro's music video
  8. Took a walk down Stone today also and can definitely relate to the feeling of being on an Interstate. Both Westone and the Mohawk area with D'Allesandro's Pizza are an easy walk from Main St (for me at least), but I would probably tend to fall back to a car instead of rubbing shoulders with Semis and trucks carrying oversize construction equipment. By the way, I thought my D'Allesandro's experience was superb - quality ingredients in both the pizza and the salad. That indicates an attention to detail to me.
  9. This map isn't as pretty, but the dots are more current for the higher profile projects. Smaller ones aren't included. http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/yFj Zoom in to see more detail
  10. Stone has 2 distinct pizza styles - I liked one better than the other, but I'd need to look at the menu again to figure out the one I liked the best.
  11. As far as I know, there are no firm plans yet for the "shortcut" to avoid the Washington St on-road segment. For the near term, I think all available funds are being directed to the Laurens Rd section of the SRT and the Lakeview School link. Certainly it should be done sometime because of the amount of traffic headed to Hampton Station.
  12. Park and Ride 'express' service would likely be successful in one or more areas, but since it would require an up front investment before there are enough regular riders to pay for it, it's not likely to happen. Optimizing bus sizes would require some management data on how full the buses are at all times of day. That information was not previously available except by manual data collection from a worker riding each route. Starting this year with the automatic tracking equipment running, they can make informed decisions about whether and when to run smaller buses.
  13. Yes, the Denim & Soul moved into the Taz location followed by a recent closing of Denim & Soul
  14. Agreed - the Dunean area has always been special, right back to the days when the Dunean mill owner made sure the community was well taken care of. It has carried forward to today's strong sense of community among its residents. The village square hosts special events such as tree lighting / luminaries at Christmas. The old cotton warehouse was planned to become The Elements West , but I haven't heard any further update. The article says the warehouse has been on the National Register of Historic Places, so it shouldn't be torn down at least.
  15. GVL Today had a great summary of the Dunean area with a look at upcoming projects. Dunean Area
  16. I haven't juggled any figures, but I'd think with property prices, someone could afford to add a proper pedestrian bridge across N Church St to any development there.
  17. Although not strictly skyline, I was playing with 3D buildings and got this sketch of Christ Church Episcopal (from above N Church St, facing north). There's a spinner to circle around for other views or zoom in or out. Try to ignore the cranes at the Gateway site - there is no tag for atrophying_brownfield! 3D View from N Church St
  18. Pavilion being delivered / installed today
  19. Sounds like Grill Marks or Nose Dive would be a good choice.
  20. At least Tropical Grille fills that category very well - hope they last downtown.
  21. Sorry to hear that - I thought they were among the best all-American/new-Southern menus. But they weren't generally busy when I was there. Just yesterday a local was directing visitors up the street to them, remarking that they only heard good things about them.
  22. Now that I look closer, the sign says "Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery".
  23. LOL - it's actually Paw Paws in the former Vintage Now Modern space, and Great American Cookies coming to the former Pedal Chic space by the end of this month.
  24. Cochran Jewelry on N Main street will close in December.
  25. A community of Tiny Houses?
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