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  1. IAmFloridaBorn


    What Trolley?
  2. IAmFloridaBorn

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Approved]

    'Camden Lake Eola' is so dry. "Uncreative Devlopment Names in Orlando for $1000 Alex"Thankfully our summer rains will keep things less dry...
  3. IAmFloridaBorn

    The Brightline

    WOW Tampa had a monorail and tore it down?
  4. IAmFloridaBorn

    A Fond Farewell!

    Thats going to suck! But Thank You for all of your contributions!
  5. No. But it sounds like LRT at that cost. As Opposed to CRT. I Dont know if thats a good move or not.
  6. IAmFloridaBorn

    The Brightline

    Yet won't connect to the tourist area like it needs to. . AT over $200, sounds like LRT expansion at grade as opposed to CRT. If so I think it's a bad move .
  7. IAmFloridaBorn

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    It was just dirt, staging for construction haha
  8. IAmFloridaBorn

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    So Red is supposed to be a dual brand Aloft/Element Blue, some adult day pool Green future potential hotel projects (Near Future)
  9. IAmFloridaBorn

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Well, their ballroom expansion is on the south side of the hotel. This what I saw is to the North. I'm going to try and get a photo tomorrow on the way home. I dont think it's construction but just a bunch of dirt that has been there. I was just curious.
  10. IAmFloridaBorn

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I'd take that too . I just love seeing grass in the middle of the city like that!
  11. IAmFloridaBorn

    Creative Village

    Way more units than the initial guesses! This is good!
  12. IAmFloridaBorn

    Creative Village

    Parcel M, prism will be anywhere between 10 - 12 stories. 250 Units.
  13. IAmFloridaBorn

    I4 - Beyond the Ultimate [Pre-construction]

    This is crazy looking. My gosh.
  14. How does this second phase allow Orlando's performing arts centre to match that of other cities? Is it bigger? Like an expansion? or was this always the plan? Do other cities have more than one performing arts venues?
  15. IAmFloridaBorn

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    In your opinion, what would be a good project to go where Pklus 1+ was supposed to go? That is a nice piece of land. I'd argue for a small food truck park with some greenery.