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  1. I don't know if you hate that building more than I do but I have to reserve my comments about the building because they are not forum appropriate.
  2. From the eye today. Dr Phillips sunset Sealife Jellyfish
  3. Damn. I really wanted to see this one go up The Facebook link is still available though https://m.facebook.com/BkvGroup/posts/2867792969904300
  4. Livingston doesn't have enough retail to be a main street in my opinion but then again I'm not sure the exact definition of what makes a main street in the United States cities
  5. I'm curious the lot doesn't look that big so im wondering how skinny are these towers supposed to be or am I thinking about it backwards and they're supposed to be wide?
  6. Garage(s)? Are they building another that I cannot see in the photo?
  7. And for more clarity, Capital Plaza 3 and CNL 3 are two different projects ?
  8. Is this the same Capital Plaza that someone started in a new thread? I'm kind of confused.
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