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  1. Lake Nona - Medical City

  2. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    Maybe Kissimme, but I dont think Sanford or Lake Mary could support a minor league team. Anything sports in seminole county is also a terrible location IMO.
  3. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    I wish Orlando would go ahead build the minor leage ball park on this land
  4. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    That might even be too generous. lol
  5. Lake Nona - Medical City

    I Wish we had a Tennis Stadium.
  6. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    I thought (and may be wrong) there was a height limit on that property of 100 or 200 ft. Personally I would like to see both the Hotel and Residential push 300-350ft. So regarding height, not sure any of these were going to be 'tall' unless approved. Pine street not going through is the best thing for this. Keep it pedestrian friendly. Is the residential condos or apartments? (Its Orlando so probably apartments). I'm with you on the office building. Heck you could even get Orlando City and Any other 'Sports' related business in Orlando in a pretty sizable 10-1 story office building. Would be pretty nice to have all the sports heads in the same area.
  7. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Loving the density at Universal~
  8. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I snapped this a few days ago. Not as clear but interesting how much taller it looks from different view points.
  9. Height yes according to the MPB renderings of the east, south elevations. Floors? Not sure 9+6+7 equals 22 so the additional 3 stories for 25 comes from where? Not sure Then the 28 that keeps being mentioned? Where are the additional stories you know? But I'd go with 25 stories 315ft. After looking over everything.
  10. Economic Development

    No argument about our 'leaders' lol. It is getting better though. You really think the building is not attractive?
  11. Economic Development

    I think we (on this board) from what I can tell want the same thing in a perfect world. We all have a different vision much like our city and county leaders do when they try and get things done. And That creates conflict, big or small. Point is if those visions don't align to a certain extend, things get blurry and it becomes difficult to come to a reasonable conclusion. As someone earlier said, I think we are all on the same page, just reading from different lines with vast interpretations. Having said that, our downtown is going to become as close to perfect as possible with the lost of the 'Did Not Happen' projects of the last boom. Thats a win for all of us because at least or local development board has the same vision as our leaders for a change. I think we fight with you in a way I Am Reality
  12. Economic Development

    Whats funny is I don't drink, but every firday night I go downtown and drive/walk around just to see the thousands of people out and about. I live in the tourist area so the energy is different. I'll also say this, there are plenty of small clusters in and around the metro where the energy is buzzing on friday nights, thursday nights, etc. I Love that. I love Tampa and St. Pete and neither comes close to what downtown Orlando has , yet their downtowns are taller, and have the advantage of natural water. Orlando's downtown is doing well. We should really focus on this high rise though!
  13. Citi Tower | 23-Story Residential [Under Construction]

    Highly doubt they get another project off the ground.
  14. Economic Development

    *Slow Clap* very well worded. I'll chime in with this. I like the fact Orlando is a newer city. Would I like for downtown to be bigger? Absolutely and it's headed that direction. But it's so awesome to watch the city grow inward and outward. From mass highway expansions, I hope Orlando focuses on rail, so that the multiple business centers can be better connected. As well as citizens being able to reach many of those areas without having to drive . This may be minimal thinking, but I'm actually glad all of the companies aren't downtown due to traffic. Orlando has moderate traffic that flows because we have multiple work clusters. I think that's a plus for our metro and will only get better. At any rate, who knows what the kick off of this tower adding more Class A office space will do. I wan to see this be as much of a success as any of the high-rises in other cities. With all going on from both corners of downtowns, more density, people, and business is coming downtown and that is measured as success in my book.