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  1. See i thought i misunderstood what you were saying. Thank you. I didnt even notice that huge gap. Makes me winder how the three tower original would have looked here.
  2. Central station and a streeetway is immediately to the North leading me to believe it will be on top. Im no engineer though so i sont know.
  3. that second tower should fit in very nicely right here.
  4. I tell you what. This and the magic complex kind of coming along at the same time is weird, especially after COVID. Plus I don't see the land that this supposed to go on being as easily accessible as the magic land which is already cleared and torn down.
  5. ..... https://www.growthspotter.com/news/downtown-orlando-developments/gs-news-parramore-city-towers-marriott-20220930-h5rmgpax3za23bz4vifkv4m7ga-story.html
  6. I am not believing a damn thing until I see a yellow, orange, or light green vest on site with a bunch of people
  7. Let's hope so. I've missed out on a lot of exercise not having a reason to go downtown and take pictures. I don't know why but construction soothes me Damn it. You're likely right. Here's a real question for anybody. We don't really see it much in Orlando, but I know they do in Miami and maybe some of you have the experience. But if you're building two towers right next to each other, be at the same project or from the same people? Wouldn't you rather have that second tower up before the first people move in so that they're not dealing with the noise? Or is that just not a thing anymore because of this whole thing about doing things in phases.
  8. If this and Church Street Phase two come to light, they will Duke it out for current proposals as 5th/6th tallest with their estimated heights. The 325ft from this thread is from the guy from Miami who initially proposed a similar building years ago.
  9. At 37 stories, it would be 395ft. Which currently would make it the fifth tallest..... Currently being the key word.
  10. This would be Orlando's fifth tallest if it happens.
  11. Well that birghtens my day. I was giving up on them and that SunRail station.
  12. New career path. And there's nothing much more for me to take pictures of downtown at the moment.
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