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  1. This bothers me. Gosh I hate Lake Nona
  2. In all that, I think the key is the very last sentence that you said. Places can be Urban based on their geographical location and offerings. Orlando is spread out very very far from east to west and north to south as far as the metro area is concerned. Downtown Orlando can be considered Urban for our metro. But let's say there is another Metro that is less spread out with more people. Anybody from that Metro may come down here and say well there's nothing Urban about this particular area just because of how their area helps to find the word Urban with their offerings . But Lake No
  3. Understandable. I will say one's idea of urban is subjective and that's okay. What you just explained as urban from city to city is exactly what I mean. If tall buildings in a central location offering multiple services and products for thousands at any given time isn't urban to one than neither is a small village offering the same to a smaller amount of residents. You see it's just subjective. Lake Nona to someone from Orlando like myself is far from Urban. Orlando had a chance to get it right and still can't. Urbanization should focus around the effectiveness of getting people
  4. What? You want them to explain what makes a place Urban on Urban Planet ?
  5. Was just thinking about this. COVID has put downtown Orlando on life support for economic growth. We won't see any new buildings get off the ground that weren't already approved unless something drastically changes in the numbers with employment.
  6. When that happens, an additional 600 beds may be coming behind the current student housing building.
  7. There is nothing Urban about the creative village. The fact that they didn't build taller to make that area more dense and allow it to be able to work for itself in the near future is nuts to me. The fact that Lake Nona is getting 16 and 17 story buildings and downtown Orlando is getting five story buildings and seven story buildings is just absolutely astounding to me. Not even so much about the height because I'll take a 15-story building a 20 story building or 30 store building. I'm not asking for some giant 900 ft tower. But all you hear is our leaders talk about Urban developm
  8. I purposely bypass downtown Tampa to go to Downtown St. Pete when going to the Bay Area
  9. The article is correct. I couldn't snap a picture of it but it's definitely true.
  10. The flower shop on Holden and Orange avenue is going out of business after 61 years.
  11. As am I. I just find it odd that this is the updated renderings. That gives me at least a small amount of hope.
  12. Well... https://youtu.be/mYdUeYFF5p0
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