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  1. IAmFloridaBorn

    GreenTree Parramore Development

    There won't be a 28 story tower. That was before the Orlando Magic's development. Here is a more realistic massing of the project. Not sure how many of you read the article. Highest building would be 15 stories. They have been in talks with Orlando Magic which is why Orlando Magic re-did their heights and sq ft too.
  2. IAmFloridaBorn

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    NOT Including The Yard, Orlando Magic Residential, West of Amway Residential.. Units: 3,400 Units. Parking Spaces: 6,000 Spaces. These numbers are rounded for the sake of rough estimates for the following: Radius The 520 Modera Central X Orlando Union West Prism Amelia Court Orange and RObinson Lucernet Central Ha, I'll be investing in one soon, although I love walking around looking for different angles. Thanks Man!!
  3. IAmFloridaBorn

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Gonna try and get some photos today.
  4. IAmFloridaBorn

    Orlando Transit

    Thats a little neglectful of the heaviest Lynx route. That proposed route through RIo Grande was splendid. That 32839/32805 zip codes carry tons of passengers commuting to I Drive area. That originally route isn't as neglectful as what you propose.
  5. IAmFloridaBorn

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Pictures from Growthspotter. We now know why the Orlando Magic were/are debating the timing and heights of project. Many years ago, land was being bought up west of Amway Center, different parcels for a mixed used project. We now know what that is.
  6. IAmFloridaBorn

    Orlando Transit

    As I studied this Map I thought the same. It's truly a shame where we could have been. Honestly this could STILL work today. imo
  7. IAmFloridaBorn

    Orlando Transit

    Here is a map from the link @Naqiy90 shared.
  8. IAmFloridaBorn

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    I guess so FloridaBorn, I guess so.
  9. IAmFloridaBorn

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    you think this actually happens?
  10. IAmFloridaBorn

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Florida Mall is missing a Movie theater or bowling alley and it'd be hands down best mall in Central Florida. Pure opinion BTW. I Also recommend FLorida Mall due to all stores and shopping around it. Mellinia Has that NOW to though. Also easier to get to FLorida Mall.
  11. IAmFloridaBorn

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Universal Orlando does not want to be DIsney. However , getting a slice of the pie or two or three is good enough for them to make the decision to keep growing . Nintendo will be a huge draw just as much as Star Wars and with Ninendos BadAzz new age attractions. I hope International Drive is ready to compete.
  12. IAmFloridaBorn

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I always recommend Florida over Millenia too. It's better and has more stores.
  13. IAmFloridaBorn

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    Is this a good thing?
  14. IAmFloridaBorn

    Union West at CV| Creative Village | 15 Stories

    How is UCF being in Lake Nona good? I dont understand how Lake Nona is better than being in downtown
  15. IAmFloridaBorn

    Creative Village

    Fair point. But Why not be 'Creative' in the Creative Village?