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  1. I really dislike the 17 story building of this project. Looks so out of place.
  2. What an amazing skyline we could have had. Wow. Definitely understand now too why our buildings are so short. Me being my age, I would have never known about these proposals without this forum. Thank you.
  3. 4th quarter 2020. So in next 60 days hopefully if Northland is still keeping the 30 story highrise Well Jaymar sold this land to Northland Corp. So the Monarch site is totally up to Northland Corp now.
  4. This won't break ground u til 4th quarter 2022 last I read. Art Museum has to work some things out. But this article is updates and says spring or summer 2022. I'll need to see an actual design to believe them since this is still all conceptual but I love this. I love the idea of more art, trees, colors, gardens downtown. Loch Heaven is nice but our transit isn't set up to make a trip there without a car unfortunately. More things in the downtown core is great. It's be nice to have the science Center downtown near Lake Eola or something but that's a different topic. Beautiful idea thoug
  5. It's wild. Society and the Lincoln property projects alone are better than anything we are getting in the uncreative village so while they are funky looking I don't have any complaints personally.
  6. Leave out Shaq and add Blake Bortles and this is a great idea.
  7. I guess it's called "The Edge" . I like it. Beats the 17 story Hyatt that was coming I'll say that.
  8. Yeah I passed by it all weekend. Nothing photo worthy this week .
  9. I'd welcome an express racetrack or Wawa without gas or something downtown
  10. What happened? I never liked that one but I'm curious. Maybe with the new SunRail station opening up they can move it closer to foot traffic?
  11. You beat me to it again LOL. Here is a very small rendering.
  12. I completely understand. I just thought and my head that I've never seen it actually happen. I don't care too much about making Orlando as tall as Miami or anything like that but it would be nice if Orlando tried to build a little more efficiently been using every single available piece of land. The changes to making an area more urban and efficient starts with thinking for forward progress in Orlando does not do that they build for the now and it shows.
  13. Well to my point Dyntech building are apartments. Not Condos unless there were built as Condos initially? And Solaire/Plaza is spread across 3 buildings. My thought was having seeing actual condos (not apartments) with office space as a mixed use in one single highrise building. Not in Orlando anyway.
  14. I'm in agreement with you. I wish Eola stretched from Rosiland to Summerlin uninterrupted.
  15. I'm not going to understand not wanting a tower too close to the lake. It's really the only green space we have downtown and it's very minimal. There is nothing spectacular about Lake eola but it does exactly what it's supposed to do and that's great. But downtown Orlando doesn't have another leak or any other waterfront to have a continuous part on multiple parks. I wish the buildings on the corner of Rosalind and Central and Rosalind and Livingston would be turned into Green space. Lake Eola could have the part extended to Roslyn on the west side. It seems as though everybody want
  16. Me too. Only thing is all of these towers would be south of Central Ave. Which makes me wonder why development vertically happens less north of Central . I've ALWAYS been curious to why that is in this city. It's changing now yes but was there a building ban in north downtown or something ?
  17. Could have skipped over much like you could have done yourself after the person and I have already talked about it? Yeah okay.
  18. Interesting. Either way I just hope it gets done. Thee first one was wild to me but I would have welcomed it downtown compared to everything that's been built recently because it wasn't boring at least.
  19. Ahhh nevermind then. We're actually on the same page. See me in learning. I grew up in Orlando and thought it was the greatest city in the world u til I started noticing how other cities were built and I was like Oh . I just want the city to reach its maximum potential. I feel like we underutilize land in an already widly spread metro area and we aren't talking the transit issue so at least we should create as many walkable neighborhoods as possible before we keep using all of our land outward. Don't want to be another Houston.
  20. Downtown Orlando is not even Urban in my opinion. It's the closest thing to it in Central Florida but that's it. Everything else in Central Florida is suburban and will be so until this region decides to build different. Lake Nona was that opportunity and they chose to keep it suburban which it is. I just can't understand why it's referred to as urban. The definition of urban is subjective so I'll likely never wrap my head around ones reasonings for referring to such place as urban. I'd argue From Florida Hospital to Orlando Health and all in between including EA is bringing more
  21. The brick like facade or whatever it is called it's one of the reasons the Hilton and radius are my favorite looking projects in downtown Orlando and I'll give a nod to 520 as well whatever that kind of facade is. Especially when it is mixed with a more modern touch on the upper parts of the building.
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