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  1. I am not believing a damn thing until I see a yellow, orange, or light green vest on site with a bunch of people
  2. Let's hope so. I've missed out on a lot of exercise not having a reason to go downtown and take pictures. I don't know why but construction soothes me Damn it. You're likely right. Here's a real question for anybody. We don't really see it much in Orlando, but I know they do in Miami and maybe some of you have the experience. But if you're building two towers right next to each other, be at the same project or from the same people? Wouldn't you rather have that second tower up before the first people move in so that they're not dealing with the noise? Or is that just not a thing anymore because of this whole thing about doing things in phases.
  3. If this and Church Street Phase two come to light, they will Duke it out for current proposals as 5th/6th tallest with their estimated heights. The 325ft from this thread is from the guy from Miami who initially proposed a similar building years ago.
  4. At 37 stories, it would be 395ft. Which currently would make it the fifth tallest..... Currently being the key word.
  5. This would be Orlando's fifth tallest if it happens.
  6. Well that birghtens my day. I was giving up on them and that SunRail station.
  7. New career path. And there's nothing much more for me to take pictures of downtown at the moment.
  8. I saw this yesterday. None of these tall towers are happening. I won't believe anything until I see a fence and dirt move. Otherwise it's all a redundant cycle to keep saying they're going to do this and they're going to do that when they are going to do a damn thing
  9. Downtown Orlando from Minneola
  10. It's what happens when the likes of Ft Lauderdale and St Petersburg are leaving you in the dust for density
  11. Do not tempt them. 7-Eleven will build a 7-Eleven right across from itself.
  12. There isn't any room over there for a phase two ? Or am I trippin? Nevermind I thought that land was supposed to be for phase 3 of whoever built 420 church Street. Jefferson Group or something like that right? Then I thought phase 3 was shelved and the property was sold to some group from New York. Anyway. My own confusion because all of the small apartment buildings start to blend in.
  13. I know it's a lot shorter, but I still don't see how they can deliver all of those units by 2024, but I could definitely be wrong
  14. That is from an older rendering. We never really got an official new rendering for health towers. But the FAA approval allowed it to go up to 448 ft which would technically make it the tallest building in Orlando
  15. Yeah North Quarter is quite a terrible name for a neighborhood. Central Florida/Orlando sucks with naming things.
  16. Absolutely. It's being built off the podium according to grow spotter so that'll be pretty nice to see from I4 and other areas. I hope this has legs and I hope it's legit and gets built
  17. I had the site wrong. Confusing location but this is a pleasant surprise. I like this for that area
  18. I really don't see phase two of this happening. Not as is
  19. This makes sense why we saw something about FAA approval for health towers a few weeks back. I'm curious to ask what's really going on? The whole thing with the Mark Street development with the seniors would make sense if this was moving forward as well...
  20. I'm very disappointed. It's crazy to think that that area was going to be a thrill park and attract too many visitors now look . I know the tangelo residents can't be happy but it's their fault. Anyhow, this is interesting. Last year for my son's 5th birthday his mom wanted to do one of those vacation houses and it was interesting but it's something I'll never do again and I don't like. But I guess it fits the fancy for enough people. I'm not really on board with this development but our city is already proven. They don't know how to plan and develop a city accordingly so it is what it is at this point
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