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  1. All the more reason to build the PAC in Northeast Greensboro where development has long been ignored and is most needed.
  2. The Zenke family moved their 2 historic houses 6 blocks to make way for the new jail only to learn that the County now wants to take back the land they traded them to build a parking lot. Talk about paving paradise. Think about that before you move your home or business to Greensboro or Guilford County, North Carolina. Here's the Zenke Family Saga.
  3. But no mention of Northeast Greensboro or any other Greensboro community outside of downtown?
  4. A Record Of Failure While Mayor Perkins and the Piedmont Triad Partnership are talking about extending Greensboro's water and sewer lines to the Alamance County line to help sell commercial properties owned by Mayor Perkins' buddies, the folks in Montgomery and Moore Counties are already 5 years ahead in building a 3400 acre Mega Park-- said to be the largest industrial park in the history of North Carolina. Does that sound smart to you? Meanwhile, the 2500 acre North Carolina Global Transpark established by the State of North Carolina over 20 years ago, still has 5,775 empty acres. A
  5. Before Greensboro Destroyed My Home I live in the community once known as Bessemer. My family bought our home in 1958 when I was 2 years old. My first memory is of driving to our home on an oiled gravel road in Daddy's black '56 Pontiac and my mother telling my younger brother and I, "This is our new home." As an unincorporated community, Bessemer had no city limits but it was generally assumed that Bessemer was the community between White Street to the north to McConnell Road to the south. To the west, Bessemer shared a border with the City of Greensboro and the eastern edge would hav
  6. Too bad Greensboro's downtown boosters don't want to tell the rest of the story:
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