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  1. North Carolina WAS doing a lot of HQ recruiting under Bev Purdue, then it redirected all of its energy to manufacturing under McCrory, before finally returning the original strategy under Roy Cooper. SC will have no appetite for corporate recruiting as long as the governor's base is in suburban and rural areas. This really is a party line issue.
  2. A lot of the activity has shifted to city-data.com.
  3. Bear in mind that TIFs come at the expense of contributions to the school system and support for broader city services. I think we can reasonably say that people living in the apartments will likely be younger and not heavily use the former, but taking that land out of the city's general tax base is unnecessary. The parking would really only benefit the Kline development (the museum has its own parking and nothing else that's very walkable from that site) and the city would still likely lose money off of the proposition. Again, that land does not need any help to get developed- it is already e
  4. I'm glad the city didn't acquiesce to the developer's demands. TIFs should really only be used to transform an area that cannot generate adequate investment. This is the Vista, there's built-in demand.
  5. My point exactly. There are two reasons to build on a garage: 1. There is nowhere cheaper to develop, or 2. Condos or very expensive office space justify the additional engineering costs. Columbia has neither of those scenarios at the moment. There are plenty of surface lots to be redeveloped and there is not nearly enough demand to justify the premium. My point in discussing Skye is that it did not work without a bankruptcy proceeding (nor did Epicentre in the end, by the way). There may be a time when building on garages is feasible, if not economically viable, but that time i
  6. Ah you mean Skye, formerly The Park. It looks good now, but I hope to god that Columbia doesn't get a project like that. It was used as a filming location for Homeland, meant to represent a bombed out building in Baghdad. The second developer was only able to make it work after he bought the property in foreclosure. I just don't think Columbia is there yet (nor is Charlotte).
  7. I think you mean 615 South College (aka Portman Building)? Skyhouse's parking garage is between the buildings.
  8. Yeah, it's impossible to get a photo from that side since it's so close to the street. I think they have planted trees, but I don't recall exactly.
  9. I think it was meant to mirror the SC Supreme Court as the facades appeal to be similar, at least in terms of building material. The scales are obviously different.
  10. Updates from CanalSide
  11. For those of you who haven't been to Bull Street in a while, this is what the rest of the campus looks like at this point. Soon-to-be BBQ joint The Ensor building (I believe)- amazing detail but as yet unleased Buildings that have not yet been touched New townhouses starting construction The Bakery/SOCO shared space flanked by unrenovated buildings The power plant/new church, which did not appear to have broken ground at all Looooots of untouched land
  12. I thought I would revive this thread with some photos of the new law school.
  13. That building is so old that it's not economically feasible to modernize. I've been in it- the rooms are small, it's hamstrung by the outer structure, and it's just really not attractive. Shorter residential would absolutely suffice if the new building took on a great footprint by consuming some of the space currently occupied by surface lots.
  14. It seems I'm not the only one that caught on to the absence of Cornell Arms and Byrnes. Truthfully I would love for both to be torn down. Not every architectural period has merit. http://www.free-times.com/news/historians-worry-south-main-plan-would-doom-mid-century-architecture/article_8db2d028-610e-11e7-b5cc-e750df326b7b.html
  15. I know they patched it, but they still haven't fixed the gash in the canal on the other side of the bridge from CanalSide, have they? Until they do that, CanalSide will have to be the entry point for the 3 Rivers Greenway.
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