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  1. It isn't a United in the Southeast issue as it is more of a CLT-based market issue, likely due to how large the AA hub is here relative to Charlotte's local passenger traffic numbers. I looked up United's schedules for CLT, RDU, ATL, and CHS for a random date in the middle of September. United is basically the same size in Charlotte as in Charleston, although Charleston still has mainline service. Charlotte is likely the largest city in the US that lacks daily, year-round mainline service by United. United is only larger in Raleigh by 3 daily flights a day-but 50% of their departures fro
  2. Don't think this was discussed, but Spirit is starting nonstop service to Las Vegas on 8 September. Spirit will be the third carrier on the route, in addition to AA and Frontier. It's great to see more competition for flights west of the Rockys. It also looks like Delta's second daily service to SLC (that I believe was supposed to be summer-seasonal) has now been tentatively extended to become a permanent add. Strange to me though that SLC can support two daily flights on mainline equipment, but United can only fly regional jets on CLT-DEN, despite Denver being a much larger hub,
  3. Project looks like it will take a longer time to wrap up than just 4 months.
  4. I think the only reason they were going to the A220 was because it had better short-field performance that fit into YTZ's failed expansion plans. Getting from Pearson to Downtown is a nightmare IMO. That airport train is extremely expensive for a round-trip ticket compared to its North American peers.
  5. It’s hard to figure out their financials given they are a private company but they haven’t flown any passengers in over a year and from what I have seen their operation wasn’t really ever profitable, so I could see this essentially being a pathway to acquisition. Then again the airline is headed by the man who was the CEO of AA during 9/11 and has a good bit of airline experience, so who knows. Part of me is skeptical that they will ever serve Charlotte. However, regardless, the fact that they even are considering Charlotte is great and only helps to improve the awareness of both Charlott
  6. I took AA adding mainline to CLT-YYZ as a competitive measure against AC up-gauging their CLT service more than anything. Likewise I believe the mainline add to Montreal (which was supposed to happen pre-COVID anyways) was likely to keep AC off the route, who publicly said they have desire to serve CLT-YUL in the future (they basically said they only had the resources to serve either CLT-YUL or RDU-YUL and chose RDU as it lacked service). Even though AC is supposed to resume CLT service with a CRJ, I am willing to bet it either gets up-gauged fairly quickly or the CRJ is a placeholder. A
  7. The airport was a dump under Orr. It was Orr who started the restroom attendant tipping policy and frankly during his regime the airport terminal interior just looked so dilapidated and sad. Obviously I'll give credit when credit is due as he was the director when the city opened the E Concourse (which was extremely state of the art at the time compared to other regional concourses) and when the city expanded the D Concourse. As we have seen with post-Orr directors, you can still make improvements and keep costs low for airlines.
  8. From the rendering it looks like the order will be EMUs which is interesting as well. Any word on the NCRR replacement fleet for the Piedmont yet?
  9. I used to love seeing those colorful British Airways “Utopian” images on their planes and throughout their branding onboard and at the airport from when they tried to become a “global airline” rather than just being a “British” one. IIRC it caused quite a controversy in the UK with some politicians getting involved. I wonder if the branding/livery might have had more success now. IIRC the BA service did horrible once the US alliance was dropped and US started their own competing service. I seem to recall one of the reasons that the flight lasted as long as it did was because a BA exec at
  10. It would be nice to land a mid-tier to upmarket hotel (Marriott, Hilton, Westin, Hyatt, or Hyatt Regency etc) directly on airport property. Old planning documents called for a hotel to be built where the old control tower sits. CLT is probably the busiest airport in the US without an on-site hotel.
  11. Hmm. I can't remember if there is a revenue guarantee or corporate contract tied to this route. I remember years ago GSK had a contract with AA that guaranteed a certain number of purchased Business class seats per flight regardless of whether the seats ended up being filled by GSK staff. Unsure if the agreement is still in place today, but that agreement IIRC made the RDU-LHR segment one of the most profitable routes in the AA system. If GSK (or any other company) has a contract with AA for RDU-LHR, it probably won't return until companies commit to resuming transatlantic business
  12. A friend is traveling on the Lufthansa resumption flight this Saturday and I was reviewing seating availability on Expert Flyer for him. While it isn't 100% accurate, it's a pretty good gauge at estimating seating availability as it pulls directly from the airline's inventory and accurately shows blocked seats (which seating charts on airline websites don't show...they just show them as occupied) in addition to seats that are actually occupied by a ticketed passenger. Lufthansa uses their premium A350 configuration for the CLT-MUC route (it has a higher business class to economy ratio).
  13. My issue with Allegiant more so than Frontier/Sprit is that because Allegiant usually flies from smaller airports where they are the sole airline, and because they often don't fly every route daily (some are daily, some a thrice weekly, etc), you are screwed on your vacation if the flight were to cancel. I flew Allegiant once from Concord. It was fine, but I am not in a rush to fly them again. The airport terminal (that I thought they just built?) was essentially just a warehouse with no other amenities whatsoever. Between my flight to West Palm and all the other departures, the place wa
  14. Allegiant is starting Concord-Melbourne/Orlando, putting the number of destinations served from Concord at 9 (including New Orleans, Orlando/Sanford, Ft Lauderdale, W Palm, Sarasota, Punta Gorda, Destin, St. Pete). I've flown the US/AA flight to Melbourne a couple of times to visit family on the Treasure Coast near Stuart. They actually live only 45 minutes north of West Palm, but AA often has good deals to Melbourne and the drive is only 45 minutes longer. I found Melbourne to be a depressing city frankly and the airport is relatively spartan. I remember they have this gnarly tropical c
  15. With all due respect, the title doesn't reference specifically airport construction. Expansion could reference new routes, etc. There isn't that much discussion on actual infrastructure expansion as the airport (well really the city government) puts out little to no images of construction, and they don't really continuously update the construction page on they website as frequently as they could. Honestly, they haven't even released a full public rendering of what the build out of the E Concourse will look like other than this one image. They are also mum on the Concourse A Phase I
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