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  1. I noticed that AA scheduled a couple one-off A332 flights to LAX during the holidays. This is probably the first time CLT had wide body service to LAX since 2002 or so.
  2. The dirt bike/ATV issue is a HUGE problem in DC...driving on the other side of the road in rush hour traffic, running red lights, etc. Never seen it before in CLT. MPD has a policy in DC of not chasing them unless some other crime was committed.
  3. What would most likely occur in this scenario is similar to ATL (pre Concourse F) is that all pax (even CLT local pax) would be re-screened and then take the APM to the main terminal with everyone else. CLT pax would recheck their bags in the midfield Concourse and then claim them landside. This used to be the procedure at CLT in the late 1990s prior to the opening of the Concourse D expansion (except of course there was no APM at CLT). One thing to keep in mind is that AA is spending a BILLION dollars on their LAX project so they could easily spend that type of money here if they desired to. There just isn’t a need or a competitive reason to do so. I still don’t see why CLT wouldn’t get a year round flight to CDG/MAD because of this announcement. It’s not like doing so is adding new flights to the strained infrastructure, those flights already exist today.
  4. I’m incredibly confused about all the talk about the XLR, which isn’t happening until AT LEAST 2023, pending no delivery delays from Airbus, not to mention who knows what the state of the economy will be in in 2023. I’m all for companies making big plans for the future, but I just find it odd they are being publicly specific with plans for the XLR. AA is both the problem and solution to the lack of gate space for widebody flying at CLT. If they really want to add that flying at CLT, they could pony up their own money to fund a new pier or provide funding so that a FIS facility can be built onto Phase 2 of A North. They must not want to add that flying so bad. Also I guess they could play around with TATL schedules a bit more. I don’t think they have many TATL arrivals in the 6p-7pm range. Likewise, I think the only late night departure is 732 to LHR. They could add other late night European departures in that bank as well. Plus, aren’t the new A gates that AA will have access to coming on line next summer?
  5. I’ll try to find it as well when I get home. Its supposed to be a two level facility with three carousels on the lower level IIRC and then 4 island-style check-in rows on the upper level.
  6. I would hold your breath for the SkyClub until an official announcement is made from DL. I would expect that probably only 4-6 gates would be for Delta. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some other airlines (NK/F9) to move over to give Airlines in Phase I some breathing room.
  7. My money personally would be on MAD going year-round. It's essentially a hub to hub flight. When US ran CLT-CDG year-round (although 3x weekly) from 2010 to 2012, I remember the flights were pretty empty during the Winter time, although I have no idea on the yields. I will say that the "AA" brand is/was stronger in CDG than the US brand, just as the US brand was stronger in Germany than AA. I believe that the slot that AA owns that Finnair currently uses is rumored to be for the third daily CLT-LHR flight-but I don't know whether Finnair has the rights to that slot until 2020 or 2021.
  8. Right, and you have the privilege of driving. A lot of people don't have that. Those people that are "starting stuff" may be economically disadvantaged and aren't the position of owning a car and are forced to rely on public transit. It irritates me when folks from other walks of life (who can afford to drive, etc) start using it and immediately start complaining about other people on it, etc. I would say it's usually (but not always) isolated to specific lines and areas. Everything that I ever witnessed was on the GR line. The worst was last year on Halloween night a group of about 15 teenagers got in my car at Mt Vernon Sq and started attacking this man, first by calling him various names and then striking him in the head. Some were doing the attacking, others were filming the incident. When the train pulled into Shaw they got out, he followed them and started fighting back, and a brawl formed on the platform.
  9. Transit is the great social equalizer. Transit isn't causing people to act in a certain manner. People who "start stuff" on the train probably are also just as likely to "start stuff" on a sidewalk, in a shopping mall, etc. We all live in these safe, confined spaces that we often don't realize what occurs outside these spaces. Stepping into a public space that is used by everyone just allows us to witness events/things that occur in society. Folks really need to remember that when riding transit. Public transit is for everyone. Since moving to DC last August, I have seen so many things on the Metro it isn't even funny (more so violence than anything) and I was physically assaulted on the train the first week of moving to DC. None of that has kept me of the train. On the contrary, it has essentially helped me check my privilege. And for the folks in the above situation who were from Portland...riding the light rail in Portland was the only time in my life that someone ever came up to me and told me they would pay me $20 if I peed in a cup for him so he could use it for his drug screening.
  10. Vasu Raja just gives me frat-boy/frat-star vibes whenever he speaks.
  11. Apparently BLQ is being dropped from PHL, and the KEF flight is being moved from DFW to PHL. Honestly for such a big hype AA had made (especially with that weird ASMR teaser video) I am a little underwhelmed. I know another announcement is due regarding Oceania and Asia flying so I wouldn’t be surprised to see AA sneak European cuts and frequency changes in that announcement. DFW-TLV is bizarre to me. It ignores the large Jewish diaspora on the East coast and is really only convenient for West Coast flyers. Though I guess AA is trying to avoid all the competition on the East coast. It’s just interesting that UA and DL have the ability to make TLV from the East coast nonstop, while AA claimed that PHL-TLV was such a poor performer and “they would never be back at TLV” only for it to be lauded as a gold mine during US days and that US management was considering adding a second daily PHL-TLV or even a seasonal CLT-TLV.
  12. One thing I never realized when I lived in CLT (because I was always looking at CLT as an origin/destination rather than a connecting point) is how much more AA charges as a premium to connect in its other hubs over CLT, which I guess further shows how low-yield CLT is. I was looking at flights tonight to fly to Austin next August to visit a friend and then to Cancun in November. I could fly UA non-stop but I refuse to take part in their silly Basic Economy shenanigans. On the AA website, a round-trip flight DC-AUS connecting through CLT is $211. Connecting through ORD would make the cost go up to $372, and connecting through DFW it would jump to $422. I performed the same experiment on AA to Cancun. The cheapest flight to CUN was $437 through CLT, and flights via MIA or DFW were at least $530. I substituted SFO/SAN/SLC/DEN/SEA/PDX and every time the cheapest option always connected via CLT. I personally would prefer to connect through DFW or MIA as the facilities are a lot nicer (and both have Centurion Lounges) and AA is clearly charging a premium to connect in both of those cities.
  13. There was supposed to be a US Club in Concourse E when it opened (along with a tower directing all of the RJ traffic around the concourse) both of which were eventually cut from the final project. I've always found it amusing/interesting that there isn't a Club in E. It is one of the busiest (if the not the busiest) Concourse in the USA strictly serving RJ traffic-all of the US3 have a club in their RJ concourses at their hubs-except for CLT. I'm sure AA would more be more than happy to fork over the money to build a third club at CLT (there used to be one in the D/E walkway where Pinkberry is now)-there just isn't enough space. I doubt AA would ever have a FL lounge here. We simply do not have the frequency of INTL long-haul flying that the other hubs have. You could make the same argument for ORD, however ORD simply has higher-yielding traffic than CLT does and a FL lounge is needed to remain competitive with UA's ORD flying and their Polaris lounge. AA is essentially competing with no one. The same could be said about the money AA has been willing to spend on upgrades at CLT versus say terminal upgrades at LAX and DFW. CLT is simply just low-yielding and AA faces little competition here-hence the terminal upgrades that are essentially lipstick on a pick and do nothing to handle the main issue----overcrowding, especially when you now have several A330 flights in Concourse B. If AA improved the Admirals Club situation a bit and maybe opened one closer to D/E, a FL lounge wouldn't be necessary, especially if the lounge had showers and enhanced food selection. DL doesn't have a special lounge program for Delta One passengers-they simply chose to improve the SkyClub experience across the board. I know LH J pax get access to the Admirals Club, and I am surprised they haven't pressured AA to improve their lounge experience, considering they are already paying AA a usage fee for the lounge. It would be cool if one day LH operated out of the A north gates for departures, and UA/LH opened a joint United Club, although I wouldn't hold my breath.
  14. 20-30 years out, is the long term goal to have a series of parallel satellite concourses a la ATL/DEN/CVG/IAD? I thought the goal of extending both B and C in that manner was so that you could eventually join them together in the center to form a parallel island concourse in between the main terminal building and the hammerhead satellite. I know Jerry discussed doing this but I haven't heard anything about it nor seen any plans ever since he left.
  15. Long term plans call for the demolition of both Concourse E and the majority of Concourse D while utilizing the low C gates as INTL gates. The plan makes little sense to me TBH. A midfield INTL concourse would complicate matters for local CLT pax as unless they built a secondary FIS for local pax or kept the existing one intact (and built a system similar to the one currently in place for UA at IAD where local and connecting pax are separated; local pax ride a mobile lounge to the FIS building whilst connecting pax pass through FIS on the concourse and then re-clear security) they would be required to recheck their checked baggage at the midfield concourse and then re-clear security, ride the APM to the main terminal, and then reclaim their baggage landside.
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