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  1. Frankly I am surprised it took them this long to add both. Still shocked that ICT (Wichita) hasn't been added.
  2. I just connected through DFW, and the more I connect through there I realize what a dump it is and how much nicer CLT is. They might both be crowded and congested, but I hate taking the little people mover at DFW with lackadaisical people who have no spatial awareness/never taken any form of public transit (stopping after getting to the bottom of the escalator creating a safety hazard/bottleneck, blocking the train doors, not realizing they have to actively hold onto their bags whilst on the train or else they’ll roll away, etc). The D terminal is nice but the rest is such a massive dump. I flew out of the “refurbished” E terminal which serves regional flights and it pretty much proved that no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig...it’s still a pig. I guess they “forgot” to refurbish the bathrooms and the men’s room looked (and smelled) like I was using an outhouse at a dairy farm. The finishes at CLT look so much nicer and they completely renovated the bathrooms.
  3. I have noticed that the number of AA flights operated by A319s to/from CLT has dramatically reduced (just 18 flights today, for example) and the majority of them A319 (12 flights) are operated by the "Enhanced" A319 subfleet (equipped with winglets, in-seat video, better performance). AA has traditionally used the subfleet on DFW/MIA-Latin America/North South American runs (Miami-Manaus, Brazil) or runs to Western mountain towns that have short runways, etc. Clearly their characteristics aren't needed on any route from CLT (with the exception of Jackson Hole) so I imagine they are being rotated throughout the system more simply because the international flying they usually do is halted because of COVID? I've really never seen them before at CLT until now. These A319s (together with the premium transcon A321) are the only narrow body planes that will not go through the dreaded Oasis program and will keep their video screens. A very nice ride compared to the scrappy old US Airways planes.
  4. No offense taken, and this is coming from someone who has contemplating moving back there several times (Even though I love being in cities and hate driving, but the proximity to the city and the mountains makes me consider it). I think you would be surprised at the demographics of the region as a whole. By 30 minutes west I am guessing Amsterdam? My dad's side of the family is actually from Amsterdam, and he was born there before they moved to Saratoga. Once you go past Schenectady, I really don't consider the cities/towns past to be part of the Capital District. I hate to off topic here in a thread about Charlotte retail but the Capital District is very much unlike the rest of Upstate IMO. The Capital District/Adirondacks have a different feel (at least to me) because of their ties to both NYC and their proximity to New England. Buffalo might as well be Chicago to someone in Albany. Keep in mind that the median income and education-level of the Capital District is higher than any other region of NY apart from the city. The median household income is actually higher in the Capital District than it is for the Charlotte region. Of course, the cost of living is slightly higher in New York State.
  5. I have fond memories of eating frozen yogurt with my grandmother when I was really young at the restaurant of their stand-alone Long Island store (I'm not sure where...Manhasset?). My mom really liked to shop there. When I moved to DC I visited a couple of their locations (they had several in the region up until a couple of years back) and it was fine. I honestly didn't think they had a different selection than say Macys personally. I was able to buy however some Chanel cologne for about $30 at their liquidation sale last January. The only higher-end department store I truly like is Nordstrom, and that is simply because of their customer service and relaxing atmosphere to shop it. I know that I can return something if I have a problem, even if I have worn the item. No other department store is like that. Bloomingdales carries nice things, but I find their stores to be chaotic, like a Macys on steroids. IIRC, SP was supposed to get a Lord and Taylor but they dropped out? Or am I thinking of Saks?
  6. I frequent Uniqlo very often. This past year I made it a goal of mine to really slim down my wardrobe and I think a good majority of my clothes are from there. If anyone is in need of a good winter coat, I would say look there. I bought a nice long down coat on sale there last year for $100 dollars and the quality/warmth/style are all fantastic. I'm kinda confused as to what our peer cities are for retail. We didn't get a H&M until the early 2010s, however growing up in Albany we got one of the first H&M stores in the country in 2000 (I remember going there with my parents, and my mom buying maternity clothes there while pregnant) and at one point in 2001 they opened up a second store in Saratoga Springs that has since closed. I'm not sure when SP got an Apple Store, but Albany had one back in 2001 (one of the first stores, I remember they used to give out Evian water bottles while you shopped). Albany also has a Zara, and had a Lord & Taylor that just recently closed. My point is that the Capital District metro area (includes Albany and Saratoga) only has a population of just a hair over a million people. In Albany's case, I'm willing to bet its relative proximity to NYC helps as people are used to driving or taking the train down for shopping, so such chains are much more familiar. Uniqlo so far has stuck to major cities (NY/BOS/DC/CHI/LA/SF/MIA/PHL/DEN/SEA) but COS has expanded more. Atlanta and Austin both have COS. I noticed the SouthEnd Madewell now has a men's section...I like their jeans.
  7. I would much rather have SP get a Uniqlo or COS at this point than a Zara (both highly unlikely IMO). COS is owned by H&M Group and I really like their clothes...very high quality as well. My girlfriends are mostly ambivalent about their clothes (Zara), but they have really gone downhill for their men's clothes. They used to have really nice, minimal clothing, but now unfortunately that market seems to have been replaced by their sister company Massimo Dutti, which has recently just shut most of their US stores. Zara men's selection today seems like a weird combination of a thrift store that specializes in silk floral shirts, combined with crazy graphic knock-off designer tees and sneakers. Don't even get me started on their employees...they make DMV workers look friendly and pleasant. Maybe I am too minimal, but I personally feel that Gucci has fallen out of favor except for foreigners and wannabe influencers...the explosion of everyone wearing a Gucci belt walking around these days makes me sick. I could also see a Club Monaco or a Boss/Hugo Boss doing well at SP.
  8. They are great. But I think Cathay Pacific is a tad bit better. Singapore's hard product is better, at least in Economy (more food/drink choices, more comfortable seats, amenity kits, etc), but I find the actual service, while professional, to be a tad bit robotic to the point that it is slightly creepy. I may be biased because a close friend of mine is a cabin crew member for Cathay, but I think Cathay's crews are much more warm and genuine. Plus their cockpit crews usually all have this ridiculously stereotypical British accents and I always get a kick out of them saying schedule (shezd-yool). Back on topic to CLT, it's too bad none of these great carriers will ever service the city.
  9. CLT-HNL is still shorter than the now cancelled Rome and Rio flights from CLT. Longest flight I ever did was SFO-SIN on Singapore Airlines. We were scheduled for 17 hours block time. Once I factored in the time I was in my seat before we pushed back (30 mins), the time we sat in SFO because of fog delays (60 mins), the flight itself (turned out to be 17:14 take off to touch down due to bad winds over the Pacific), and then the time it took from landing to disembark (20 mins, I was seated in the last Economy section), I was aboard the plane for over 19 hours. Frankly once you do a flight like that once or twice it isn't as bad as you would expect. They keep you pretty stuffed with food (two actual hot meal services, and then they walked around every 20 mins or so with sandwiches, chips, candy bars, fresh fruit, etc) and the service on Singapore in Economy is miles ahead of any other US carrier (Even in a premium cabin)...I took a nap with a book in my lap and when I woke up the book had a Singapore Airlines bookmark in it (at the exact page I left it at). Before I went to sleep I just took off my shoes without untying them and when I woke up the shoelaces were neatly untied. The strangest thing about that flight is the woman in my row: 1) Never got up once during the flight 2) Never ate/drank during the flight 3) Played Candy Crush on her iPad the entire 19+ hours
  10. Are you sure? Reunion isn't part of the Schengen area and has it's own visa policy separate from Metropolitan France.
  11. Looks like the rumors were true. At least this time it’ll be on suitable equipment and the flight will truly be nonstop. I do wonder if the 772 is too much capacity for the route though I understand there is nothing else to put on the route. It’ll be interesting to see if it sticks around after International traffic picks up and that 772 becomes necessary somewhere else in the system. There may be longer Russian domestic flights between Moscow and the Russian Far East, but I believe CLT-HNL is the 6th longest domestic flight in the world . When it was launched I believe it was the 2nd after EWR-HNL. Since then JFK/BOS/IAD/MCO have gained HNL flights. Technically you here are some really long flights between Paris and their remaining overseas territories but I believe you have to go through passport control as the territories aren't part of the Schengen area. Another rumor I have heard is they may launch service to Kalispell/Glacier Park this summer. If so we will see that announced shortly.
  12. Not CLT-related but JetBlue will imminently announcing a focus-city style operation in Raleigh. SFO/AUS/EWR/JAX/LAS/MCO/TPA are appear to be bookable. This is in addition to serving BOS/CUN/LAX/JFK/SJU/RSW/MBJ nonstop from RDU. This comes after DL announces that they will be discontinuing several RDU routes. I always saw the Delta operation there simply a way to use excess slack in the fleet, and I figured a good chuck of it would be cut in the next recession. Frankly I think this is better for Raleigh in the long-term, as Delta was truly never going to make RDU a full-fledged focus city, and the vast majority of flights were on regional jets. That said, unfortunately there are only so many cities they can serve nonstop via Raleigh because of their fleet. I predict that LGA/BDL/BUF/PVD/ALB/DCA/PIT are all good opportunities for expansion in the future.
  13. It ran from 2009-2010 IIRC. Here's a video of the inaugural flight ceremony with Hula dancers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edrs0qgSCtI. Embarrassingly for US the inaugural flight (and essentially every other flight as CLT704 mentioned) had to have a tech stop for fuel.
  14. Rumors are churning that AA will resume CLT-HNL this Spring.
  15. Very sad what happened to PIT. PIT-LAX was actually my first widebody flight as a kid back in 2000 on a 762. I remember it like it was yesterday...the service was better than Y today transatlantic. There was a drink run, then dinner (with large meals, salads, cheese/crackers fruit, and actual desserts not just the package brownies you get today), a mid-flight ice cream sandwich, and then a snack box with cheese/crackers, a cookie, a carrots w/dip before arrival. Remember back in those days transcontinental flights essentially got two meals, Y got an enhanced snack box before landing and first class would get like a cold deli plate or a sandwich. In all fairness though, PIT was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't think legally they could have given US preferential treatment over their lease rates without extending the same treatment to other carriers. I just don't think they saw what was coming.
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