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  1. Dub_Ag

    Center City Development Maps

    Camden closed on Parcel #4 from the City next to their Grandview community. Plans still call for 4-story rental townhomes.
  2. Dub_Ag

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    FYI, Charlotte City Center Partners is looking for a new Director of South End. If anyone here knows of someone interested, or eligible, job description attached. Director of Historic South End job description.pdf
  3. Dub_Ag

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Why would Crescent need to be making such commitments to the City? Is the City funding the project in any way? If not, why would the City have any financial leverage over such delivery commitments?
  4. Dub_Ag

    Is UP DMV Dead?

    I follow Charlotte and Raleigh's UP, but it appears DMV's UP has not had a recent post since 2014. Can someone suggest to me another real estate development blog (not Curbed and not DC Urban Turf), that is similar to UP in that it is comprised of civilian content?
  5. Dub_Ag

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    No, these signs are new. Just put out within the last couple of weeks. Can't find anything about a zoning petition on the County website either.
  6. Dub_Ag

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    There's a "Zoning Decision" sign on the Reynolds Site (between the two office building parking garages off Barclay Downs/Piedmont). Does anyone know what the decision was? I called the city but have not heard back.
  7. Dub_Ag

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    "Northwood Ravin Site @ Stonewall and Caldwell". At least until the next round of bids come in (June 15th).
  8. Dub_Ag

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    Any word on possible upsets coming forth on May 26th?
  9. Dub_Ag

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    Anything of real critical mass will be extremely limited at this site due to access constraints. When NCDOT reconfigured the freeway ramps, they placed restrictions on driveways or access points being added to the sites along Caldwell. Crescent was successful in appealing this restriction, only because their ingress/egress would not back up onto the exit ramp off I-277. However, adding a RI/RO along Caldwell at this Pollack Shores site is very unlikely, due to the restrictions in place and due to the fear that cars pulling into the site would back up into the exit ramp storage. Thus, with only one point of access along Stonewall for the entire site, there's very limited uses that can be built here and density is extremely limited as well.
  10. Dub_Ag

    Brooklyn Village Redevelopment in 2nd Ward

    The Brevard St Area plan, which encompasses this site, requires that 50% of net ground floor area must be "retail". Unfortunately, the definition of "retail" is open for interpretation (ie hotel lobby, apartment cafe, etc), however, 50% is such a sizeable requirement, there's no doubt that there will be some level of true consumer retail built into this site. I'd heard Proffitt Dixon was another initial bidder on the site.
  11. Dub_Ag

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    First retail tenant has been signed at Camden Gallery - "Blue Hem". An upscale jean store.
  12. Dub_Ag

    Urban Apartment Boom (Raleigh)

    He's selling West I and retaining West II for future investment purposes.
  13. Dub_Ag

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    New retail space coming: Publix: I've heard that the retail space out front of Publix is going to include a BB&T, cleaners (yawn) and an ABC liquor store (it's about dang time!) David Furman's office: does anyone have any updates on signed leases for the retail space at his office building on Camden? Camden Gallery: i've heard rumors of a couple different tenants floating around this space, but no signed leases as of yet. Does anyone else have any insight?
  14. Dub_Ag

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Is it true that the church is also planning on building apartments, retail and possibly office and/or hotel?