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  1. Prodev

    N&O Site

    Whole Foods is by far the most likely and really the only one that would make sense here, although I'm surprised they're not on the hard corner, even in the alternate site plan I've seen.
  2. I think cars might literally fly by here before the silver line does.
  3. The applicant is a strip center developer, so that looks promising. They're also involved in a bribery/fraud lawsuit with Mattress Firm over paying off former Mattress Firm employees for deals, so seems especially promising. Not sure if it's close to a bus stop, but I don't see how this is a TOD site, but they do have a strong zoning attorney handling the rezoning, so it can't be completely off base. The Roby building close to the intersection is a really cool building, so it better not be going away for a lifeless strip center.
  4. It just went under contract. It's office, but only on the parking lot fronting light rail. Doesn't include Tupelo or Manchester buildings.
  5. It's only about 0.7 acres of usable land, so whatever is built will either be small or very expensive, so the price seems in line with market to me.
  6. The current plans filed show the middle driveway off of Lassiter Mill closest to JCP and their loading dock being realigned just to the north and then there are two new curb cuts for loading/service within buildings, but no new customer vehicular entrances.
  7. Built/Delivered - Mercury NoDa (241), Novel Noda (344), Yards at NoDa (182), Highland Mill (166), Warf & Weft (261), The Collective (250), Alexan Highland Mill (238), Edgeline Flats (36), 300 Optimist Park (48) - Total - 1,766 units Under Construction - NRP Parkwood (309) , Alta Purl (310), Bainbridge NoDa (277), Stonehenge NoDa (300) - Total - 1,196 units Planned - Camden NoDa (390), 21st & Davidson (280), NoDa 40 (40), Exchange NoDa (251), Flywheel NoDa (313) - Total - 1,274 units Total - 4,236 units Doesn't include Phase II of Yards at NoDa, Lofts at NoDa Mills, Herrin Ice, longer term stuff at Sugar Creek station, site wedged into Matheson off N Davidson, Proffit Dixon site, Alpha Mill, or anything that's more North End.
  8. Ram & Childress Klein JV. I think the height is around 20 story. Impressive design from the renderings I've seen.
  9. This building also isn't historic, just the other two buildings there are.
  10. Camden Property Trust is developing Chadbourne Apartments and asking for a zoning variance to do less retail, so I can say with a high degree of confidence that there is no Publix, and there never was a deal with them on the table.
  11. Wells Fargo leased the entire building, which is why LendingTree is back out there.
  12. The original plan was to paint the brick, but the historic commission said no to that.
  13. I believe they're intended to be rentals too, but that may not still be the case as I was told that about 6 months ago.
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