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  1. I'm definitely not defending the end result, especially not the exposed deck, but there are limiting factors to begin with, both from a code perspective as well as from a retailer perspective related to giving certain concessions in order to get the high quality tenants they did. I think some of the areas they missed are a result of having two developers with two different areas of expertise and having two architects focused only on their respective parts of the project and taking direction from only one of the two developers, so the vision was not always aligned or in sync. The exposed deck is really a result of the fact that they jammed 60k SF of ground floor retail into a stick built apartment project. That's 2.5x more than Bradham on a slightly smaller site and prior to Bradham, the largest retail component in an apartment project in South End is probably Camden Gallery which has less than 9,000 SF.
  2. Wrong site. Other side of KK down Hawkins.
  3. They will for sure open in Charlotte. I'd assume the first announcement happens in late '20 or early '21 with the first store opening in 2023 based on their Triangle store pipeline and some of them getting pushed out from the original projected opening dates. They typically only like to open 2-3 stores per year, but have exceeded that the last few years with the expansions into several new markets.
  4. That's the Beauxwright deal and there's another 87 on the Cama/Peterson block (Hopper) and another 79 on the Tryclan/Yorkshire block (Ryan).
  5. H&M is struggling and has shifted to focusing on online sales and closing under-performing stores. They're still opening new stores selectively, but it wouldn't be here. Pier 1 is on the retailer bankruptcy watch list and isn't opening any new stores. With Michael's at PRSC, I don't think they'd be able to get a strong enough sales forecast to support opening a store here. Just my 2 cents...
  6. No... This is a relocation. The Metropolitan lease isn't up until the end of next year if I remember correctly.
  7. That rendering is actually the view from Harding with the building on the right being the one that fronts Kenilworth.
  8. The person responsible was actually just given a pillar award (lifetime achievement award) last night.
  9. Yeah, the Lidl issue is specific to the company not the site. The $17 mil pricetag wouldn't be crazy at $65/SF if the whole site was usable, but the usable is less than 4.5 acres, so it's really almost $90/SF before you factor in that it's split into three areas that can't be connected. I hope it sells for the benefit of the surrounding area, but pricing is way too steep.
  10. They're looking at sites in Charlotte, but haven't gotten the formal approval to move forward yet. They think that'll happen in the next 6 months though. The only thing I can see derailing or delaying that is if Raleigh opens up super soft, which won't happen.
  11. The entire parcel is under contract. The office development is only proposed for the parking lot and not the existing buildings. The existing buildings are remaining.
  12. Prodev

    N&O Site

    Whole Foods 365 no longer exists. They pulled the plug on that concept about 6 months ago. Teeter isn't in Atlanta.
  13. Prodev

    N&O Site

    Whole Foods is by far the most likely and really the only one that would make sense here, although I'm surprised they're not on the hard corner, even in the alternate site plan I've seen.
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