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  1. He got the location wrong too. It's not the existing bank spot, it's the vacant pad where a PNC bank was supposed to go directly next to Burtons.
  2. Charlotte is finally getting a Shake Shack! Coming to Park Road Shopping Center next to the two new restaurants in a freestanding building.
  3. The renderings I've seen are modest, but look really good especially compared to its current look. They already have some users lined up for the space so should all come together quickly.
  4. At a UNC alumni event about a month or two ago, Johnny Harris was the speaker and said they had a deal for a 1000+ room convention hotel at the observer site that fell apart as a direct result of HB2. I'm surprised it didn't make more waves.
  5. I'm not a guy that ever complains about service, but every time I've been to Davidson Street Public House, the service has been awful. The food always seems to have a lot of promise too but never lives up to it. As much as I wanted to like it, I just never could. I'll say that Revolution used to be my favorite pizza in Charlotte, but over the last two years has gotten awful. At first it was just mgmt that was bad and the pizza was still really good, but then I think as business went downhill they started changing the food and their pizza has been garbage for a while. Pure Pizza has taken over as my favorite and isn't too far off from what Rev used to be 2+ years ago, although I have to admit i HATE the vibe at Pure, so I stick to to-go orders there and will go to Pizza Peel if I want pizza in PM and not on my couch even though I don't think it's nearly as good as Pure.
  6. Edens wouldn't allow it either, but Crescent is developing the apartments.
  7. As much as I dislike the placement of the deck with visibility from from 3 of the 4 sides, I have faith that Crescent will do as good of job as anyone to screen it and make it look decent.
  8. Looks like Johns space is going to be a second location for Crafty Beer Guys out of Huntersville.
  9. They have no plans for that site. It was just a yield play and if they happen to get the real estate back then there's definitely upside, but don't look for anything to happen there any time soon.
  10. There are a handful of retail deals already in process there, and Asana will definitely be able to use their retail expertise to snowball that into more deals. A lot of the retailers out there looking want the historic space versus new, so with Atherton having little space left, this is the next best option. It won't go to 100% retail, but a good portion of it will at the end of the day.
  11. I thought they had already settled on Hickory or Morganton, but maybe that shifted when they made the decision to go into VA. 1.2 mil SF is huge, even for Publix.
  12. They're taking down the fern portion and adding parking and then renovating the facade of the rest of the building that's supposed to remain.
  13. Aldi, Quiktrip, self storage, fast food and shop space.
  14. Assuming those townhouses are going to be along Euclid, they do not fit in at all with Dilworth. Wish they could swap places with the Kee Ct THs posted above because they really do look great and will be a refreshing change from everything going up now. EDIT - saw the site plan, they are on Euclid. Not sure why they're showing it as a 4 lane road though. Is it just me, or does anyone else get skeptical when an out of town group with no ties to Charlotte and no experience here gets picked? Even the CEOs quotes seem very generic and canned to me, but maybe I'm just cynical. It also seems odd about their programming for Phase 1...
  15. Kee Court townhome plans were approved. The elevations are awful... It fits in with south end about as well as the townhomes down the street at Church & Bland, which if I'm not mistaken, were also built by Ryan.