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  1. The 4+ acres including the storage behind the buildings on Scaleybark are all under contract with Embrey Partners out of TX. Supposedly it's a ~400 unit apartment deal planned.
  2. It was just widely marketed for sale about 2 months ago, so it's definitely under contract.
  3. It's two buildings. Greystar apartment building will be first on the ~1 ac where Rosemont was and where ABW never went. 24-story tower with Walgreens on the ground floor, so 12-15k SF. Once Wags moves into the finished resi building, an office tower is supposed to replace the existing single story building. The office will have it's own parking, so it'll be tall, although I don't have a height on that one.
  4. Behind their MOB development on Kenilworth. It'll be where Harding loops around and becomes Greenwood Cliff and they'll extend Berkeley Ave to connect to Pearl Park Way.
  5. It's a 66k SF office building. Fresenius has leased a chunk of space and looks like it's about 73% pre-leased based on the marketing brochure.
  6. I wouldn't get your hopes up. Tribek has historically been a Walgreens and outparcel developer. This is way out of their league and they're likely just upzoning to be able to sell the parcel for a higher price.
  7. The deed transfer was just a land swap since Birdsong owned a sliver that bisected what will be the Alliance apartments.
  8. Yeah, there was never a pause in South End. South end has zero similarities to Buckhead.
  9. I would guess MF and the timing is just that they're now to the point when they have a better idea of when Sycamore will vacate/relocate and free up the site for development. As of about 60 days ago, there were no serious prospects for the Phase 1 office.
  10. Ross was close to a deal to take the Staples space pre-COVID, but I'm assuming that deal is dead.
  11. Does anyone know what this is (make/model)?
  12. I think you guys are underestimating how large a 100k SF grocery store with 700 parking spaces is. DeeDee's hole is large enough, but I wouldn't ever bet on anything going there. The most logical site in South Charlotte is the catholic church owned land just north of Torringdon at Johnston and Community House or as part of Northwood's redevelopment of Ballantyne.
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