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  1. It's a Pet Palace. 16,000 SF boarding/grooming facility.
  2. SouthPark Mall

    That was Aeropostale
  3. Southend Living

    Nektar juice bar, star cleaners, AT&T too
  4. Crescent Stonewall Station

    its not the mall retail everyone wants. Flywheel, drybar, Cava, etc.
  5. NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    It's a conditional zoning, so there's no bait and switch as noted in the article. They would be allowed to expand the existing building by 660 SF and operate the outdoor market. Anything beyond that would require a future rezoning.
  6. Charlotte Bike Sharing

    I see more knocked over than standing now. I think people are sick of how many there are everywhere and it's their way of sending a message.
  7. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    No project is going to start without capacity assurance, which they are now denying, so it will 100% delay every project in the pipeline that doesn't have it from starting until at least 2019. That image is just one of many sewer lines that are at max capacity, but it's the only one that's funded and has an actual timeframe. This is an issue all the way down to Scaleybark, yet this is the only one the city is actively working on, so they delays elsewhere will be much longer term.
  8. The RailYard

    January '19 will never happen. I'd bet summer '19.
  9. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    It was rezoned back in 08 under a general TOD, so no associated site plan, although you can pull the approved plan in accela. They've had the deal under contract for well over a year and finally closed last month and demo is underway on the two industrial buildings on the site.
  10. SouthEnd "Gold District"

  11. Charlotte Supermarkets

    My guess is that they'll end up in the Huntersville/Lake Norman area given the demos, but it'll be somewhere in the exit 23-28 area, and will need to be in a more regional location with easy access to the interstate. They function more like a Costco than a typical grocery store. I don't think they'd settle for a small format store either, so it would be the full 130,000 SF store.
  12. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Store should be opening next Tuesday, 6/20.
  13. Charlotte Supermarkets

    It's a large format Harris Teeter.
  14. Its not. Its FinTech.