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    I suspect this will ultimately have a similar retail tenant mix and quality to Birkdale. I was surprised Waverly or Rea Farms didn't go all in on that type of retail since there's a gap for it down south, especially given how strong the demographics are.
  2. Pretty laughable today, but they bought the 11+ acres for $4.25 million in 2011 to build the apartments!
  3. My firm has a sizable retail portfolio and most restaurants report sales monthly, so I can tell you that this is definitely true. Nearly all have well exceeded 2019 sales and the majority have had their best year ever in the trailing 12 month period. The biggest complaint we hear is that while sales are up, profits are down because of the insane cut that the delivery apps take. That's mostly the case with QSR, take out or the more casual restaurants versus the upscale ones, which are still crushing it without using the delivery apps in most cases.
  4. Last time I checked, the house at 225 Marsh still had an active liquor license, although I rarely have seen cars there since COVID.
  5. How? It's 3 levels of parking and 3 levels of office with the top level having a portion setback. The site is only ~0.4 ac, so the floorplates could only be ~15k SF max. They're probably 12,500 SF on the lower two levels and the top level is 10,000 SF.
  6. Only the north building is historic/old. The other two and deck were built in '97.
  7. That's the actual office building. It's pre-cast concrete construction, which is what most parking decks are.
  8. Prodev


    It's because it's the Phase 1 rendering. They're not building out all 3,000 MF units at once, so there's surface parking there in the interim.
  9. I'm assuming that because of the curvature of the road there, there's an extremely long site line triangle that you can't have trees within for visibility and safety purposes, so vehicles turning from Doggett onto Tryon can see cars coming at them heading north on Tryon.
  10. Walgreens has notices in their store that they're closing for good in February. Surprised they're not staying open until the new store is ready.
  11. Northwood Ravin will start in Q1 '22 on the first phase of Crosland Green finally too. ~440 surface parked apartments on the north half of the site on Hollis Rd.
  12. The two in front of the apartments are starting. Could be construction staging area they're setting up if it's on the larger parcel to the south.
  13. The price was actually $35 million, not $20 mil. Bizjournal forgot to add up all of the deeds.
  14. "Retail/amenity" = amenity. Never give pure apartment groups like Alliance/Bainbridge the benefit of the doubt. Also, If it were retail it would have been factored into their parking tabulation in that plan set.
  15. Speaking of Duke, they just mowed down every tree along South Blvd in front of Lowe's. They left all the main trunks and just took off all limbs. I don't know if with the type of trees they are they'll come back or if it's step one to removing them all together. It looks awful though.
  16. Their plans are already approved and grading permit submitted. 287 units with no retail. It's wood frame over podium parking. Paid $14.1 mil for the site.
  17. This is wood frame construction, so definitely doesn't belong under high-rise.
  18. They already have a signed lease. (it's not TJ)
  19. It's apartments. There's a rendering a few pages back. ~425 units being developed by Kettler/Akridge.
  20. Mostly 5-story w/ a small 6-story portion on the south side b/c of the grade change.
  21. It's not. Wood-frame. 439 units and no retail. Deck is wrapped on all 4 sides though, so I guess it's got that going for it.
  22. It's not Nike. I'm pretty sure it's Outdoor Voices.
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