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  1. Well if there are steel plates, which there were, in place beforehand, those aren't exactly 100% stable and random accidents can happen, as we've now seen.
  2. Huh, what are you talking about? There's nothin on there with those airlines.
  3. When competition happens, everyone wins. Passengers can get lower fares and another option, and the airlines will also be more aggressive.
  4. The most Southwest could do is make BNA a crew base. They don't necessarily have "hubs" because that's what "focus cities" are for them. It's obvious what their "hubs" are: MDW, DEN, BWI, DAL, PHX, LAS, MCO, OAK, & LAX. I do not include ATL as that was inheritance via AirTran and also slowly they've been losing flights there as they shift things around, some to BNA and then others just losses in frequency.
  5. I’d just love to know where the living hell they’re going to put counter space at and what gate(s) they’ll use. BNA is probably one of the most hotly contested domestic markets right now, it’s ridiculous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Kind of hard when a noticeable % of your fleet is grounded during peak season. This’ll be Southwest’s slowest growth year in terms of new routes and/or capacity adding in existing in quite some time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It would cost many millions for sure and neither NES nor a developer, I'm sure, are willing to foot the bill simply for the sake of vistas and views. That's a big reason why I'm sure NES hasn't buried more power lines in the urban core. Why spend all that money and potentially (more likely than not) raise rates to pay for it when it benefits so few and the price of maintenance or repair versus burying is far less? I mean, it's a pretty reasonable thing if I were a NES customer that was to get zero benefit.
  8. The 747 is still being produced, and folks expected it to die off because of the A380. Well, now ain't that some s**t now that the latter's end of production was announced a few months back.
  9. The system just needs the software update to the system that incorporates the polygon-warning system that the NWS has implemented since 2007. Oklahoma City recently broke their city up into zones for their siren system because it's such a massive city with municipal boundaries in 4 different counties and a max east-to-west width of over 55 miles. This is a necessary upgrade and more larger municipalities, such as Dallas, and a lot of counties, such as St. Louis County, MO, looking at investing in the technology as well.
  10. One development I am so strongly AGAINST. This home is absolutely gorgeous and the amount of greenery and the mature trees on the property really helps break up the dense environment in Midtown.
  11. That lot would be prime for a full-block development and no higher than 7-8 floors, atop an underground garage.
  12. Nah, One Season would've been better. Feature a rosé wine-filled, shallow tanning pool with long loop straws built into the right arm rest specifically and a huge mural on the north wall with the best lighting angle saying "#SUMMER4EVA!"
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