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  1. Make the design of the taller structure more modern, and I'd be 100% down for this development.
  2. To be fair, those highest in price are all the penthouse levels and minimum 3BR, so there is that to put into perspective.
  3. Like I've said, Mayor Cooper is going to learn real quick that trying enact abrupt change that is deemed detrimental by the business community almost always pulls the plug on what you're trying to accomplish. Does Nashville need to chill out with explosive growth? Absolutely, but his approach is all wrong.
  4. And it was a good call because the northern loop was estimated to cost would be over 3 times as much given the terrain, likely well over $2bil. The current segment of 840 was budgeted for $351mil and finished off at $753mil, so a $2bil estimate for the north segment is probably conservative. There's nowhere near the need on that side of the metro area to justify that cost. Widening 24 between Nashville and the TN/KY state line would make more sense.
  5. So, American Airlines at BNA is currently negotiating a new contract to return ramp staff back to American and get rid of Envoy, as it is currently. Envoy has stern language in the current contract that restricts the number of mainline flights at BNA, so a new contract that would return mainline AA rampers would open up their operations here fully to larger aircraft and more destinations.
  6. I know folks at Southwest HQ in Dallas and they're getting all of D.
  7. Which is why I'm trying to figure out their release calling it "new service." It was around from 2006-2008, so it's not a new route whatsoever.
  8. JetBlue is returning the BNA-JFK route with 2x daily service beginning April 28th. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. They're decent street trees because they have a more vertical tendency than the traditional Magnolia, and coupled with a bit faster growth rate than the previously mentioned, they'll do just fine.
  10. Norfolk (ORF) & Omaha (OMA) are returning summer seasonal flights from last year, just with an increase in frequency. We’ll see if they will roll off “seasonal” and become year-round after this summer, along with the hopeful return of the MAX planes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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