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  1. Nashville International Airport

    Quite honestly, BNA does not really have to try and recruit that hard. Nashville is it's own brand and making waves in publications read beyond the US. Airlines are ALWAYS looking at each others numbers and ways to capitalize on a clearly successful and booming airport. Airlines I know for a fact that have or are actively looking at BNA are WOW, Norwegian, & Spirit to name current non-providers.
  2. That would create an explosion of new growth out there, as well as in Smyrna and Nolensville, being the two closest bedroom communities to the area.
  3. You can take out I.T.T. as they went bankrupt due to some pretty messed up business practices.
  4. Federal Courthouse

    Implosion is, because of all the things to implement the demolition and also have a secure perimeter and all, and cost versus structure is weighed when they decide to demo a building and it's more cost-effective to go this way versus the way of the LifeWay building later this month.
  5. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Those have to be the upper echelon for growth projections because that just doesn't seem possible in 5-7 years unless some unbelievably ridiculous things come into an alignment like a solar eclipse.
  6. Nashville International Airport

    BNA has plenty of room that will carry it for many, many decades. The airport does own land east of Donelson Pike for another parallel runway in the plans in at least a decade or more. 3 main and the crosswind, the only departures runway before 0800, are all perfect for the amount of traffic we currently serve. The terminal has enough room to expand as well, and the plans are already there to fill in the massive pit behind the apron between B & C.
  7. Nashville International Airport

    Nope, on Raleigh has that distinction.
  8. Nashville International Airport

    Well BNA is playing serious catch up because it's rare to have a mid-size airport, it technically is by definition, experience such incredible and sustained high growth like BNA has the last several years. I can bet the airport will want a broader array of airlines for the gates at D and I really do not see any single airline swooping in and taking them all unless American were to shock everyone with a return of hub status. I can see JetBlue and Frontier likely moving over to D if they can and potentially Spirit entering, who by the way REALLY wants in, but Southwest has done well at keeping at bay for now. If JetBlue, Frontier, & Alaska/Virgin America move to D, that could very well push Delta to make BNA at least a "focus city" like Raleigh and take the entirety of B. Hell, they have the gate space now to do it! As I've said before, along with others, American will likely bring it more mainline aircraft and also expand some service to current cities and potentially add Phoenix to accommodate their OneWorld partner, British Airways.
  9. We're just going to have to disagree. Show me a financially viable way to make a profit on this very distinct piece of property at only 6 stories and then maybe I'll change my thinking. I'm looking at it as an opportunity to develop a piece of crap parking lot that's at least 3 decades old that has not seen a proposal before that could activate the street level and also be incorporated into the bridge, which already abuts a skyscraper over 400ft anyways. I will ask the blunt question, would you rather still have this parking lot or an 18-story building that adds food/retail space and basically will seal the connection between Broadway and the amphitheater along with that proposal at 1st & Demonbreun?
  10. I've been to a lot of cities that have a myriad of older, historic buildings mixed with new, and it's quite nice and does nothing to affect what really goes on, at the street. And oh yes, mentioning other buildings is relevant because you can't pick and choose in this scenario. If you want to go that route, then we need not mention what was knocked out for the Arena and then also the redevelopment of the old convention center site. How is that now affecting the look and feel of the area? And I have fully read the "new construction" guidelines for the Broadway overlay. These are guidelines, not requirements and can always be subject to change.
  11. The problem that I'm seeing is that while I am all for historic preservation, we have a multi-decade parking lot that FINALLY has a proposal on it and it's also the last property with unobstructed riverfront views. I am 100% all for this proposal because it removes that parking lot and activates 1st Ave South even more. You also have to realize economics here, because the property value likely makes it unfeasible to build just a 6-story building and expect to turn a profit on whatever may be there. I personally was for the Westin proposal because they were making some concerted effort to save and rehab the Trail West building, but instead it was fully knocked down and now another bar or restaurant, and you've completely lost what was there. This could very well be the only proposal this site sees in the biggest boom Nashville has ever seen, and if you tell me leaving it as is versus an 18-story building is better, then I'm stunned.
  12. I'm trying to figure out how this proposal would ruin the aura of that area.
  13. 805 Lea, 35 stories, residential, retail

    Which is why the other tower for apartments in the proposal on 2nd Avenue being dropped is not a shocker. Nashville has a full plate of food that needs to be eaten first and then go from there.
  14. Not surprising at all based upon the rendering showing how it eclipses The Pinnacle so greatly.
  15. Surprised the height folks haven't been more excited because of the face-on view with The Pinnacle leaves one to believe this one is well over 500ft tall.