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  1. I mean, that's been no surprise for several years now. Nashville's strong connections to Asia, specifically Japan, could warrant 3-4x weekly service versus daily given the continued woes in eastern Asia with opening up fully.
  2. The latter part, big time, is what I was getting at. Cool, they have more int'l flights, but that does not dwindle the ever growing shadow over the airport's operations as a whole. AUS is planning for far too few gates for what certain airlines, namely SWA & AA are doing and wanting to continue there. In addition, they have two separate terminals and trying to figure out that fiasco is a sight to behold. BNA planned and broke ground and is completing the largest scope of terminal work in the next year and some change. AUS has not done a single thing.
  3. The more you look at our biggest competitor, Austin, and its airport debacle, you have to appreciate more and more the foresight and strategy BNA's leadership and the overall economic community took in expanding the airport at the start of the area's boom period. The long-term benefits are almost incalculable. Meanwhile, the sister city that is like a rocket still has yet to even break serious ground on their long-range plan that has been talked about for over a decade and is resulting in significant issues now that we're beyond the Covid chaos. While staffing issues are everywhere, AUS is stuffed to the gills and their wiggle room until they actually expand is almost zero. BNA and greater Nashville can easily use it as a metric in recruiting and growing corporate relocations, expansions, etc., as well as the continued explosion in tourism. "Austin may be a beacon, but at least we have our ducks in a row to get our airport setup for the future while the "other" music city languishes to even expand their fuel farm, much less terminal space."
  4. She's BACK! Now, who breaks 2mil first, AUS or BNA? Solid bet for AUS given the new int'l service.
  5. It was merely a suggestion, especially for those that are more frequently on the Tapatalk app versus the webpage. If there is any way to truncate them into a group or have them thumbnailed, it would just help clean things up and make it a little easier. It's frequent user feedback, no need to have a hostile tone when seen through the eyes of non-admins.
  6. All the pics should just be a separate thread in the "coffee house" section and not on here, to be honest. I get the enthusiasm and such, but at this point it's just clutter and not useful/informative at all. Unless it's a new airline or what not, have a pics-only thread elsewhere and not in this one.
  7. It's the multitude of pics almost every day. We love, LOVE what you do, but it honestly does kind of clutter things up a bit when they're just pics of run of the mill, every day flights versus a new carrier or what not.
  8. It seemed to do okay at first, then Opry Mills opened. The Tanger Outlets would just nail the coffin shut for this development.
  9. It really is. It looks like the Omni & Drury had a baby and this was the result. That said, it's a good property and a needed mid-range Marriott flag for the urban core.
  10. I flew in/out of Austin Bergstrom over the weekend and taxied out ahead of BA's A350 to LHR, and let me tell you, that thing is pretty massive. It'll take time for BA to entertain the notion of BNA receiving their most premium new aircraft. It has a stately elegance that the A380 simply doesn't have.
  11. It's possible, but I'd prefer a different destination versus the other main airport for London as it would compete, to some degree, with the BA flight. Obviously it wouldn't compete at the same level when it comes to business class & premium cabin, but definitely from main cabin/economy seats. I can imagine given the near collapse of Norwegian that they'll be a bit more careful in grooming their transatlantic destinations. MCO, FLL, JFK , & BOS are pretty obvious, with the first two obvious for tourism, and the last two potentially at economy-level business travel and some tourism, particularly with BOS.
  12. Development proposal for southern edge of downtown Boro What kills me is one of the councilmembers saying "more trees and grass" and "it'll block downtown views". Block from what, a roadway where you need to be more concerned about not crashing versus looking for the cupola of the courthouse? Most of what is there now a used auto dealer and the backside of some industrial-looking buildings. There is not a single thing pleasing to the eye, nor is the backdrop of the city hall and Linebaugh garage. If you want downtown Murfreesboro to thrive, you have to have developments like this and that competes with the suburban crap show that is Medical Center Pkwy corridor.
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