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  1. NashRugger

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Yes, because practically the entire northwestern 1/3 of Davidson County is rugged terrain as you come out of the Nashville/Central Basin and ascend to the Highland Rim, with Joelton and immediate Cumberland floodplain being the exceptions.
  2. NashRugger

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    It's also like Indianapolis, they have zero geographic barriers to stop the endless sprawl that is within the city limits of both cities as opposed to Nashville where density is really the only viable option for substantial growth, southeast Nashville (Antioch/Cane Ridge) not withstanding.
  3. My thoughts exactly. I'm to the point where I want my hometown to become a very urban, thriving, and dense core that is the envy of many, which it is steadily starting to gain that level as more developments come online.
  4. NashRugger

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    The number of renovations to homes in neighborhoods just north and east of downtown is rising rapidly as well. Folks see Murfreesboro as a cheaper alternative to renovate and turn an older home to live in or just flip for profit versus what has been available in Nashville.
  5. That would look good now surrounded by other high-rises to make it not stick out so severely. That was my biggest issue with the 1,047ft Signature Tower proposal. I have no problem with a pinnacle on the skyline, but to be so out of sorts and balance with everything else, I would've hated it. Look at Devon Energy Tower in OKC, it's just obscene.
  6. As much office space being built right now, it’s not surprising. As long as the same design and/or architect it used, we’ll get a great looking building. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    Even then, this is a very fast and almost knee-jerk reaction that just sounds very odd. Plus with their well-known financial problems, this doesn't bode well. The only airport that makes sense to pull out of is DFW because you have American AND Icelandair (country's flag carrier) serving the same route.
  8. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    I've never been a fan of wanting WOW Air to come into BNA, and this just cements it. The loads were completely solid and performed very well, yet they still pulled it. The airline is allegedly hurting for cash, so something may be up. They're pulling out of St. Louis in January.
  9. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    PHX is another hub BNA does not serve with a legacy carrier, granted Southwest is migrating into that category really.
  10. None of the tenants garnered up the money for naming rights yet? It's a prominent building with no chance of it being blocked from the east.
  11. That apartment tower would be one where I'd carefully choose my side of the building, my preference being west-facing because a lot of the noise on Broadway will be amplified and captured by the orientation of the apartment tower and office tower. So those east-facing units I would venture will be a lot more prone to all the raucous noises.
  12. It could be, but I think part of 505's problem is that it is not exclusively condo units like these two properties will be. Even more so, hotel & hotel residences, such as Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Ritz Carlton, and those very high end flags have a level of impeccable services and amenities the residents will have access to along with the hotel guests. Honestly, it's trying to compare two fairly different products.
  13. NashRugger

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Mississippi is a state ranked consistently in the bottom for health, education, economic opportunity, and just overall scores low across the board. I'm here now with the Navy at Keesler AFB in Biloxi and this is one of the few areas of the state that is growing, thanks in part to tourism, the military/NASA, and the long recovery post-Katrina.