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  1. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    WestJet would move heaven an earth to stop that, since they literally follow WN's business model pretty well, with some service to Europe on some ER jets. The best thing for them to get into Canada is to do an agreement with WestJet.
  2. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    I'd personally prefer expansion of JetBlue at BNA and to grow their domestic options and also bring in some Latin American destinations. I worked for Southwest and they're a great company, but the product JetBlue provides to the Caribbean is superior to that of Southwest. My bet for a non-Icelandic destination is on Amsterdam via Delta, since that is a hub for them. Delta can afford to skip Atlanta and let's face it, while it's a machine when good, one thing goes wrong and Atlanta goes downhill very fast and it honestly needs to have some wealth spread, it's just a little healthier for the company and reduces some risk.
  3. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    Load factors that high will have an immediate impact in either this flight going daily, upgauge in aircraft, or both in the long run.
  4. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    Not sure, but it is guaranteed to have a load factor >80%, and I feel that's a very conservative low figure.
  5. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    The inaugural British Airways flight just took off and is on the way! Should arrive on time at roughly 545pm.
  6. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    So in retaliation to Southwest starting BNA-ATL routing 5x daily, Delta is upgauging several flights per day to 757s. I forgot exactly which ones but they start in August as well. Delta sees the chips laid down and raises by a ton.
  7. NashRugger

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Literally will never happen.
  8. And if that happened, go for the original 750ft design instead of the ridiculous over 1,000ft design.
  9. I want to know all of the people of that 3% thinking the cost of living would DECREASE with such a development.
  10. NashRugger

    Nashville International Airport

    Yet MCO is building a new "south terminal" complex to kind of spread the wealth around and also get more carriers.
  11. I mean, at least use the proper skyline perspective in you promotional images...
  12. Gallatin is the big power producer for the area and ships in coal via barge. They still have rail lines to the plant just in case but haven't been used for that specific delivery in decades. There are two others in Middle TN as well, Cumberland southwest of Clarksville in Houston County and Johnsonville near Waverly on the TN River in Humphreys County.
  13. NashRugger

    The Gulch Projects

    Design Within Reach? I mean for who, Ben Carson with HUD?
  14. The Tower at InterGulch Junction.
  15. Everything has been stressed because of that. It goes without mentioning the headaches for TDOT, counties, and municipalities for their roads.