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  1. My top 3 are: Dallas, Denver, & Philadelphia. If Amazon wants to help create a new tech hub, then these: Nashville, Pittsburgh, & Columbus. Dark horses: Detroit, Saint Louis, & Cincinnati. Stunners, but not entirely ruled out: Orlando, Kansas City, & Phoenix. I truly think Washington, Boston, and suburban NYC are good candidates, but one of the key reasonings Amazon is doing this is because Seattle is just far too expensive, becoming the secondary Bay Area of the West Coast.
  2. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Also goes to show how the Hampton Inn was a sort of pioneer in it's location.
  3. Nashville International Airport

    It depends on wind direction. Right now BNA is in a north flow with a dominant northerly wind component. Later this week, winds are forecasted to shift southerly, so landings and departures will go south. Now, BNA has a restriction on operations before 07 or 08 to only utilize takeoffs for the runway aimed downtown, runway 31.
  4. It literally looks like one of those triple ad billboards that has the rotating triangle sections for the ads and it got stuck. This was before digital billboards became affordable and commonplace.
  5. As mentioned above, Austin has less than stellar mass transit and voted DOWN a sales tax increase to fund expansion, thus killing any near-term chances of that. Also, housing is expensive and only increasing there, in addition to terrible traffic. You think Nashville is bad, try Austin...
  6. BOA Plaza in Atlanta was supposed to have glass adorning the crown but they did not structurally engineer the steel to bear that weight load and thus you see the final product. It is the harshest crown I think in the country.
  7. I mean, it is near the Gulch after all...
  8. Part of me honestly believes that there may be reservation from architects about overtaking the AT&T Building. I mean, it's not the most gorgeous skyscraper in the world and it has a terrible street activation, but when you see that building, anywhere, you immediately can recognize it. That is what you call iconic, and it's because I know folks all over the world that know Nashville for the music scene and that very skyscraper.
  9. They may've gotten street activation right, but the design is just not that great. I mean, if you're going to do a glass box, emulate KPMG Plaza at Hall Arts in Dallas. Granted it has a curve in it's northwestern facade.
  10. MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Stumbled upon this old article where this proposal was deemed "too modern" looking, which was such a crock of bs. Repeated pushback and then the recession hit, so this wound up cancelled and left us a vacant lot at Main & Front.
  11. Detroit, while not in the best of financial shape still, it is a fairly cheap place to do business and the real estate market there is fairly affordable and ripe for the picking. Plus, I truly think it'll be a great renaissance story of a once massive city contracting and then reinventing itself into a healthier, more balanced municipality. Detroit and Saint Louis are my two dark horse candidates.
  12. Nashville International Airport

    With as much going on with the airport, is it worthy of being pinned or do others think no?
  13. Nashville International Airport

    180 departures per day at Dallas. We’re planned for up to 120 per day in the coming 2-4 years from Southwest.
  14. Nashville International Airport

    This expansion will keep BNA comfortable for some time in the future, unless American reopened full hub status, which is 98% NOT going to happen. As for Southwest, they may try, but MNAA has the say so in to who gets the leases for the gates because they, SWA, has a cushion on the # of flights per day versus the # of turns per gate per day that is doable. Southwest has 17.5 gates (splits #15 with Delta) and has 180 flights per day. As I've said before, the current airlines I'd look at taking D gates are JetBlue, Frontier, & Alaska. Spirit wants in badly but I doubt that'll happen given the competition amongst the current airlines now. JetBlue is looking to grow BNA and would not be shocked if they put some steroids into BNA's arm and ramp it up here. BNA is in rare territory amongst airports in terms of significant growth year-over-year and also this level of expansion without building a new terminal.