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  1. Rental, the website for the project says "apartments..."
  2. Slowly, but surely, the Tennessee Tower is getting more neighbors and ending its solitary stature as the western bastion of the downtown core.
  3. Just redesign it to be more fresh and modern, because it’s not very appealing and the color palate used is terrible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I do wonder what brand would be the flag for this property if this comes to fruition? There are few high-end, luxury names not in the market yet. Intercontinental, Ritz-Carlton, & maybe Fairmont would be in contention.
  5. They're windmill palms, which can survive temps down to 5-10 degrees and also a good snowfall, so they can make it in downtown with wrapping protection on the usual coldest couple nights in the winter.
  6. Looks like the redevelopment of the FUMC in downtown Murfreesboro is a full go-ahead with the securing of tax break for a parking garage as part of the project. The development calls for 110-rooms, 55 residential units, 5-story office building, 505-space garage, ground-level retail, and turning the old sanctuary into event/restaurant space. https://www.dnj.com/story/news/2019/08/28/murfreesboro-downtown-parking-garage-tax-break-first-united-methodist-church-redevelopment-plan/2139541001/
  7. Buffalo actually has nearly half of their passengers come from across the border, so that metro data can essentially be tossed. Raleigh is a ridiculous focus city now for Delta and Frontier, plus it's very heavy with passengers because of the business travel for the Triangle Research Park. OKC is a bit of an oddity but I'd say there is a good bit of business travel and leisure because of driving distance to places that aren't, well...flat? My personal take is that Norfolk is sort of cursed by being in a relatively easy driving distance to many big cities and that may be a way for travelers to reduce their ticket price. Norfolk/VB is also not a massive tourist market, at least in terms of a flying destination, versus driving.
  8. Welcome to karst terrain. You can have some ridiculous chunks of bedrock close to the surface and just feet away you have to go a long ways down.
  9. Of actual note: American is upgrading once per day to Reagan National (DCA) starting September 4th. That's in addition to the previous frequency upgrade from 5 to 6 daily non-stops.
  10. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/health-care/vanderbilt-university-medical-center/article/21078178/vumc-purchased-82-acres-in-murfreesboro While the plans are undisclosed, there could be some big things in the works to provide competition to St. Thomas Rutherford. Since the city is the anchor for the southeastern part of the metro area, it'd have quite the catchment area, particularly for counties like Cannon, Coffee, Warren, & others versus going all the way to the main VUMC.
  11. This is the exact kind of infill downtown Murfreesboro needs.
  12. Well if there are steel plates, which there were, in place beforehand, those aren't exactly 100% stable and random accidents can happen, as we've now seen.
  13. Huh, what are you talking about? There's nothin on there with those airlines.
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