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  1. Unfortunately it'll probably be a few decades before it truly cools off. Nashville, and many secondary cities, are shining in the 21st century that only continues to get brighter, for good or bad.
  2. There are also some rumors out there that Hawaiian Airlines (HA) is looking at potentially launch 3x weekly service between Honolulu (HNL) & BNA. It could make pretty logical sense as they recently launched service Orlando & Austin. No direct competition & both being tourism powerhouses are big benefits.
  3. The city could likely force their hand if they need to at some point. The taxable value of that property is much higher than current use and will only increase. Plus, if they are able to trace criminal activity to users of that halfway house, such as the fatal stabbing last week, that would work towards the city's favor in kicking them out.
  4. I may get picked at for this, but unless this thing has a killer lighting scheme or something, our new 2nd tallest is a bland box from one entire elevation, from the west.
  5. The difference in total traffic (2019) between Philadelphia (PHL) at #20 & BNA at #31 is huge, 14.7mil passengers. BNA will not see that massive an increase without another carrier hubbing/focus city labeling BNA or ungodly traffic growth because that is essentially doubling the airport's 2019 traffic. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's almost statistically not achievable because every single airport from #25 and higher is either a focus city or hub for one of the big 5 airlines (AA, UA, DL, WN, & AS), with a few of those being multiples. You'd have to have a collapse in traffic
  6. The gauge of aircraft is encouraging since that is the largest capacity jet on the regional side. If it proves successful enough, an upgauge to at least A319 can be seen even before the year is over.
  7. American is really adding to Austin, with once daily service commencing May 6, increasing to twice-daily July 2nd. Once Spirit restarts the route from suspension, that takes BNA-AUS to 3 carriers. https://news.aa.com/news/news-details/2021/Nonstop-Growth-in-Austin-Leads-to-More-Nonstops-to-Austin-NET-RTS-03/default.aspx
  8. Allegiant has announced a lot of destinations, but their frequency still can’t have them compete with Southwest in terms of overall traffic. So while some destinations have been recently picked up by Southwest, Destin/FWB, Bozeman, & others, they’re not a major threat to Southwest on a overwhelming majority of routes. That doesn’t just apply to BNA either. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Indianapolis threw heavy incentives at Delta and it performed okay, but wasn't near as successful as British Airways into here. Delta pulled the IND-CDG (Paris Charles de Gaulle) flight and it likely will not return. Leisure just can't make up for the collapse in business travel outside of big tourism markets, such as Nashville & New Orleans, that are only suspended versus cancelled, unlike Pittsburgh. The big 3 carriers are entrenching their hubs and also performing strategic leisure point-to-point flights right now, particularly American & United with interesting additions to e
  10. Eh, no real surprise at all. They want to fight where some cities have more spread out numbers, such as Austin & Raleigh/Durham. There may be a random point-to-point route or two, but nothing really substantial from Delta, or the other legacies in American & United for that matter, for a while post-pandemic. Also, I expect this summer to be RIDICULOUS in terms of traffic & also high fares from so much pent up demand and we're already seeing it with spring break season commencing.
  11. Also, this makes BNA & Chicago-Midway (MDW) the only airports to serve all 11 of Southwest Airlines' Florida cities in either a seasonal or year-round capacity.
  12. Beginning May 6th, Southwest Airlines will launch service into the 3rd airport for the Florida Panhandle, Destin-Fort Walton Beach (VPS) with 3x daily service. https://www.swamedia.com/releases/release-b0ff1370f7f980a8c3991c777c935b7b?lang=en-US&fbclid=IwAR2FrY8sNNavkUwbKix9_J1vAP7HezN3U2c0LKsN5o8Sv9AACiF-Fj3Emjg
  13. American has upgraded Phoenix-Sky Harbor to year-round given the resounding success in latest schedule updates.
  14. If Three Thirty three in The Gulch is any indication, a brand new building can look like it's been there for a very long time. It's going to take a lot of work & it won't be easy, but I think it can be done right.
  15. Yeah, but I'd love to know an estimated cost to remediate the land first. That will be the biggest obstacle with state & federal regulations.
  16. For what was demolished to make way for this crap, it's so hard for me to root for this to be a successful project.
  17. I would say "currently scheduled to resume" versus a more definitive "will return" given the very fluid situation for air travel, particularly for international traffic. I can see them easily punting to June, but I would not be shocked to see it pushed even later in the year.
  18. Yeah, that's a mini-malfunction junction that makes no sense. I get that the CSX tracks make it a little difficult to work around, but it's a lot more complicated than it really needs to be.
  19. As far as luxury goes, the only ones that will not have a presence after the Ritz-Carlton gets formally announced would be St. Regis, Waldorf Astoria, & Mandarin Oriental. My money would be on St. Regis being the most likely, but I doubt we'll see anything beyond the R-C as the market will need to swallow this big addition of luxury properties.
  20. Just for awareness, that 787 diversion from ORD-MIA a couple weeks back will be the only Dreamliner we'll see for another month continued. British Airways (BA) has axed BNA into April now. Other cities included in April extension cancellations are Austin, Las Vegas, Newark, New Orleans, & San Diego. Also, Delta is yanking more routes from their Raleigh-Durham (RDU) focus city operation and dropping BNA, among others.
  21. Just goes to show that not every W Hotel can be a winner in the looks department, unfortunately.
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