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  1. Hey_Hey

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    I would love it if some of those surface parking lots were densified with some additional buildings. It is a shame how much land is just asphalt in Cool Springs. Doubling the density in that area would go a long way to being able to support mass transit there.
  2. Hey_Hey

    Nashville International Airport

    The NBJ had an article about this. It sounds like the new company is going to run it like a shopping mall. It sounds like the current vendor runs everything and may license a name and theme. However, the new company is going to allow individual companies to run the operations of their storefront. With the current vendor, the Tootsie's isn't really Tootsie's. However, it sounds like the new vendor is going to allow Tootsie's to actually run Tootsie's. Also, it made mention that "street pricing" will be allowed instead of "airport pricing" which is good for the consumer.
  3. Hey_Hey

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Those are similar, but the ones posted are the apartment and Stray Alfred floor plans. The condos start on floor 30 or 31 and somewhere in the mid-30s half of the elevator banks go away since they are only for the lower floors.
  4. Hey_Hey

    Nashville International Airport

    With the exception of PDX, those are the kind of destinations that would be added (IMO) if Southwest takes the BNA station to the next level and uses it as more of a connecting city than they do now. I wish they would step up and do that, but realistically it may not happen until the new gates are opened if ever. On the domestic front, I think BNA is in a situation now in which we're going to have very few new destinations unless Southwest expands BNA's role. We'll see increased frequency, upgauging of service, and additional airlines serve existing destinations., but none of those things are going to make headlines.
  5. Hey_Hey

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    I thought the interior finishes were good, but not eye popping. The bigger hangup for me was that the pool deck was going to be shared with all of the apartment renters and the Stay Alfred people. I can just imagine the crowds that will be present on weekends in June, and I don't think the condo owners should be having to fight over a spot at the pool. Just my opinion.....but I think they should have scrapped one or both of the tennis courts and used that additional space as condo-only pool area.
  6. Hey_Hey

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    My big concern would be that this causes 505 to underperform financially which could then act as a barrier to further condo projects in Nashville. Fortunately, TwelveTwelve seemed to be very successful, so that is a counterweight to that argument. While I’m sure the StayAlfred deal was good financially in the short term, I’m afraid it was misguided when looking at the big picture. I would also think that now that they seem to be cutting prices it would make the sales that much tougher. Where do the prices stop?
  7. Hey_Hey

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    . I would agree with that if the primary target is a buyer looking to live there. However, if the primary buyer is actually looking to use the unit to run a business (short term rental) then they wouldn’t be looking to finance in the typical sense anyway. I would imagine there would be several cash purchases, line of credit purchases and business loan purchases. I see it as a totally different model that has more in common with condo buildings on the Gulf Coast than traditional urban condominiums. Of course, it could fail as well.
  8. Hey_Hey

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    I’ve heard a rumor of a condo building that is planned with a similar concept somewhere downtown. Owners would be allowed to rent out their units a large percentage of the time to supplement income. For the developer could make sense because it could increase the average sales prices based on expected income.
  9. I think it could work. Garages are EXPENSIVE to built. Especially expensive if they are below grade and require blasting. If he builds this without a garage then he can price the units at a lower point and still be profitable to sell. I have no doubt there will be parking available; it just may be off site. Along with the condo fee, owners could choose to pay $200 per month for a parking spot and valet service to the front of the building.
  10. $100,000 in income can get you ~$550,000 in mortgage debt assuming you can put 10% down. That would yield a home price of around $610,000. I think that's how all of this continues to get built and purchased.
  11. This holds the record for quickest excavation. They didn’t have to go as deep as other projects, but that was still impressively quick.
  12. I really love this building. I'm not at all concerned about the lack of height, either. This building activates the street and will significantly contribute to the vibrancy of the Gulch. A building doesn't have to be 300 feet tall to do that. In many ways, I would rather have a half dozen of these buildings go up in the Gulch as opposed to a single 30 story tower of a similar footprint. I just visited Dublin, Ireland, and was blown away by how their streets are activated and lively it is throughout the city, and they have a total of TWO building >200 feet tall. The tallest is 220 feet. Having some height is great, but buildings like this will contribute to the urban fabric almost as much as a building three or four times its height.
  13. Hey_Hey

    Soccer in Nashville

    Public comments are always crazy. Just for fun, I was reviewing the public comments that are accessible online through the planning commission's website. I just had to include this to show how ridiculous some comments are. I will leave his name off of it, although it is public record. This is a letter: ------------------------------------------------------- Hi Planning commissioners, You are about to vote on mixed use zoning at Nashville Fairgrounds. If you vote for mixed use,900 apartments, 200 hotel rooms, soccer stadium and serving drinks you are going to destroy everything good at the fairgrounds. I will list all the negative events that will happen. CAN YOU GIVE ME ANY POSITIVE EVENTS ? I WILL BE WAITING. 1. 1,000 people, mostly low income, will be residing on 10 acres. Included in these residents will most likely be drug dealers and prostitutes. ( Known fact in large cities.) 2. 200 hotel rooms will be ideal place to order drugs and night company. 3. Adding a bar will be ideal meeting place for above businesses. 4. Add soccer stadium and you get a great increase for drug buys and night company. 5. With soccer stadium, you may get a great amount of drugs coming in to Nashville. OK Lets forget the drug trade and go on. Can you show any study a soccer stadium has helped local business ? Most studies show it destroys local business. ( Look at what football stadium did to local Memphis business.} How are 10,000 -12,000 cars supposed to get to fairgrounds in timely manner ? Where are 10,000 - 12,000 soccer fans supposed to park ? You already have around 900 parking spaces for apartment and hotel and bar use ? Do a traffic study and see how long it will take, only 6,000 cars to leave fairgrounds. Remember there are several traffic lights, train tracks and local traffic. If you had 3 exits and light traffic from other directions, it would take around 10 minutes for 100 cars to leave fairgrounds. 1,000 cars would be 1 and half hours. 4,000 cars would be 6 hours. Imagine having 6 beers and waiting only 2 hours to leave fairgrounds ? OK lets forget about the soccer stadium and go on 10. You approve mixed use zoning and have a bar serving who knows what kind of residents at apartments or hotel. You will have intoxicated patrons. THIS IS STILL CITY PROPERTY AND THE CITY COULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWINGLY APPROVING A CONDITION THAT COULD RESULT IN: A. The main entrance to fairground is in front of school. Regardless of where soccer stadium or bar is located, there is a exit in front of school! SCHOOL CHILDREN COULD BE KILLED BY DRUNK DRIVER ! B. Putting so many people, of mixed means and mentality, in a small area invites those who could prey on children. How many girls could be watched while they are playing soccer at the million dollar soccer fields also on the fairgrounds? GIRLS COULD BE ABDUCTED AND KILLED BY FAIRGROUND RESIDENTS! IF A CHILD IS KILLED BY DRUNK DRIVER LEAVING FAIRGROUND OR ABDUCTED AT SOCCER FIELD THE CITY OF NASHVILLE COULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE! MEMBERS OF VARIOUS COMMITTEES COULD ALSO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR PASSING LAWS THAT MADE THIS CONDITION POSSIBLE! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL KNOWING A CHILD WAS KILLED BECAUSE YOU PASSED MIXED USE ZONING AT FAIRGROUNDS? WOULD YOU LET YOUR CHILDREN GO TO FAIRGROUND SOCCER WITH WHO KNOWS WHO IS WATCHING AND KNOWING A DRUNK COULD CREATE A RISK TO THEIR WELL BEING ? I WILL BE WAITING FOR A REASON FOR MIXED USE ZONING.
  14. Now's the time to do it though. If they are buried while everything is under construction then the cost is a whole lot less than if they try to bury them once everything is in place. It kind of like running speaker wire in the walls of your house....if you do it before the drywall goes in it is much, much cheaper than if you wait to do it until after the drywall is in and the walls are painted.
  15. Hey_Hey

    Soccer in Nashville

    There are two parts to that. The first thing that has to happen is for the community plan to be altered. This is the "subject to approval of the associated plan amendment." The plan amendment is amending the Nashville Next plan that was finalized in 2015 or so. It is a less specific guiding document and is not zoning. However, in order for the city to implement any zoning it has to be consistent with the overarching community plan. There are six basic categories of the community plan (T1-T6 ranging from natural, no development to downtown) and they are having to alter part of the plan to allow for what's a called T4 urban plan. If they pass the community plan amendment, THEN they can consider the zoning change. The second part is "approve with conditions and disapprove without all conditions." All this is is technical requirements (although important) that planning staff places on the plan. They are recommending that council pass the amendment for a zoning change as long as all of the recommended conditions are kept in the amendment. For example, stormwater management might have conditions that need to be completed. The same thing goes for other departments like public works, parking/traffic, fire marshal, etc. This is stuff that never really matters when it comes to whether a project passes or not.