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  1. I took these earlier this week. 2012 West End is going to complement The Graduate Hotel really well and hide the Less impressive “back side”.
  2. 31k over six years isn’t terribly far off what we are currently producing. The Nashville MSA built 18,043 units in 2018 (12,343 being single family houses). I’m 2017 there were 19,292 units constructed. I don’t have the county specific numbers in front of me, but it isn’t logistically difficult to build 6200 units per year in Davidson County. The more difficult question is whether 6200 units can be built in Davidson county that are economically viable for the developers and potential home buyers/renters.
  3. I don’t think we have any regularly scheduled passenger 767s. We may get an occasional diversion from ATL and we get FedEx 767s, but no passenger 767s. The only wide body plane for passengers is the BA 787. Delta will use 757s from BNA to ATL, and we get numerous a321s and Boeing 738/739.
  4. I really like the balcony addition. Those balconies are going to make this feel even more lively and human-scaled as experienced from the pedestrian street/plaza. It should extend the “feel” of Broadway into this area.
  5. We're within spitting distance. Through May of 2019 PDX had a total of 7,544,230 while BNA had 7,025,805, which is a 6.9% difference. PDX has grown 1.2% for the first five months of 2019 when compared to the first five months of 2018. That compares to BNA growing at ~15.5% during that same time frame. If the same growth patterns continue (which is a big question) then BNA will overtake PDX in 2020.
  6. I like this, and it may be the catalyst to get the whole thing off the ground. I think it is unrealistic to expect this area to go from what it is today to an area full of 20+ story building. This proposal is realistic and should get out of the ground assuming financing is available as it is primarily residential and small scale office and retail. Once 500-1000 residences are occupied and a couple hundred thousand square feet of retail and office then I think it is reasonable to see a large office component to be built. I'm not opposed to height here in the least, but this area can be a roaring success with building topping out int he 5-10 story range. I just want it to be walkable, urban, connected to area neighborhoods on both sides of the river, and be mixed use. I think this proposal goes a long way to getting us there. The one thing I am not a fan of is Top Golf, which has nothing to do with this development at all. However, those looming nets and bright lights are going to be impossible to hide.
  7. Having them sure is a lot better than not having them. With electrification and autonomy coming, the next 20 years will lead to a lot of upheaval in the auto industry. The more companies we have in the area means we will be more likely to have one of the winners moving forward. Of course, that upheaval could also mean Mitsubishi goes out of business in the US like Saab. Mitsubishi does seem to be increasing market share over the last few years, so that is a positive for them. I would also think having the automotive NA HQ in Nashville would improve our chances of getting other Mitsubishi divisions to have a local presence moving forward.
  8. I love listening to the airport's Arrivals and Departure channel and watching FlightRadar when storms roll through. There were a couple places diverted last night, but several this afternoon and evening. I saw planes divert to HSV, BHM, MEM, LEX, SDF, TYS, and EVV today.
  9. The building will serve as carbon sequestration. Assuming that a tree will be replanted on the space again, you get both a new tree (which will absorb carbon) and sequestration of the carbon in the building. While it would probably be better from a carbon standpoint to never cut down the tree in the first place, this is superior to constructing the building out of concrete which will release a ton of carbon.
  10. Spirit is going to provide some nice price competition for Southwest to some key markets. I've noticed lately that many times Southwest is now the most expensive airline to fly on out of BNA by a decent amount of money. However, they get away with it because of the plethora of nonstop options they provide from BNA. I think most people are willing to pay a price premium to avoid having to connect somewhere. I know I am. However, if Spirit (or Alaska, Allegiant, Sun Country, or US3) offer a nonstop flight between the two destinations then Southwest has to at least be cognizant of price. Moving forward, I'm hopeful Southwest continues to add smaller markets to BNA's nonstop offerings as well as beef up some of the less than daily service there is currently. It would be great for Nashville tourism and businesses to have nonstop connections to places like Omaha, Grand Rapids, Albany, Albuquerque, and Little Rock. Of course, much of the traffic originating from those cities would be connecting passengers through BNA, so it would also support increased service other cities throughout the Southwest network and potentially some Caribbean connections. I'm also interested in the Delta "focus city" idea. To me, being a focus city would mandate some flights to non-hubs and international routes. This may be a signal that they are definitely looking at adding a CDG or AMS flight in the future, but it may also indicate a willingness to add point to point flights which would be beneficial.
  11. Yes, Delta has been running them between BNA and ATL.
  12. We don't know a whole lot about the safety of scooters yet. While it is cold, a death alone isn't a reason to get rid of the scooters because there is a fatality rate with automobiles as well. The question should be what is the fatality rate on a scooter vs a vehicle. If there is 1 fatality for every 2 million miles in a vehicle and 1 fatality for every 3 million miles on a scooter then that is important information to have. Also important is knowing what the environmental effects of automobiles are vs scooters and the increased productivity the city gets by having decreased congestion. My suspicion is that scooters probably have a higher fatality rate, but I don't have any actual data to back that up. Until then we need to withhold judgement. I also think it is ironic that we view scooters as this scourge on the city because they take up a small bit of sidewalk space while completely ignoring the vast amounts of dedicated real estate that automobiles consume in every part of our city. However, we are numb to the effects of automobiles while the relatively small effects of scooters are prominent in our minds because they are new.
  13. Here is the view of the under construction Concourse D as viewed from the food court in Concourse C. The new parking garage is in the background.
  14. I was in Phoenix this week for business and was downtown. Nashville compares very favorably to Phoenix. I would venture a guess that Nashville’s downtown/core is roughly 2-3x the size of Phoenix’s and much more lively to boot.
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