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  1. aleonrivera


    A dedicated source of funding needs to be established to have everything we want out of Sunrail and Lynx.
  2. aleonrivera

    Winter Park & Maitland

    It is impressive. It already has a completely different feel. I took the drive about two weeks ago and you are totally right of their fears coming true.
  3. aleonrivera

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Aside from the water table, a normal afternoon storm in the summer can dump several inches of rain. If surface streets get flooded with drains overwhelmed I can't imagine what an afternoon rush hour would look like.
  4. I went on a night ride of the wheel Monday, and I was impressed. When you are up there you get a sense of how large the Orlando Metro is. You see about three sets of skylines, (Lake Buena Vista Hotels/Disney, International drive/Universal, and Downtown Orlando). The video in the beginning was a little unnecessary, not going to lie, but you notice the developers wanting guests to know and experience more outside the Tourist Corridor. It was very nice to see.
  5. aleonrivera

    Wawa coming to Orlando (and Tampa)

    There is a Wawa under construction in Soutchase on S OBT and Pepper Mill Blvd (the light just north of Wetherbee Rd). Land has been cleared and foundations look like they are about to start.
  6. aleonrivera


    I was told by one of the workers on board that there were additional trains added; one about 30 minutes after the first train was running for the day and another about 30 minutes after the train picking up passengers after the game ended. It was a last minute move not updated to the schedules people had, unfortunately. I managed to take the train from Sand Lake to downtown and back. Then again it was only the Sand Lake and ORMC stations, of course, but it was the best decision I made. With no surprise there were quite a few going just for the joyride, which was not helping. It was certainly smoother than the first two weeks of service. I was just one of the lucky ones.
  7. aleonrivera

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    I have been three times already and I have loved it every time! Such a great addition to the area.
  8. aleonrivera


    This is the issue so many don't understand. The hours we have now are because the tracks are so heavily used by freight and Amtrak trains. We can't break the contract/agreement so simply. It will take a long time and a lot more money to come up with a new contract for sunrail to run much later.
  9. aleonrivera

    Novel Lucerne [Under Construction]

    The southbound side of Orange Ave needs to have the same sidewalk as the north bound side over Lake Lucerne to truly bridge the gap between the CBD and this project. That will make a huge difference.
  10. aleonrivera


    Slowly but surely!
  11. aleonrivera

    Lee Vista Promenade (formerly known as The Current)

    That area would certainly support a target. Remember, the Vista Lakes subdivisions are right down Vista Lakes Blvd as well as the tens of apartment complexes and the northernmost neighborhoods of Lake Nona. Many people in the area end up going to the Waterford Lakes Target (which everyone dreads) or the Hunters Creek Target (which everyone pays tolls for on the 417) and both are a bit of a drive for everyone. If this doesn't work out, then Target should look into Narcoossee just south of the 528.
  12. aleonrivera

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    This is true, I've also been to deep dish places in Chicago and it's at least a 40 minute minimum for a smaller sized pizza to cook.
  13. aleonrivera

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    This is certainly big for a city so notorious for the reliance on cars. Magnolia would do very well as a full pedestrian, IMO, so much potential in this stretch. This could be a great shopping district for Orlando with the Dr Phillips Center on one end and various important points along the way up to the courthouse. I was looking at a layout of Lincoln Road in South Beach, and the main pedestrian zone between Washington Ave and Alton Rd is roughly the same distance from Anderson St to Robinson St, a little over half a mile. There are quite a few beautiful, historic buildings and important points along the way. I'm just wondering if and how LYMMO will be rerouted to accommodate Magnolia strictly pedestrian.
  14. aleonrivera

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Well it isn't too deep into the tourist corridor. When the Grand National Dr exit on I-4 opens (whenever that happens), it will almost be direct access from the highway. The space is a bit large and ambitious, but it seems like it is trying to be accessible to as many demographics as possible. Like tourists looking for something unique, it's in between the Oak Ridge and Dr. Phillips neighborhoods and the overall diverse South Orlando/ South Orange County market, Millenia shoppers, the ever growing Brazilian district. This could also have the potential of being very international as well. That being said, they need to advertise themselves more to the Orlando area in general to let locals know it isn't just another tourist trap on I-drive. Without the locals, that will be the inevitable outcome. People will come if it is worth it.
  15. According to their Facebook page their phone lines were down due to relocation of their offices.