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  1. I really like these small footprint buildings, for any use. They add human scale density, and do much more for affordability.
  2. Without a doubt this group will do a great transformation! Very excited to see this, considering how varied and well-executed their concepts have been.
  3. This is certainly a big step in the right direction! I think not being able to add the penny sales tax for transportation during Covid played a role. The elected leaders understand we badly need a funding source for transportation and other important services (like an affordable housing).
  4. The arguments of redundancy for the 528 alignment and OCCC stop does not make sense to me, considering Brightline is already adding stops in Aventura, Boca Raton and the future stop in PortMiami. Plus, the OCCC stop could add real estate opportunity with a central station-style concept for Brightline if a light rail or BRT ever happens in the I-Drive area. Maybe another hotel or a condo development at the OCCC parking lot/garage or the smaller hotels on Hawaiian Ct. Pardon my imagination running off there.
  5. Weren't there discussions about including a sunrail line along this route for local traffic with a Hunters Creek stop? that would be a good compromise.
  6. Very true! It will be interesting if the County ends up making a move like taking up vacant space at 200 S Orange.
  7. They will probably do what they did last time: threaten to leave, try to force a deal out of NYC, don't leave since they got what they wanted and then have a campaign about how they are the "NY" hometown airline and "I Heart NY" and so on.
  8. I agree! Seeing these in video and in person along the expressways and airport makes this exciting. Having the maintenance facility, and what may be a more central terminal for the Florida region is a big deal! An all-around important hub of transportation, especially with a Sunrail extension in the works for OIA. With the multiple additional stops being added in South Florida (PortMiami, Aventura, Boca Raton) I hope they consider an additional stop on the Space Coast. Their Instagram has indicated the uses of express and local trains, so I don't see an issue with adding a Northern Breva
  9. aleonrivera


    I 100% agree with you. We absolutely need the dedicated funding source to fund and operate a transit system. If, and/or when, Brightline builds the route, it can be sold to Lynx or a future regional transit agency, leading to the creation of this dedicated funding source we desperately need.
  10. aleonrivera


    Well, an entire transit network does not happen overnight. Maybe this public and private partnership can jumpstart a much needed network.
  11. Very true. I have been spending the last few weeks in Chicago, and although there are the typical iconic architectural landmarks being developed in and around the Loop/Downtown areas, drive a few minutes into the neighborhoods and EVERY multi-family residential development is a brown box looking like it came from the same developer. Very similar to this. This draw into the western side is certainly a bigger story. Underutilized lots, and properties will give the city more revenue, but like Chicago, the story of gentrification and perhaps a "whitewashing" of the western downtown Orlando ne
  12. A Greenwise market recently opened up in Odessa/Land o Lakes though But if even South Florida only has one, then it certainly shows this trend. Maybe more specialty items?
  13. Not including express lane work, most of the general use lanes and bridge work through the entire stretch of this project are in their final configuration. The drive is noticeably smoother and easier. Especially much of the sightline issues that were notorious in the past! There is still lighting, landscaping, additional paving left, but it is nice to see this project towards its latter end.
  14. This is a good thing! It helps in a way to legitimize training and education people have obtained from this university on the island and are living here now. If they do end up doing a bilingual or Spanish-language curriculum it would also better serve the entire Hispanic/Latin community and those arriving from other nations. Whether it is for training, certifications, exchange programs, etc. An example with this is the number of people from Latin America going to school in Puerto Rico to have a U.S. based education, yet it is done in Spanish.
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