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  1. WMrapids

    Lakeshore Projects

    Meeting on the proposed Casino in Muskegon where Great Lakes Downs Race Track once was. https://www.wzzm13.com/mobile/article/news/local/praise-for-proposed-muskegon-county-casino-at-meeting-wednesday-night/69-623264979
  2. WMrapids

    Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    Ok, thanks for the explanation. I haven’t been to Cobo in awhile, but it seems like they have adequate parking options. I’m kinda sick of the parking discussions, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit too much parking than to not have enough right? It seems like parking has been a decision maker for many projects the past few years and the multiple discussions surrounding the topic can’t help with those deciding on whether or not to choose Grand Rapids for events, developments, etc. Again, parking could also just be the scapegoat right now, but the constant bickering does not make a good impression.
  3. WMrapids

    Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    “There are a lot of things that can get in the way of this,” he said, referencing parking and available financing for the project. “It’s very preliminary.” This project has my support, but I hope parking really doesn’t become one of the main issues here. I was thinking the same thing since we are caught between Chicago and Detroit. How is the convention scene in Chicago? What will make us more attractive?
  4. WMrapids

    DeVos Family Headquarters (Old 5/3 building)

    Wait. You didn’t want me to do that? Whoops...
  5. WMrapids

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    It does, except for the random windows. Always ruins it for me.
  6. WMrapids

    The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    The DNR study said there would be buoys placed in the river and that it would allow access to boats of about 30 feet, though nothing like yachts or sailboats. The initial estimated cost is a little over $2 million and $165,000 annually for dredging and buoy removal. There are still a lot of studies needed, the DNR study hasn’t even measured bridge and foundation locations. The boat size is quite limited too, though I guess it’s an option for someone who wants to burn gas going slow down the river. It would raise the property values of those sitting on the river quite a bit though. I’m on the fence for this one. https://issuu.com/attilabokor/docs/grand_river_dredge_study_final_wapp
  7. Will this have IMAX? I can’t remember if this was mentioned at all.
  8. WMrapids

    THE Downtown Market updates

    Would be nice if they greened up along McConnell and linked it to Sheldon. The linear park work on Sheldon linking the Veterans Park, Tapestry Square and the Downtown Market seems like a pretty good idea for pedestrians.
  9. WMrapids

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Well, they’re still trying to link together Spectrum Health, the DeVos family, Trump and the Russians. Wasn’t sure where to put this or what it means for their image. https://www.vox.com/2018/10/9/17953560/mueller-trump-russia-news-alfa-bank-psy-group
  10. WMrapids

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    All this talk about rail made me find these from the library
  11. WMrapids

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    These are getting out of hand
  12. It’s interesting to see how this project has evolved. One thing I like is that the height of the tower has remained sufficient.
  13. WMrapids

    Suburban Projects

    Hopefully pulling some people into that area will make Granger think about developing more around Metro Health as well.
  14. WMrapids

    Amway Grand Plaza Facelift

    Here are some higher quality images. Don’t read into these too seriously because it looks like they leveled Belknap Hill and replaced it with old random images of the city (you can see the Custer building, Union Station, etc.) I don’t think there will be a casino on Medical Mile any time soon either.
  15. WMrapids

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    I’m sorry. I tried to like this, but it looks like a 15-story trailer park.