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  1. They're starting to out more roofing up. I see some skylight windows up there too.
  2. Just a little glimpse of the area.
  3. Hardcore skaters that have been in gnarly grind falls probably can't have testicular research done.
  4. They were the worst by the bushes near the public museum.
  5. Sure is looking good.
  6. Like I said before. North Korea?
  7. I think you're thinking of Magoos. Skinnys is in the actual strip mall while Magoos is a separate building. I'd go to Skinnys when my brother lived in Ramblewood. As for the Rogers building, I know that Advanced was looking to move there but I was just curious as to what they were doing to the exterior of the building.
  8. The Ramblewood area includes that strip mall and the "tower", right? I know that a dentist moved across 44th after they mentioned shady characters lurking in that tower. Skinny's always had good food in that strip mall as well. On 28th, I noticed that there is some sort of scaffolding on the old Rogers department store. Any news about that?
  9. A real throwback. Old West Michigan Grand Prix, you can watch it on Vimeo but it won't show on here.
  10. Saw it from 196. I filled it in with my mind and it's a pretty nice size for the area. Hopefully those materials come out looking good too!
  11. Well auto sales are slowing and dealers are slowly cutting away from their inventory. Possible "first annual sales decline since 2009". http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/nissan-us-sales-pct-bring-1st-gain-year-47767074 The news of 616 and others surprised me since I didn't expect that much of a slowdown in our development (if that's even the case). This analysis from Moody's isn't assuring either. https://www.economy.com/mark-zandi/documents/2016-06-17-Trumps-Economic-Policies.pdf Not trying to fearmonger either, just wanted to share and get opinions.
  12. Well the old Rogers store may soon become a call center for Advantage Sales and Marketing, potentially 400-450 employed. A resolution for a Commercial Redevelopment Act (CRA) district passed as well, with the possibility of the district spanning both sides of 28th Street from Michael to Division. Vote for that is on June 19th. http://www.wzzm13.com/mb/news/local/wyoming/vacant-wyoming-building-might-get-a-new-tenant/446123210 There are already two locations of Advantage in the area. Are they trying to move out to Wyoming? http://www.advantagesolutions.net/who-we-are/locations-contact-us
  13. Starting to turn out. Photos from their Facebook.
  14. Or until climate change brings the Grand River over it...