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  1. WMrapids

    New projects in Monroe North

    I stopped reading after I saw “paint shipping container”...
  2. I really like that they’re using brick here. Everything looks good except for the big grey blob in the back where it looks like it’s texture hasn’t rendered yet.
  3. WMrapids

    New projects in Monroe North

    So “Movies in the Park” just became “Movies on Monroe” and will be held in the parking lot next to 196 (555 Monroe).
  4. WMrapids

    Suburban Projects

    Yeah, my post was meant to be hypothetical. I don’t see anything happening too soon in that area, especially with all of the new investment around there (Cabela’s, Duluth, etc.)
  5. WMrapids

    Suburban Projects

    So what happens if Rivertown closes? It’s a lot bigger than Rogers Plaza was in Wyoming. Is it a win for Woodland or will we see something new pop up maybe near Tanger?
  6. This is going up pretty fast now. They seem to be taking advantage of the weather.
  7. WMrapids

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

  8. Not a fan of that “T” of windows face, it reminds me too much of the portion of Arena Place thag has the bubbling siding. But hey, that might change with the blank wall as well.
  9. WMrapids

    Suburban Projects

    Replace Younkers with an indoor jousting arena...
  10. WMrapids

    Suburban Projects

    RIPeroni to another retailer...
  11. WMrapids

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    Or even worse, a 400ft Founders bottle that can change water to beer.
  12. WMrapids

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    And it’ll probably be 12 years until we see something built over 400 feet...
  13. WMrapids

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Another crazy thing I noticed is you can see this thing from Burlingame
  14. WMrapids

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    If they are still using Yamasaki, hopefully they can spend more on better materials/design with less floors. But that’s just me being optimistic...
  15. Couldn’t find the old topic but... *cringe*