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  1. WMrapids

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    It’s sad that I can immediately relate it with that after you say that But hey...
  2. WMrapids

    Van Andel Arena Expansion?

    After seeing that the arena is 23 years old now, I came to find this. Seeing that they abandoned the idea to add the parking structure on the south portion, do you think they are going to slow investments into the arena? Will we see a new arena instead? How large would GR have to be to support a major team?
  3. This is especially the case in the suburbs as well. I knew people who would take the bus from Wyoming/Grandville to downtown and it took almost two hours (walking to a nearby stop, waiting for every stop on the way to the central terminal, transferring to another bus, waiting for every stop again). I can see why someone wouldn’t want to spend about 8% of their day just traveling, though this is an extreme case. The bus is great, but if you live near a destination it can be faster to just use a bicycle or some other means than waiting for multiple stops or transfers. If you live far from a destination, it’s a pretty grueling process. So I understand the stigma that some associate with riding the bus, but there is also a concern about the time consumption as well.
  4. Yes, from what I’ve heard
  5. WMrapids

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    This will probably grow on me
  6. WMrapids

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Not to be that guy, but I’m in Peru right now and their roads are better than ours. In Lima, in the Andes, in the desert... Just something that was very noticeable. At least we don’t have speed bumps every five feet like they do here. Querococha, Huaraz, Peru
  7. WMrapids

    New 13 story hotel at 10 Ionia

    It looks nice. It’d be better with a little more variation in color, but this will fill the spot. I think if they are going to sacrifice the height, they can at least nail the details to make it still stand out in some way.
  8. WMrapids

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Are you talking about the same thing I saw where Amazon workers supposedly resorted to peeing in bottles?
  9. WMrapids

    Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

  10. WMrapids

    Grandville Castle Apartments

  11. WMrapids

    New projects in Monroe North

    I stopped reading after I saw “paint shipping container”...
  12. I really like that they’re using brick here. Everything looks good except for the big grey blob in the back where it looks like it’s texture hasn’t rendered yet.
  13. WMrapids

    New projects in Monroe North

    So “Movies in the Park” just became “Movies on Monroe” and will be held in the parking lot next to 196 (555 Monroe).
  14. WMrapids

    Suburban Projects

    Yeah, my post was meant to be hypothetical. I don’t see anything happening too soon in that area, especially with all of the new investment around there (Cabela’s, Duluth, etc.)