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  1. What about noise from 131? I thought that was one of the reasons they thought about putting it near Millenium Park.
  2. Looks like the amphitheater won’t be near Millenium Park.
  3. You can partially see it in the bottom left corner of that image. But are they are sticking with the cladding? In an article released today is the first time I’ve seen this image with the Acrisure logo. It previously had the Studio Park logo.
  4. Does look similar to what is shown here. I actually like that they got rid of the large light colored portions (white brick?).
  5. Not sure. It’s owned by a Ramblewood Office LLC, I believe. Hinman does still list the offices as part of their portfolio, though. https://hinmancompany.com/portfolio/ramblewood-offices/ https://hinmancompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Ramblewood-brochure-1.pdf
  6. 6474 square foot building! Must’ve been my phone haha
  7. Ramblewood is proposing to build a 6474 square foot building on the corner of 44th and Spartan Industrial Dr. Will have a drive-through as well. Always wondered if they would do anything with that office space there.
  8. Lands’ End, Carhartt stores moving in to CenterPoint https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2019/08/lands-end-carhartt-among-six-stores-coming-to-grand-rapids-shopping-center.html
  9. Isn’t there an ordinance prohibiting that? That’s why the light effects on McKay Tower are now static. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2013/12/mckay_tower_dome_lights_in_dow.html
  10. The Apartments at 28 West Start construction later in summer. Waiting to receive water and sewer permits. https://www.wyomingmi.gov/constructionupdates Are there any drawings or renderings on this?
  11. What is the “potential future building” seen near the county building?
  12. A fountain, especially among immunocompromised patients, is always a bad idea. I can see how a fountain can be a liability. Heard somewhere that many malls removed fountains because of children drowning in them.
  13. Just as long as it’s not like the pit in Grandville...
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