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  1. crinzema, if you have a drone do you think you could upload some updated skyline shots to Wikipedia? I tried to get my hands on one about a year ago but didn't have the chance (probably not nearly as good as yours either). I've been trying to update Wikipedia lately too.
  2. So Rivertown recently removed the signage on the mall and just painted a simple "Rivertown Crossings" at the entrance. You can still see the remnants of where the signage was and it just looks bad. Edit: Actually it's a banner. Hopefully they fix it up pretty well. Any news on what else may be happening there?
  3. Lil Wayne talking about banging in the shower on store speakers in East Grand Rapids. People stumbling out drunk from the liquor store in Ada. I need to get out of here. I'm taking my money and moving to adore near the new outlet mall.
  4. Better than what's there
  5. Typo. Had a lot of hotels to think about.
  6. Hampton by Grandville High School. So there's the Hampton, Hampton Inn remodel, the 2 new hotels proposed by Metro Hospital, the 2 proposed by Craig's cruisers, the new Marriott by the Chrysler dealership and the new one by the Fox Powersports. Did I miss any? New Duluth Trading by Rivertown.
  7. By the strip mall across from Costco near the Grandville High School entrance. They're digging it up right now.
  8. Or about $1/5 million for a diesel bus
  9. Just realized they're building a Hampton Inn next to Costco in Grandville. How many hotels in the south Wyoming/Grandville area now? Didn't they just rennovate one nearby as well?
  10. Did I ever mention how much I hate asymmetrical windows...
  11. Survey on the Rapid and DASH lots https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GRBusStops
  12. Just need the subway and hydrogen plant. But yeah, if it weren't totally bogus, his proposal was pretty... interesting.
  13. Here's a preliminary design with a bridge on the site.
  14. I figured that. Just pointing out how that's the only recent thing that I found that's been released in the past month.
  15. The most recent mention is from the folks at Bradley Company: http://www.bradleyco.com/blog/2017/6/15/top-5-projects-in-grand-rapids Their wording seems prettt confident. This is the first or second time I've seen some say that this will be 40 stories instead of 42 stories.