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  1. This thing is going to add so much density...
  2. Actually it looks like it goes to the convention center. Something like this.
  3. How will this work with the proposed bridge? I can't remember where it was supposed to be located or if it even made the final cut.
  4. I really want to see the side facing the river. Looks like Lyon Square will have more people nearby.
  5. Plus they're planning to build two by Metro Health (by the Hyatt). That's like 10 hotels/motels all less than 2 miles away from each other.
  6. Revising it to look like a castle. It might take some time because Yamasaki hasn't done anything like it before...
  7. Surprisingly, it looks like they're doing some brick work on the party store at the corner. Kent Companies trucks you see there by the way.
  8. The original drawing and these are pretty similar, it's just that the angle messes with you. I know in the video the same details could be seen as in the drawing, the only thing is that red. I'm pretty sure they're not going to leave the outsides bare cement but that red stood out to me since it should be in the middle portion that wasn't constructed yet.
  9. Its still got quite a ways to go, but that red concrete (or whatever) is throwing me off. Anyone else noticing differences?
  10. Reminds me of some Castlevania
  11. Same feeling. Please don't go to the rendering graveyard
  12. It's better than a box and seems pretty fun. Why not?
  13. Didn't turn out to be two stories. Kinda bleh, but it's bigger. http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/04/apple_opens_1st_new_design_sto.html
  14. Reminds me of the lesson Steve Jobs was taught by his adoptive father. When he was painting a fence he asked why the back had to look as good as the front. His father said that other people wouldn't know, but you would. People who use that thinking usually make things good inside and out. It makes me think about the developments happening here lately where we're pumping them out but with no quality, just the generic boxes to house the growing demand of people. And like Arena Place, no one would ever know about the budget materials (except people like us), which now seems like an embarrassment that could have been avoided if people would just use this reasoning. That's why I'm hoping for the best with the Market proposal. But some people would rather make a dollar...
  15. I'm actually pretty impressed with this. I thought it would be a lot smaller but looks so much more imposing in person. (Though not in my photo)