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  1. I was going to say something. Here's 1853 vs now.
  2. We have so many buses and now Silver Line running down the middle of town but we still have low usage. What's worse is that people who visit here would rather take an Uber than ride a bus (from my experience).
  3. So compared to similar sized cities, we have the lowest percentage of workers using public transportation and the second lowest percentage of workers who "walk, bike, other". Not surprised. Fix the parking.
  4. Man, I really thought that the wind today would bring this thing down like it did to that abandoned building in Kalamazoo.
  5. http://fox17online.com/2017/02/08/downtown-parking-concerns-as-gr-prepares-for-theater-development/ Suburban people have an "entitlement". Ok, I'll explain. I once rode a bus with someone from Rivertown to the East Side and it took over an hour after having to transfer at the central station. So for someone who has to wake up a few hours earlier just to ride a bus into town, that's a deterrent enough. "Take an Uber". Why would I take an Uber when I have a car of my own that's cheaper. Is my job or the city going to pay for Uber or a taxi? That's a loss of money for a company or tax payer dollars. Look, in a perfect world we would have our self-driving cars on 100% renewable energy drive us from our toilet to work, but most people in the suburban areas currently don't have a benefit from waiting nearly an hour to be bussed downtown or pay $20-30 round trip on Uber daily. Also, why make it difficult for suburban families to come downtown when their money can be brought into the city? Downtown businesses are paying for suburban stores, rents and amenities. You can't attract people to the city if you don't invite them to do there work and feel comfortable there. I think Grand Rapids shouldn't prevent people from riding their bicycles or using any method of transportation that they like, but I've never met someone in the suburbs who would do something other than driving their own car downtown since it is way more convenient. Even close friends of mine who moved in from out of the country said that in Grand Rapids, you have to rely on a vehicle to go anywhere since everything is so spread out. They've stayed in places across the country and Grand Rapids was by far the most difficult to traverse through without a car. So, before we just say "take it or leave it suburbia", just think, we're putting money in their pockets and calling them "entitled". Not the right way to go...
  6. It's about the size of the Hinman property nearby right? I know it might be very ambitious in this market but it'd be nice to see if they could put something tall there too and add on to the parking ramp the same way.
  7. I'm hoping that they can figure something out too. That cornice is pretty sharp.
  8. Nothing duct tape won't fix
  9. So will we see proposals by June-ish? http://grcity.us/Pages/Qualified-teams-sought-to-deliver-large-scale,-mixed-use-development-at-201-Market.aspx
  10. Alamo Drafthouse is closing in the Kalamazoo theater this April. Wonder if this will change any ideas for here.
  11. Going vertical. Saw some steel going up.
  12. That really was a buzzkill. How are we supposed to live like in Blade Runner?
  13. Looks like something North Korea would build for an Olympic Village.
  14. It would be nice if we started having more colorful developments. Arena Place, that one apartment near Heartside and now this are really pushing the plain black and white look which is nice here and there but is starting to go too far. Maybe it will look better with the glass...