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  1. That's what I thought too but that's Wyoming and Grandville was the one who approved it. So I'm thinking it's a new building somewhere, maybe here?
  2. Where would that Duluth Trading Co building be? It says south of RiverTown Mall so I'm thinking that open lot on the southwest corner? Everything else south of there is Wyoming (Best Buy, etc.).
  3. Here are some better quality images.
  4. Took a ride yesterday. 28 West street is done, they're starting to add decorative elements. The Wyoming Village Mall is being updated after they tore some of it down. Also, RIP to the old GM stampers plant bridge. Marriott in Grandville is making progress.
  5. I'm not too optimistic about it either. Boats are already costly to maintain. Add the price of fuel to go down the Grand and you already have a very small percentile to work with. Not sure any business doing a "river cruise" would do to well either. "To our left, an industrial park and a wastewater plant. If you look a little further down the river, you may be able to see a castle!"
  6. Those actually were the framing for it or something. They put a covering over them that is round and pretty detailed, something like a mini-golf-esque turret thing. Better than what is pictured above, but couldn't really judge more of it than from the quick glance that I had.
  7. Wyoming as a whole needs it. The only development that happens there is near Grandville. Grandville has the new Cabelas, Target, surrounding stores, mall and castle. It would be nice to see this and something else develop where the GM stamping plant used to be. That lot is almost as big as the whole 28 West area (minus Rogers Plaza).
  8. Read Hinman but there was no word on the tower. Shucks.
  9. Correction: partially screen
  10. Still stick by what I said. Looks like DeVos Place got something like the original proposal. They also darkened the lower portion which made it worse since the building doesn't blend together that wel anymore. The original drawings had a lighter lower portion.
  11. This thing is going to add so much density...
  12. Actually it looks like it goes to the convention center. Something like this.
  13. How will this work with the proposed bridge? I can't remember where it was supposed to be located or if it even made the final cut.