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  1. Steelers fans don’t seem pleased. Acrisure has been spammed with bad reviews on multiple platforms.
  2. 10 floors of hydrogen plant and two floors for a brewery. Got it!
  3. They’ve been doing something there for about a week since that lane has been closed. I don’t know what though.
  4. Not sure where to put this, but an Apple Maps car is taking photos of town for its Look Around feature, which is similar to Google Street View. Here’s a video showing Look Around:
  5. Even though they mentioned how the bridge over the Grand River was fixed multiple times, it must have gotten pretty bad? They had just fixed some of it within the last ten years. Also, are some of these bridges wide enough to handle three lanes? Does MDOT require that shoulders must exist on the sides of freeways? At LMD heading eastbound, there are temporarily three lanes, but one is part of an on-ramp. Not sure how they would reconfigure that since it would make the entry even shorter than the westbound on-ramp from Lane.
  6. I’m doubtful of that. At Lake Michigan Drive (which they recently rebuilt), it is still limited to two lanes. Not sure if they would pour in the extra money to make it capable of three lanes when recent construction doesn’t allow that capability.
  7. I heard somewhere that the only existing choice is VAA due to the need for alcohol sales.
  8. It’s easy to be bugged by some of the more ridiculous comments (Facebook), but discussing genuine concerns during the speculation phase is important. They’re spending $20 million on a sewer (which is about the same price 201 Market was sold for), so this project should be under the microscope and face any scrutiny it deserves. Like I said, I’m happy to wait and see what happens with this. But it’s kind of the job of a forum to share ideas and opinions on things, whether they are negative or not. When it comes to the funds being diverted to this project, the public shouldn’t get anything less than what they can agree on.
  9. How much do you think it would take to make a park there? You think there would be contamination issues due to the facilities there? I don’t know if I would go as far as saying it will be mediocre. 12,000 seats is a good size for an amphitheater, so they’re at least putting in some effort there. What is different between what is underway and what was originally proposed is that this amphitheater and parking will take up the majority of the 201 Market area (about 70% of the whole area south of 131). What I meant about something “bold” is something more than just an amphitheater and some parking for 201 Market, because with what they are pushing, that’s what it looks like it will be, not a new “epicenter”. That’s why it was a better option to have the amphitheater being at the Charley’s Crab location; it would allow for more diverse and interesting development south of the s-curve. This makes me feel like 201 Market will be a one-trick pony amphitheater, only open for a few months, plopped into an area that is dull in its current state. Sorry for the rant, but I’m really hoping that there is more than the amphitheater and some parking upon groundbreaking. At least a few liner buildings spread out so the amphitheater doesn’t look so out of place. Something that is integrated and natural. But like with everything else before, it’s better to just wait and see.
  10. So they are definitely following this plan, but without any buildings or park, just parking. Not sure how I feel about that to be honest. Not doubting they will build the amphitheater, but I don’t think we will see anything as bold as the Progressive “courtesy rendering” any time soon. I would certainly love to be proven wrong though…
  11. The Sligh development is 700 units, with about 450 of those being MICROunits. That’s a TON of units to be built on a site that’s supposed to fit an amphitheater…
  12. At 201 Market. So, it looks like we aren’t getting this?
  13. Don’t forget the hydrogen power plant! Sorry, I had to!
  14. MDOT’s second survey for 131 between 28th and Wealthy has arrived. https://live.metroquestsurvey.com/?u=43ha#!/?p=mobile&pm=dynamic&s=1&popup=WTD It’s interesting that they are proposing new crossings for 131. There is also talk about an additional lane or shoulder for emergency vehicles. Finally, it looks like they are ready to remove some ramps, with Franklin destined to lose ramps in every option. It’s nice to finally see this getting some attention.
  15. Yeah and the parking is in the back off of Lexington. The view in the updated image is facing northwest.
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