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  1. How would this work? Would they lower the speed limit? Just curious, that’s all.
  2. They would have to rebuild every bridge between that stretch. The substructures and embankments limit the number of lanes to three on each side in most cases. Franklin is limited to three lanes both ways by the overpass structure. Hall is also limited by the overpass and the embankment on the east side. Burton has room on the southbound side, but the right lane is an exit. Northbound side is limited, however. I’m glad they mentioned the need for “new bridges” and “new foundations”. Because this is going to be necessary. If they do, I really hope
  3. Glad to see that this is moving along to a possible 2023 opening. Also, the marquee still works! https://www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/grand-rapids-man-is-renovating-historical-former-four-star-theater-plans-to-open-in-2023?fbclid=IwAR2SBWR5kl60SvSJmH_5eYvT13tUfKlB62GUVQl-5aTr863qQs7pbGNICqA
  4. MDOT earmarked $10 million for the Wealthy Street interchange. Also, the article discusses possibly removing interchanges or adding merge-weave lanes between 28th Street and the s-curve due to the number of interchanges. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/09/us-131-interchange-in-downtown-grand-rapids-to-receive-10-million-for-possible-reconfiguration
  5. Just went here today. Was a nice experience for my friend and I. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/now-open-portico-brings-new-dining-experience-to-downtown-grand-rapids/
  6. When did they move out to Kentwood? Is this due to the track being at Houseman Field? https://www.playeasy.com/facilities/a6ba19a4-98de-4028-a60d-ac60084e3324/details
  7. Forgot to post this, but I saw this heading towards M6 on Byron Center the other day too.
  8. Sounds like the café is on the top floor and there’s not much else going on for street-level interaction.
  9. This is actually a trend that seems to be more popular lately. A similar incident happened at Fish Ladder Park a few weeks ago (unsure if this was reported). I do know that local businesses have been having their parking lots invaded by groups and that this has been occurring since last summer. GRPD has been placing mobile security camera trailers in some locations, but they can’t place them everywhere (see below). These incidents are not isolated only to Grand Rapids either. Panama City recently passed an ordinance to hold business owners responsible for their parking lots at n
  10. Have been in Dallas for the past few days. Who wore it better? Adriatica Village - McKinney, TX Grand Castle Apartments - Grandville, MI
  11. That packet isn’t showing up for me, so here are some images pulled from it. They’re going to demolish the 1950s concrete addition and renovate the historical portion of the building. That renovation includes repainting the Sligh Furniture signage, and fixing the windows and exterior. In total, the site will have 753 units, 614 parking garage spaces and about 23,000 square feet for retail. Height will still be the same; up to seven stories. No word on how much the rent will be.
  12. The parcel in red is slightly below 5 acres, half the size of the Shedd Aquarium’s 10 acres (which they said they want this new aquarium to be the size of). Not sure entirely sure of this, but it is preferred to have aquariums built at ground level or lower without having windows as it requires less strain on the structure and also keeps the aquarium environment more healthy (less algae growth, etc.) Given this, it is highly unlikely that there would be a multi-level aquarium built here as the complications and cost would be too tremendous either way; more stress on the structure adding upward
  13. Here is the DDA’s passenger and freight data from 2020
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