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  1. Charlotte will never be an Atlanta, but neither will London. Atlanta is the busiest passenger airport in the world.
  2. I think that nothing has been heard because much of the U.S. still refuses to recognize that Charlotte is a major city. Many insist that southern cities remain small and insignificant. I suppose Charlotte has beaten odds that it would remain a Mayberry?
  3. CW, I feel the way you do about Wichovia and Epicenter. I hope that we are wrong. As far as a tower is concerned. I think that it is a good idea. I was in Stockholm last summer ant they have an observation in their tallest building which is a science building of some sort. It is probably about 25 or stories high as I remember. Nevertheless, it was a nice birdseye of the city. Stockholm is a wonderful place but not very huge. The tower would be a good tourist attraction. For some reason, they always are.
  4. I think that I found it the easy way; a referral.
  5. Born in Charlotte. Joined the army. Spent 23 years in the army (17 in other countries) and retired in Florida where I teach school (history and geography)
  6. larry


    I only count 10 or 11 floors. Will it look like this but with the extra floors? Very nice building anyway.
  7. Metro, It was Paul Thompson's art and picture frame. It was close to Independence Blvd. It was possibly on 4th street if that is the street that parallels Elizabeth? I've been gone a long time.
  8. I live a long way from Charlotte. First, thanks for this information. Second, is there any updated information on condos or buildings for uptown, i.e., Park Condos or others? I look forward to my summer visits. They continue to get better and better. An old friend owns Thompson Studios on Elizabeth. I suppose it will be on its way soon. He moved there from College Street which he sold several years ago to make way for construction.
  9. Thanks Metro.. I sure hope it happens?
  10. Edit: Thread to discuss Charlotte's new Olympic Whitewater Center. U.S. National Whitewater Center
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