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  1. Baton Rouge Business as Usual. Not Surprising.
  2. Two New Restaurants To Open In Greater Baton Rouge This Summer By Adrian Maties, Associate Editor In recent months, several restaurants and bars have opened in the Baton Rouge metro area. And more are on their way. Last week, The Times Picayune reported that Quaker Steak & Lube, a Pennsylvania-based casual dining restaurant, plans to open its first Baton Rouge location this June. The restaurant will lease space in a new, 15,000-square-foot mall, located at 2706 S. Cabelas Parkway, in Gonzales. Quaker Steak & Lube has about 60 locations in the United States and Canada. It first announced its intention to expand its presence along the Interstate 10 corridor in late 2013. Plans call for the opening of seven new restaurants, in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, New Orleans and Lafayette.
  3. Some cool exterior lighting would jazz the building up a bit.
  4. Once those major projects get their okay's, there will be another problem. I'm tired of getting excited of "renderings", something needs to be built. I hope to see the finished product in my lifetime.
  5. Any word on Exxon's plans to build something downtown?
  6. This whole River Park idea was nothing more than a big tease.
  7. I'm still playing SC4 Deluxe Edition!
  8. I don't think the Water Campus will live up to the hype. I'm thinking of a watered down type of rendering of the whole project. Cmon Baton Rouge do something that will appeal to people internationally and make the Capitol City an international destination.
  9. A 45,000-square-foot building at the old city dock is not a lot of space to do anything with in my opinion. I've visited both of the architect’s websites and tried to find buildings similar in square footage and I wasn’t impressed by any of the design. I think the City of Baton Rouge has a golden opportunity with a blank canvas to do something magnificent with the design of the Old City Dock and the Water Campus as a whole. At least let the buildings have some sort of LED lighting.
  10. I keep reading that the new "Water Campus" will make Baton Rouge an "international city" where researchers come and it will be some sort of hub for costal restoration enthusiasts to play and brainstorm. With that being said, will the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport undergo another expansion and offer international flights making it an international airport? I know it’s a wild thought, but if this place is supposed to be half of what they are making it out to be, Baton Rouge needs an overhaul of its entire transportation system.
  11. I just looked at more pics on NOLA.com and I can say that I'm impressed. Of course it will be built in phases but I surely hope that office tower in the renderings is one of the three buildings being built in the first phase. http://www.nola.com/news/baton-rouge/index.ssf/2013/12/jindal_scheduled_to_make_major.html ...if you need to see the renderings. Enjoy!
  12. If the Hampton Inn is just 7 stories, it seems as if the rendering is kinda exaggerating the height of the building. I don’t know if it is the elevation at the IBM site that makes it look taller than other buildings of that size or what. In the renderings it shows that the IBM “towers” dwarfing the Hampton Inn and other buildings. I just hope to see better from a design standpoint on whatever “tower” goes up next.
  13. Does anyone know how the height of the IBM towers would look in relationship to the other buildings downtown? I noticed in the renderings that the new Hampton Inn hotel looks real small compared to the new IBM complex. I still think the residential tower should’ve been at least 13+ stories…ijs.
  14. Hummm...Incorporate the unincorporated areas into a new city (St. George), and incorporate Prairieville. Those two municipalities would feed off each other and continue to grow. I wonder if the newly formed city in EBR would have a downtown area with all of the skyscrapers that Baton Rouge don’t have. Just a thought…..Ijs.
  15. They need to build at least one hotel at first, because it would be long way to walk to the nearest hotel. I wonder how bad the traffic would be in that area?
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