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  1. With the new addition of 8 gates in Concourse A, has there been any word (speculation) on what new flights there might be to and from GRR? I'm assuming they would be Delta and/or Allegiant since those seem to be the airlines assigned to that Concourse.
  2. I use the wave card now and it is awesome. It's so quick to board and I don't have to worry about having exact change.
  3. I noticed that Buddy's Pizza was having a contest to guess where their next location would be on Twitter. They haven't announced but they linked to an article in Mlive about Carrabba's on 28th street closing. I've never had their pizza but it seems people are pretty excited about it.
  4. Looks like Detroit has the opposite problem. https://www.freep.com/in-depth/money/business/john-gallagher/2018/11/30/detroit-parking-lot-owners/1980619002/
  5. Awesome! Thank you. So how do those numbers stack up against Buffalo, Rochester, Madison, Des Moines, Sioux City, etc. I'm just curious how we measure up to similar cities.
  6. Is there a resource that we can go to find the number of parking spaces available in a city's core? I'd be curious to compare the cities that everyone listed with GR. For instance, I know Lansing is a state capital and has a major university but what is their parking situation compared to ours? I would assume with both the capital and MSU, they would have more parking or similar parking as GR even though they have a smaller MSA. I'd also be curious to see what Ann Arbor has done to mitigate their parking woes. I think it would be wise to see what similar cities are doing and take good ideas from them.
  7. Is there a city similar in size and climate that we can compare GR to for parking access and availability? I'd be curious to see how similar cities are grappling with this issue.
  8. I hope Lansing's soccer team is successful. Maybe it will light a fire under GR and make GRFC join the same league. Apparently, GR has a rivalry with Lansing now according to this thread. Seems like a good fit for both cities.
  9. I think we often talk about critical mass for retail or for residential but I think it can also apply to office space. It's much more expensive to put your office in downtown Chicago than it would be to put it in Waukegon but in order to be in the thick of things, you'd pay the higher prices. I don't think GR is to the point where a major company would see a benefit of moving downtown just yet. I think if we continue to see more residential and retail/entertainment, the office space will eventually get there but it will be a long time coming. I never thought that the office building of this development was the crown jewel. It was nice to see office use move south of Fulton but the movie theater is what I saw as the most important part of this development.
  10. I'm not sure it's taxes since Detroit charges 2.4% income tax and GR charges 1.5%. I know Detroit has the name recognition but I'm not sure that's a good thing regarding the perception of Detroit.
  11. My wife and I have been in the Beta test group for about 9 months and we love the wave card. It's so much easier than having to worry about loose change. Plus we never overpay with the fare capping. I highly recommend even if you don't travel a lot on the bus.
  12. I didn't attend this year because I didn't like the bands that were playing.
  13. I've always been curious why Muskegon Lake is not popular with a lot of people. Is it really polluted? It's the largest lake that connects to Lake Michigan and it seems like people would much rather be on Spring Lake or Macatawa.
  14. No offense taken at all. I just wanted to give the perspective of someone who is involved, and I didn't want to give the impression that we were a bunch of pitchfork wielding villagers angry every time someone puts a shovel in the dirt.
  15. I know NIMBYism is a bad word here on this forum but if the development is literally in my back yard (I hate myself for using "literally" ) I worry because the last time Blodgett did a major construction project, it shook the ground so much that our plaster cracked throughout our house. We complained and were told to kick rocks. I think the building itself looks alright but I know the people on Sherman are not happy about the surface parking lot that they are about to get and worry about the lights that illuminate the lot at night. In regards to the trees hiding the structure, I would point out that those trees are not all evergreens and so outside of the season, the leaves won't be present to offer the same optimal coverage that the rendering projects. Now that being said, the runner in the rendering is a very accurate portrait of what the future will look like. I'm on this forum because I enjoy watching this area grow and I am in favor of growth but this parking structure will not increase the available parking spaces that much and this is in conjunction with Blodgett removing many services that it once had. It's now more or less an overflow from Butterworth. They pay very little in taxes and only donate fireworks for the 4th. I'm not sure Blodgett should invest so much in a building that they seem to be slowly leaving.
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