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  1. Is there a map of the route of Springdale bypass anywhere?
  2. Ground work has started at the new Arvest Bank location on College Ave., Apple Blossum Brewery is coming to Zion Rd. and the U of A widened a sidewalk, planted trees, and put down some new sod in front of the international student building on Garland Ave. It looks a lot better and makes that area feel "complete". Progress on the Crossover Rd. widening project and more traffic counts for Garland Ave. I'm interested to see if we will see some work done by the state to widen Razorback Rd in the near future. Before the start of football season?
  3. Legacy Bank is coming to Joyce Blvd. next to the current Arvest Bank branch. A sign and construction fence was being put up today. Also, a Panda Express on MLK.
  4. cdj- Raised in Stuttgart, now live in Fayetteviile.
  5. The construction between Waldron and Mena would be intense and from Mena to DeQueen not any easier. From DeQueen to Ashdown would be the easiest, but still hilly and rocky. These towns desperatly need this interstate to be built. The state as a whole needs it. Once completed it has the possibility to rival a lot of roads for a very scenic drive.
  6. With all the road work in the Conway area is their still any interest in the proposed Conway Loop? What ever happened to this idea?
  7. While I believe Fayetteville will be the second town to reach 100,000 in Ar. I see Conway moving in close in the next 15-30 years. The amount of young people, ages 18-30, moving to Conway is unreal. Most of them aren't students, but people moving out of the small towns in north central Arkansas. I hope Little Rock breaks 200,000, Fayetteville 80,000, Springdale 75,000, and Ft. Smith +/- 90,000 by 2025.
  8. Some good things happening in Little Rock, Marlon "freakin' Blackwell always has some good work and a visonalry for our state. http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/89578/dreaming-big-city-unveils-plans-for-main-street-creative-corridor
  9. A public hearing notice has been placed at the spot of the future housing office. Will be a really new and clean area of campus when it is completed.
  10. Has there been any further information on Collier Place by Modus Studios? It is still on their website.
  11. I have noticed stakes along Main Dr. in Johnson from the railroad tracks to I540. Are there any plans to widen this road?
  12. According to the University of Arkansas Traveler Newspaper, the University if working with the new Sororities that have been welcomed to find a location for the future construction of housing. I would assume that the houses would be built off of Maple Ave., but there has been talk of a University based project at the Corner of Clinton Dr. across from Pomfrett Hall and Bud Walton Areana. None the less, this time of growth as really sparked the University. I look forward to the continued improvement and expansion of the U of A.
  13. The I540 widening project is ahead of schedual and hopefully will encourage support to widen the lanes to the Missouri border. The Crossover Rd. widening project is coming along. A new Goodwill store has replaced the old Aldi on College Avenue. The Domain Apartment complex near Baum Stadium is coming up quickly. They are adding a short turn lane off MLK. I hope they decide to teardown that awful fence and replace the Bradford Pear trees with something more appealing. Dirtwork has started where a vacant lot once was near the Hill-Place apartements, near the Mill District. Does anyo
  14. Thanks for the response. Any information on a time for construction?
  15. Hello, Does anyone know where the new Houseing Office and the new Technology Support builings will be located? Rumored to be between the new Childhood Development Center and the Garland Center or on Razorback Rd. Thanks, http://planning.uark.edu/campus_planning/construction_proj.html
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