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  1. It's just a really bad design. Very much a midwestern view of Nashville. A swing and a miss in my IMO.
  2. Bill Miller has been just what Nashville needed to up it's entertainment offerings for tourist that have a lot of choices of other great cities to visit.
  3. I like the way the TDZ is setup now. I remember when this was being proposed . There were a lot of naysayers saying the Music City Center would fail to pay for itself.
  4. ^^^Are you joking? Vanderbilt along West End will be the highest quality architecture in the city. IMHO
  5. ^^^Thanks for the info 12Mouth. What architectural design are they using for the project?
  6. ^^^International visitors also like Orlando and Miami for the beaches.
  7. Then NASCAR needs to pony up like the Ingram family has for soccer.
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