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  1. FrankNash

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    How a city takes care of its most vulnerable says everything about that city.
  2. FrankNash

    Soccer in Nashville

    When the Sounds opened in First Tennessee Park many people were worried about parking problems. I've yet to pay for parking for Nashville SC or Sounds. Only 4 or 5 blocks from the entrance every game.
  3. FrankNash

    Nashville, as MLB Expansion Market

    NES in the North Gulch would have a built-in neighborhood vibe from day one, not just game day.
  4. FrankNash

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    ^^^Great move. Way overdue.
  5. FrankNash

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

  6. FrankNash

    IKEA to Nashville

    I've always thought Nashville should have a urban store with a smaller footprint.
  7. FrankNash

    The Gulch Projects

    Don't forget this was during the recession'. A bold move at the time by Dean, now other cities are wanting to cash in on new bigger and brighter convention centers.
  8. FrankNash

    Will Nashville ever get a super tall skyscraper?

  9. FrankNash

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    I was told the other day that Schnieder would move the headquarters from Boston to Nashville if we had a direct flight to Paris. They love it here!
  10. Tony maybe looking at 3rd and Church st. for a residential tower. I heard that from a source weeks ago.
  11. FrankNash

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    Noticed the other day that the letters for the sign were being lifted up to the roof. The letters looked bigger than I expected.
  12. FrankNash

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    ^^^It's so nice to see Charlotte at street level, Thanks for posting.