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  1. ^^^Are you joking? Vanderbilt along West End will be the highest quality architecture in the city. IMHO
  2. ^^^Thanks for the info 12Mouth. What architectural design are they using for the project?
  3. ^^^International visitors also like Orlando and Miami for the beaches.
  4. Then NASCAR needs to pony up like the Ingram family has for soccer.
  5. Maybe the Firestone property on broadway across from the new Whole Foods?
  6. If I'm remembering correctly, BNA will build the station at the airport for future transit into the city.
  7. I've noticed that a high percentage of hotel workers in Nashville are Egyptians.
  8. ^^^You are right . I hope we get the 2nd HQ. Fingers crossed!
  9. Nashville being shovel ready could go a long way.
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