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  1. ^^^I hope they keep the classic design that is happening along West End.
  2. I'm starting to warm up to this location. I love the amount of riverfront and the history that could be made here. I see a large marina and hotel on the river maybe located where the Exxon tanks are now. The hotel would have a golf course view on the eastside and baseball stadium on the west. The land along the river is going to be in high demand IMO.
  3. M2 Development Partners have images of 500 Lafayette St. and 17th and Patterson Street development on their website. Not sure if the images are old or new but new to me. Ritz start date?
  4. My guess is the hotel brand on this project will be The St. Regis. Dean Stratouly with the Congress Group is saying he's planning a 5 star hotel in a new project.
  5. ^^^I've really missed your insight and knowledge lately. Don't be a stranger Bos2Nash.
  6. ^^^Maybe they are painting the brick white like the others in this development?
  7. ^^^Nashville is a party town. The Lower Broad area brings in a ton of money to the city. If I were calling the shots I would not allow the venders and have no soliciting including non profit organizations and homeless people. Also, would permanently close Broadway from 5th to the river with the numbered streets always open. Any city our size would give anything to have a guarantee active vibe of Lower Broad everyday of the week. This will all shake out when Nashville Yards opens and the Arcade area between 4th and 5th are complete. Party towns ebb and flow, just look at Las Vegas, New Orleans, and New York. Be Happy!
  8. Noticed today that Levi's will be opening a standalone store next to the Nike store. BTW downtown was packed today. Thought I would pick a day when it would be less busy. I guess those days are long gone now.
  9. I live in a Southern Land Development. Love it! They are very thoughtful with their design,
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