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  1. In the rendering it shows a canopy at this location.
  2. I love that Nashville is a party town but clean up after yourself. This tax will go a long way in keeping downtown clean and safer for residence and tourist alike.
  3. Over at the Tennessean sport section they have a collection of 115 photos of the Fairgrounds Speedway from back in the day. I don't even like racing but wow what a collection of photos.
  4. The W signage is going up on the northside of the Hotel. Looking good!
  5. ^^^Plus multiple arches under the bridge that are made of limestone.
  6. ^^^A vertical garden would be nice.
  7. Who would benefit from destroying the network? It's not a government building or a religious site.
  8. ^^^ Looks like something that starts with a V.......
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