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  1. ^^^Maybe this will be Garth Brooks Honky Tonk. I can see him wanting a high profile address. Not a fan so much but that location is money.
  2. I can't wait to see what Vandy does with the Wendy's corner. The view from that intersection will be most prized.
  3. ^^^Rick Williams is a joke. He is always trying to blow up Metros plans for transit with a Plan B. He did the same with the AMP proposal as well. His Plan B's never see the light of day. All he ever does is derail what has been thoughtfully crafted for some idea that is backed by people who don't even live here. The Koch people are just trying to win for the moment but we are still stuck in traffic.
  4. ^^^Nashville is sandwiched between the two auto plants that are being built in Tennessee and Ky, This is Ford's largest investment ever. 11 billion! Out of the whole country we are getting both within about a hour in half either way.
  5. The Charlotte Observer is reporting Chip Ganasssi Racing the Concord NC based NASCAR team is going out of business as of Nov. 7th. The new owners are Musician Pitbull and Justin Marks of Trackhouse Racing. Marks is said to be looking at a 2022 move from NC to Nashville.
  6. ^^^I was at Gumbo Bros in the Gulch last night around 9:30pm waiting on to go food when a party bus came by at a very loud level of music. IMO this should be only allowed on lower broadway.
  7. ^^^If Liff isn't going to develop the surface parking lots they should have to landscape the properties IMO. This guy and the May family will be talking about redeveloping after we are all dead and gone. Sorry
  8. ^^^It was a sold out weekend. What will happen to all the food and supplies for 80,000 ticket holders and staff? It's like a small city for 4 days. Crazy
  9. ^^^Hopefully more people will take covid-19 more seriously now.
  10. So....when you and William split who gets the rug? HaHa
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