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  1. PHofKS, that diagram is fantastic. Where did you get that?
  2. The land for the 1515 Demonbreun apartment tower project is triangle shaped, and the drawings of the building look like a very long thin rectangle. How will this fit on the lot exactly? Also are they digging down below grade or starting the construction on the surface?
  3. I have driven around the site of "Park at Melrose Heights" twice (the proposed apt complex that might 'open' as condos instead), and it looks like it would be in a flood zone. It is in sort of a basin; the land looks like the lowest point of its surroundings on all sides. Does anyone think condos here could flood? I believe the address is 419 Rosedale Ave.
  4. I was trying to get a conventional loan through Fannie/Freddie. It was not FHA.
  5. Thanks WW. I emailed Bill Knestrick a few days ago asking the same question, explaining nicely that I was just curious is all, but he hasn't replied. Maybe it made him nervous or something haha for a stranger to ask him that.
  6. Do you all know that I looked into buying a condo at Germantown Lofts (above Germantown cafe), and mortgage lenders won't lend on those condos because the building is 50% retail. That is the dumbest thing. The condos in that building are considered "non-warrantable" by mortgage lenders. The condos across the street with retail below have the same problem. So with that being the fact, maybe building these two story buildings that are half retail and half condo is not a good idea? They can only be bought with cash, apparently, at least in a re-sale situation.
  7. Can anyone tell me what Lofts on Eighth is built out of - is it all concrete, or wood frame. I have been following the stories in the papers about the new 23Hundred at Berry Hill apartments (which sadly are going to be wood frame), and I started to wonder what Lofts on Eighth was built of. Thanks.
  8. To any Moderator: Does my account need to be approved or activated or something, because I can't post pictures and when I try to go to "My Profile" it says I don't have access? Thanks.
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