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  1. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    What a disappointment. This really sucks, not just for ODU but also for downtown. “40% of trips to the base come from Va Beach or Chesapeake.” Today. Using that as a reason to discount a west side line fails to recognize that good transit can change that paradigm. It can make downtown Norfolk a more desirable place for 19 year old service people and students alike. Having downtown as the center of the transit network would have done great things. Instead, downtown will be on a cul de sac.
  2. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Ride the Tide?
  3. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I do dislike the sky bridge. I get the need to safely move people to the parking across the street, but man, does it disrupt Scope's design.
  4. Norfolk Off-Topic

    ^ I'm confused. Brambleton Station and the rendered parking deck at St. Pauls and Brambleton are two different things, right? Where is Brambleton Station proposed? In those Scope conceptual renderings it looks like they're planning to replace the surface lot at Brambleton and St Pauls with a giant parking deck, which would add lots more parking supply there. I wonder why the need for so much more parking. Is there a shortage during events at Scope now?
  5. sports in norfolk

    I agree ODU doesn't fit in with the majority of ACC institutions, but the ACC kind of threw the implied academic prestige criterion out the window when they invited Louisville, tbh
  6. Norfolk Off-Topic

    NCNB became NationsBank in 1991, so that ain’t recent! Back then most of E City Hall Ave was parking lots and tumbleweeds, so who can even guess where exactly this was proposed?
  7. Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    I hoped for a tower but this could be a good thing if it’s done right. We could end up with a nice space like the Piazza in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia or a more open-air Palmer Alley in DC.
  8. Norfolk Gateway

    As rendered, this looks short of 300 feet. Those first 8 floors look like parking. I’m guessing this comes in around 260-270. Need the study to find more demand or that a smaller floor plate (sq feet per floor) is a smarter move for some reason to increase the number of floors.
  9. Norfolk Gateway

    Looks like a spec building, so I'd expect a conservative office footprint. Would love to see hotel, residential, civic, something to raise the roof. Also, I just noticed it looks like they're going to de-map Union Street. So if you have a parcel stretching from the LRT tracks to Waterside Drive, that's ~1,000 feet and plenty of room for two towers, with room to spare, or even three with less room to spare. Y'know, that would make a lotta sense!
  10. Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    It's a good space-filler. Would love to see a 35-story residential/hotel tower rise above the corner portion of this, though. Also, re: the ferris wheel. A 20-story wheel will lift passengers 12 stories above the Elizabeth River Trail? Is the trail going to be raised onto an 8-story high skyway?
  11. Norfolk Gateway

    Exciting about the building at St Pauls and Waterside. I wonder if this is a new concept for those "gateway towers" that we thought might come to the Civic Plaza station area?
  12. St. Paul's Quadrant

    SPQ should have been the site of Norfolk's Amazon HQ2 proposal. [email protected]
  13. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    MacArthur Center isn’t going to be a mall forever...
  14. EVMS Education Building Progress

    Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Work has been trying its best to kill me. Here's what I've got on the Fort Norfolk developments. I took quite a few liberties on site plan/dimensions, but hopefully these massings give an idea what the area might look like in years to come. I didn't include the "possible new building" at Front Street Flats because there are no known specs. But, we have River Tower, Beau Rivage, CHKD, EVMS, and Tarrants Bay shown. Here we go: 1. From the Brambleton Ave bridge, heading west: 2. Eastbound Brambleton Avenue at "the bend" 3. Southbound Colley Avenue at Brambleton 4. From the Berkley Bridge (I had to draw in the Hilton too) 5. From Crawford Parkway in Portsmouth 6. From Hospital Point in Portsmouth 7. From West Norfolk Bridge 8. From the Hampton Blvd bridge over Lafayette River 9. From the WAVY TV 10 Tower Cam
  15. EVMS Education Building Progress

    Ok with that rendering I now understand where this is going exactly. The other rendering was/is hot, but I wasn't sure exactly where it was. I haven't been to that part of Norfolk in a few years. So this, river tower, Toronto bay, what else is going in this area? I've lost track (a good problem to have in Norfolk)!! Ill sketch something up tonight or tomorrow night.