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  1. "Virginia's busiest airport not counting Virginia's busiest airports" ?? lol
  2. Love a good New Haven style "abeetz"
  3. Yeah, it was always "Monti-sell-o " when I lived in Norfolk. But that's been nearly 20 years ago. Monti-chell-o was some house near Charlottesville.
  4. The part of Downtown that Waterside Drive goes through was bulldozed in the 1950s and re-built in the 1960s-90s. It indeed was developed for another era of trying to make cities look and feel like suburbs. That era is over, and Waterside Drive should catch up.
  5. Yeah, Waterside Drive is a monstrosity that should not exist in a modern downtown district.
  6. Maybe they can't get the financing they need for the full build. I'm sorry but that temporary casino looks like a sad shed I'd never want to set foot in. On another note, in many cities, the parcel between an intercity passenger rail (Amtrak) station and your metro transit system (in this case Tide) would be the most valuable development parcel in the city. Here it's a parking lot and potentially a gamblin' garage!
  7. Nassau + Suffolk = 3+ million people, so it's a fairly large market area in its own right.
  8. If it was well underway in December 2020 as the pics above showed, it was probably completed by mid 2021. Streetview from September 2022, it looks done: https://www.google.com/maps/@36.8797562,-76.3,3a,75y,237.3h,96.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYqvJvLRqVS3lIJ0-F7-q4A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  9. lammius

    Norfolk Pictures

    Visited Norfolk for Labor Day weekend. I traveled down using Amtrak and brought my bike aboard. Did some riding around Norfolk, ERT, some of the bike-laned streets, and hit up some restaurants and breweries along the way. It was fun to experience Norfolk this way, as I've never considered it a "bike city." It really was a pleasant experience, until I rode out to the airport to pick up a rental car for a side-trip to the OBX. That was legit dangerous lol. Two min ride re-cap video: https://twitter.com/clammyfresh/status/1565901356900155393?s=20&t=NYzdiGS-ogrWZ3Wo5s5F7w
  10. Not even close. Norfolk: 4,468 ppsm Baltimore: 7,428 ppsm
  11. I think Scope is a cool building, it's just a question as to how useful it is as a venue and as a use of prime downtown land going forward. There's so much wasted space and development potential downtown (Snyder Lot, MacMall, Gateway, St Pauls Quad, etc.) that should see (re)development first, IMO. With so much developable land and not much pressure to build up, I'm not in a rush to demolish Scope. I'd rather see everything else get developed and filled, and for downtown to be bursting at the seams and in need of a complex of four 50-story towers at that site.
  12. Cars taking up more space than families
  13. I agree that all of this is true. In addition, there are some perspectives that are overrepresented in today's public planning process. I'm very involved in my local community and serve on the board of my community/neighborhood association. We perform an annual community association survey. The respondents to that survey, when compared to the Census demographics of the neighborhood, are very different. For instance, 70% of the survey respondents say they own a car. But in our neighborhood, 64% of households do not own a car according to the ACS. If the voices of folks who come to community meetings are the only ones being heard, we could inadvertently develop the wrong kinds of transportation policies. If the city's transportation planner came to our community group and said "what do you need?" 70% of our members might say "more parking," or "get rid of the bike lanes" but that feedback wouldn't capture the needs of the 64% who don't drive, and who might need safer crosswalks, or bike access, etc. The city could take that info and make a "wrong" (as in, it works against the interests of most ppl) policy decision. In general, community associations and planning meeting-goers tend to be older, wealthier, more likely to own a car (or multiple cars), more likely to be a homeowner, and whiter than the population of the area. That's true in my community here in NJ, and I'd bet most across the country. That's not to say their opinions don't matter (they do!), but there are other opinions not making it to the table. That can--and does--skew outcomes. Achiving more balanced representation in these types of planning conversations is needed.
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