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  1. Hope they go with Option 3. Do it right.
  2. Or they could just give a couple of mid level associates __ hours of labor to fix the site plan first, which would be much cheaper than acquiring and drawing up a new site in another location.
  3. Agree 100%. I’d rather have a good site plan and programme with low or mid rise buildings than a tall building on a bad site plan. this just is not a good site plan for an urban downtown setting in the 2020s. That’s what’s confusing and frustrating about this. I’m sure you could go to a meeting and hear the developer’s architect and planner tell a great story about how they were inspired by mermaids or some ish, but this “campus” plan doesn’t help to make downtown Norfolk a more walkable, vibrant, or interesting place. It seems antiquated and out of touch with Norfolk’s goals. And
  4. Huh. So in the original, we had a single building fronting St Paul’s, and about half of the parcel along the interstate was shown undeveloped (presumably a future development site). This takes up the whole lot with several odd shaped buildings. It’s a strange site plan. It doesn’t command the St Paul’s streetscape. It’s not an urban downtown site plan. Quite campus-like, really. I’m confused by it, especially noting its site, proximity to the LRT, etc. On the plus side, it looks like the parking is at least a little less obvious. I’m not even bothered by the height reduction
  5. Well there’s that and also the average household size (number of people per household) declined too. In 1940 there were 3.67 people per household in the US. In 2010 there were 2.58. Thats a 30% drop in the number of people in an average US household. I’ve seen reports that household size increased during the 2010s for the first time in 160 years (to just over 2.6).
  6. lammius

    Norfolk Pictures

    The “City Center” building could be demolished and replaced with something big. Talk about a prime location...
  7. IIRC, that marina was called Banana Pier. I remember going to a few Harborfests in the late 80s where we knew folks who had docked boats there. I was very little, so these were some of my first memories of downtown Norfolk. Harborfest seemed like a much bigger party back then.
  8. Agreed. I think 2 years is right for the construction phase. It's the planning, permitting, etc. that I think could take longer than just a few months, particularly if they're just now "starting the architectural designs and beginning the permitting process." But maybe they're really further along than I interpret that statement to mean.
  9. Very aggressive timeline. I wonder how realistic it is.
  10. Does anyone know the status of the rail line that runs behind Cape Henry Ave? Who owns it, is it active with freight service, etc? It goes to Miller Store Road on the south side of the airport. Just need a clever way to connect it to the other side where the terminals are. But that line goes from the airport area to the freight line by Ballentine. It would connect further down to the line that goes to the Amtrak Station by Harbor Park. IMO, if you could connect these segments and deal with what (if any) freight rail operation happens there, you’ve got a good LRT corridor from downtown t
  11. Bus system redesigns are all the rage these days. Seems every city is doing one.
  12. I see there's something on the southwest corner of City Hall/St Pauls?
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