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  1. A little more elbow room on that sidewalk might be nice
  2. lammius

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Interesting and optimistic study of 20th century pedestrian malls. About 1/3 of them still exist. What are the secret ingredients for successful pedestrian malls vs those that failed?
  3. lammius

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Open the streets (for pedestrians and cafes). Get out of your cars. Experience city life.
  4. lammius

    Norfolk Pictures

    If you read this book (link below) and know the demographics of neighborhoods in the city, the bounds of the “urban renewal” area are no surprise. Black, White and Brown: The Battle for Progress in 1950s Norfolk https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732310505/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_hkgBEb3N95HHE
  5. Meh. It's not what I'd have come up with, but it's something.
  6. lammius

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    The mall is more than 20 years old at this point. You can see how its design tried to shield visitors from the city outside. Now that downtown's a decent place, you wish it would do the opposite. For years I've wanted to see what downtown would look like if MacMall was demolished and the street grid restored. You could have some really great new development with ground floor retail/restaurant and office/residential/hotel/whatever above. Something like CityCenterDC but with a few taller buildings might work well.
  7. Thanks. Been a while since I've been to Norfolk, so I haven't kept up with all the changes (including moving the bus xfer center).
  8. Haven't been following this too closely over the past couple of years. Why is this called "Transit Center"? Where's the transit?
  9. I always thought Craney Island would be a good place for a larger regional airport. That, or a massive expansion of the "Hampton Roads executive airport" out toward Suffolk
  10. Agree. I'll continue to say that dismissing light rail on the west side is one of Norfolk's biggest missed opportunities in my lifetime. And there have been lots of missed opportunities in my lifetime.
  11. “The project is, however, designed to be fully walkable once visitors have parked." So is a Walmart.
  12. City Hall Av, I think https://www.google.com/maps/@36.8477692,-76.2898364,3a,67.2y,287.1h,89.19t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1spPgk7kskdpMm4mopzmEFgA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  13. lammius

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    99.7% sure it’s art and you guys are reading too much into it. However, I’d point out that road diets aren’t usually aimed at improving traffic flow. They’re usually intended to slow traffic and reduce fatalities (there are over 40,000 traffic deaths a year in the US). It’s not Norfolk being “Norfolk,” it’s a shift in philosophy in cities across the country. Whereas for decades last century the priority in street design and operation was to move more vehicles quickly, now the priority is to reduce fatalities, even if it slows traffic. A pedestrian hit at 30 mph has a 50/50 shot at survival. At 20 mph there’s a 90% chance of survival. And for every 1 mph reduction in speed, the frequency of crashes decreases 5%. So reducing speeds results in fewer crashes and less risk of fatalities. In the US that philosophy is called “Vision Zero.” In Europe it’s called “Stop the Child Murder.” Something about the name has made their campaign more effective than the US counterpart.
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