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  1. KJHburg- when do you think we will get some height in NoDa? I would love for the skyline to stretch from South End to NoDa.
  2. I like this building. Different for uptown. It looks like something that would fit well in Ballantyne or Raleigh as well.
  3. Unfortunately, Interest will accrue. My car payment is with Ally. They sent me an email stating that, "During this time, finance charges will accrue, but you won't be charged any late fees."
  4. Bingo. All Tepper has to do is make vague references about how the Panthers would love to stay in the region, but may be forced to explore other options without new a new stadium. S.C. will not want there investment to go belly up. So, they will find some way to contribute.
  5. Smart move by Tepper. Now S.C. has skin in the game. He will now ask BOTH states to contribute to a new stadium. Spread the cost. Again, smart move.
  6. I think it would look a little better if it were on N Tryon. But, still a great addition to our skyline.
  7. Personally I like this building, but it looks out of place. It has a noticeable N. Tryon vibe. I think it would fit better next to BofA HQ, Hearst, etc.
  8. I like the design. Is it still listed at 316ft? Seems taller now.
  9. I don't comment much, but this is one of the best skyline shots I've ever seen!
  10. I think this will be a nice addition to the skyline. If they highlight the building with proper lighting, this thing could be a focal point along 277.
  11. Are they replacing it with a new development?
  12. Wow, nice shot! I am a Greenville native now residing in Charlotte. It is great to see all of the growth that "G'Ville" is experienceing. Out of curiosity, what project is the crane a part of?
  13. Hello everyone. Can someone elaborate on the supposedly "2nd Phase" of this project? I browsed through the history of this thread, and read somewhere that the 2nd phase would include more retail. Mainly a Best Buy.
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