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  1. ausrutherford

    CU-ICAR/Millennium Campus

    I wonder what the parking lot at the front is for....
  2. ausrutherford

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Looks better than the original I think. The extra glass breaks up the massing better.
  3. ausrutherford

    New 160 Acre West End Park

    The 160 includes space to be low income housing in Southernside, other land for developers, and future expansion on the other side of the tracks.
  4. ausrutherford

    Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    It also helps prevent sprawl...
  5. ausrutherford

    Greenville County Square

    Meanwhile, Charleston County is spending $100 million for a 50 year old hospital...
  6. ausrutherford

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    They will have to take it down to its bones.
  7. ausrutherford

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    From what I have heard about that building....its basically another Scott Tower and needs to come down. I'm guessing a most of that cost is the land.
  8. ausrutherford

    Greenville County Square

    All depends on the circumstances, of course. Just pointing out that the current limit is 6 stories. My guess if someone wanted to go higher, the City would want more open space in return (in a way, treating it as FAR).
  9. ausrutherford

    Greenville County Square

    Of course, however, that PD was arranged with the community around it. The community would still not want to diverge away too much.
  10. ausrutherford

    Grand Bohemian Hotel

    Im guessing they moved the building to the piece between the old Clemson spot and the parking garage?
  11. ausrutherford

    Greenville County Square

    6 stories is the max in this PD. So you will likely not see the City stray to far from that.
  12. ausrutherford

    Greenville County Square

    I don't think I can call this a game charger. What is it is a show of confidence in Greenville and reaffirming Greenville's downtown commitment that started 40 years ago.
  13. ausrutherford

    Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    That McDonalds is going to have to be the nicest in the Southeast to go through. Spinx had a heck of a time to get approval.
  14. ausrutherford

    The glut of available office space downtown

    The article lost me when they said there isn't enough parking...
  15. ausrutherford

    Greenville Annexations

    The current policy is to have a new covenant for a new tap...the proposed policy is for a new meter. For instance, if a commercial building that housed one business split into two businesses under that roof, it would require a separate meter, but not necessarily a new tap. Greenville's next step should be to work with the County on extrajurisdictional control within that one mile to have building forms and zoning uniform.