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  1. Not exactly a fan of this development given this site's important history to Greenville.
  2. They need to connect it to the Swamp Rabbit extension on the other side of the airport. Instant foot traffic boost.
  3. I had to get one of my required immunizations for Clemson at the Health Clinic since my doctor did not offer it. My family is neither blue nor poor, so do not always judge a book by its cover.
  4. Wonderful rehab. Been many years in the making. Glad to see it come to some fruition! Now for SCDOT to put the road on a road diet and the City to annex the rest of Conestee.
  5. This is the tallest building in SC: It's almost as if the architecture gods are laughing at the state...
  6. Well one thing that probably helps is that there are two BJU grads on the Council. I assume they would like to get the M&G a more prominent center.
  7. Finally! the club has held that project up long enough!
  8. They finally got Greenville Country Club to give an easement?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  9. Correct, anything zoned C-4 and MF goes to DRB. MF was added about 3 years ago due a couple newer (and ugly) MF complexes that were built.
  10. That would be the nicest prison in the US...lol
  11. We'll...nobody wants to see hotel guests in the buff while they are changing
  12. ausrutherford

    The West End

    The last idea for a convention center came next to the Well. I agree it would not have worked there. It was also going to be just a convention center. No mixed use, no museum.
  13. ausrutherford

    The West End

    Also, remember the City will likely pay most of this through their hospitality tax. Hospitality taxes can not fund many other parts of government. They have to be spent on tourism-like items. A convention center is one of those items. It can be spent on sewer and roads, but for tourism related items. So a new road to a new hotel, a new sewer line to take homes off septic near a public beach, etc. Replacing a sewer like in North Main or Nicholtown would not count.
  14. ausrutherford

    The West End

    If it was not for the symbiotic public-private partnerships that Greenville has built over the past 40 years, Downtown would still be the run down hulk it was in 1975. Nearly every major development had public funds go towards its development...the Hyatt, ONE, RiverPlace, etc, etc, etc. We are not talking about the Braves new ballpark here. We are talking about roughly $55 million in public funds helping create a $300 million project, a prominent art museum (something downtown in missing), a conference-oriented convention center, and hundreds of jobs. Win-Win-Win-Win
  15. ausrutherford

    The West End

    The new Convention will be for business conferences, the old for Auto Shows, etc. And we really need to stop the whole "it loses money" or "why is the government subsidizing the private industry?" argument. Business and government are a symbiotic relationship. Governments can not exist without their tax revenue, businesses can not exist without Government's construction of infrastructure nor law system. A convention center is infrastructure to businesses. Government funded convention centers are nothing new. They go back to ancient times to foster business and tax revenue alike. Do convention centers loose money? Yes. But, what is important is the increase in tax revenue that results. Even with that, if you still do not believe that. Ask yourself, how do roads make money for the government? Should we not fund them either?
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