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  1. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    The original plan was to have retail down Falls and Japanese Dogwood...but there simply would not allow enough parking due to taking away parking and adding the need for more parking.
  2. When Will Greenville Be Ready For Height?

    Question: Will the Camperdown Office/Condo building be Greenville's tallest building? Landmark might have more floors, but its floors are not very tall I don't think.
  3. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Well it would be the length technically. The building use to extend closer to the apartment building. But, yes, you are right. Look like they made up the space by going about another few stories in height.
  4. Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Office building portion is smaller than originally proposed. Use to be longer. Also didn't realize they were planning a street from Main to Falls.
  5. The State of Downtown Retail

  6. Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Design definitely needs some changes. Vertical movement and some prominent design at the stairs or the ends.
  7. Agfa redevelopment

    Height comes once available land is largely depleted. There are still several C4 lots with just parking on it.
  8. 121 Rhett Street

    Using cinderblock construction probably didn't help.
  9. 121 Rhett Street

    Pretty sure this is the longest construction project in Greenville history...
  10. 110 Markley Street: 24 unit condominium

    What was the final design for this? I remember it went through several iterations.
  11. Homewood Suites - Main and Markley

    There is too much glass for a building in the West End.
  12. Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    Some developer had an idea for big box stores, which the site plan didn't come close to its requirements.
  13. Greenville Annexations

    Donut holes are bad for two reasons from the side of the municipality. 1. Planning: Not having all land within the boundaries of a municipality leads to uneven development. This includes remarkably includes design. Many municipalities have more strict standards for the design of projects from the amount of vegetation that must be planted, to sidewalks installed, to the actual design of the building through a Design Review Board. Imagine having two parcels developed (one in county and one in the city) right next to each other, but each looked remarkably different. One with great design and care, and one with steel construction and corporate design. This also goes with zoning. The donut hole might be visioned by the city to be of a different zoning use than what the County has...yet the parcel is encircled by the city. This creates unevenness and confusion. 2. Services. Imagine having a road of houses and alternating houses that are in the city and in the county. Now imagine being the city or the county and having to service those properties. It would be confusing for 911 or Fire services as to which department (City or County) gets the call to a house in the case of an emergency. It is also confusing for Public services of especially the City as to which properties they serve. You could have a storm and knocks down limbs. Two houses want to put out the limbs for pickup. Well one is in the County and one is in the City. The City's Public Services picks up both thinking that both are in the City. The City just lost money by servicing a property that does not pay taxes to it. 3. Code Enforcement. Cities tend to have more strict codes and enforce their codes more than counties enforce theirs. You could have one well kept property in the City and one unkept property in the County. This hurts property values and creates unsightly views. In short, its just smart to have cohesiveness between development that are all built under one zoning code and under one law. Your examples of San Marino and Lesotho are apples to oranges compared to those problem. Sam Marino is a totally different nation than Italy. Different laws and different rulers. A County and a Municipality, however, are both creatures of the State in which they are in. That means they are still under the umbrella of laws the State has. Also, unless you live Virginia, a municipality is still within the County(s). This means if you live in the City of Greenville, you still live in Greenville County and you vote for politicians in both.
  14. Greenville Annexations

    There is possible good news on the horizon. It appears a new annexation bill will before the assembly this coming session regarding our old friend, the donut holes! I have heard that a municipality, if passed, would be able to annex AT WILL 25 acres or less if it meets certain criteria in terms of how long it has been encircled and how much of it is encircled. Those two aspects will be hammered out.
  15. Agfa redevelopment

    Im guessing it was a mistake.