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  1. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    That McDonalds is going to have to be the nicest in the Southeast to go through. Spinx had a heck of a time to get approval.
  2. The glut of available office space downtown

    The article lost me when they said there isn't enough parking...
  3. Greenville Annexations

    The current policy is to have a new covenant for a new tap...the proposed policy is for a new meter. For instance, if a commercial building that housed one business split into two businesses under that roof, it would require a separate meter, but not necessarily a new tap. Greenville's next step should be to work with the County on extrajurisdictional control within that one mile to have building forms and zoning uniform.
  4. The State of Downtown Retail

    All of a sudden a "working class crowd" is now Gangland USA. Those Apple stores are well known for that...
  5. Greenville Photo of the Day

    Great shots! Both of them!
  6. 1100 S. Main St Apartments (Pendleton Street Baptist Church)

    Anyone want to count of the number of air conditioners?
  7. Greenville Annexations

    The apartment complex?
  8. BridgeWay Station mixed use development-Mauldin, SC

    Dear developer of Magnolia...
  9. Municipal Law Enforcement relocation

    When he says Admin functions, I hope he doesn't mean City Hall. I think Greenville should keep its City Hall and the Court/Police Station separate.
  10. New downtown federal courthouse

    The courthouse will basically be a bombproof building. Those talk awhile...
  11. The Gateway Site

    There are some simple solutions to improve accessibility to the site. 1. The City wants to put Beattie Place on a road diet; this would be the perfect opportunity to do it. 2. A pedestrian crossing light at E. North St and Broadus Ave. This would connect to a semi-linear plaza that would come from the intersection of Church and E.North, continue to the red crossing, then proceed north to the bridge, and then finally back west to Beattie/Church. The parking entrance should be on Church Street. There could also be a car entrance only (no exit) ramp going west bound on E. North after it splits from Beattie. I am betting they will want to go under ground with the parking. This could lead to a new bridge (and a new wall) over Beattie.
  12. The Gateway Site

    ONE was multiphased....
  13. Haywood Rd Redevelopment

    The Sears was saved from the latest round of closings announced today.
  14. The Gateway Site

    Some of that acreage would be sacrificed for parking I am sure, which I doubt was counted in the sq. ft. given.
  15. Leasing & Property Transfers in Downtown/West End vicinity

    I always get them all confused...