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  1. Interesting that they already have the stripe that allows the contiguity. Must have annexed it year's ago before the State took it away. Glad to see this for City View
  2. It's through development incentives. You want to develop near the SRT? You get extra 4 units/acre for instance.
  3. They are also under construction in Mount Pleasant as well.
  4. This project was originally proposed to the City about 4 years ago. What is holding it up and other growth in the area is sewer capacity. The sewer basin drains beneath I385 near the interchange with Laurens. The pipe should have been expanded when I-385 was expanded in the early-2000s, but it wasn't. The only way to do it now is to drill it. That's why you have not seen a lot of development in the basin lined by Laurens/Airport/I-385 even though its proximity to Downtown and the future SRT extension should be forcing it. It's something the City needs to fix along with the trail expansion, so they can allow better redevelopment.
  5. Yet another large piece of land that would be prime for some redevelopment in the City. Granted less than County Square, but there is a lot of empty and underutilized land at their current HQ. I know the City would love more residential around the mall in hopes of some redevelopment of the mall. No removing the mall, but prepping for the eventual big-box stores closing. The more people that live around it, the greater chance they can get for redevelopment. Also why the next proposed SRT extension goes up to meet the mall.
  6. Really the last piece not the river downtown.
  7. Is any Bi-Lo a performing store? They've pretty much all closed in Charleston.
  8. Did DRB approve that design?
  9. No one is being displaced specifically with this project since the building is currently vacant, so I would not consider it gentrification.
  10. It is because under a PD, you can mandate certain restrictions. Example here: workforce housing. There is are no provisions under State Law that allows municipalities to force workforce housing in general zoning. However, we are a slightly limited Home Rule State...since there are no provisions that allows, likewise there are no provisions that say a municipality can not force workforce housing. The issue boils down to politics. No municipality has passed regulations forcing workhouse housing for they do not want to be sued over the matter and lose in court. They want the State Legislature to pass a bill that explicitly allows it first. However, those bills are not welled liked by rural districts.
  11. Citadel Mall owner is going to propose 25 stories as a maximum under a proposed PD with the mall's redevelopment plan. We will see if Charleston gives in. The owner wants to attract a big HQ. And I hope that Greenville does not try to ban hotels. They are a gold mine for tax revenues. Property taxes are extremely high, hospitality tax, even down to construction fees.
  12. I know there has been rumors of this for awhile. Im just glad that it will be in the City and not in the County. And as far as "not in Downtown" issue. The more mixed use development, the better. No matter where they are, it is better than what we have gotten in the past.
  13. I don't even think it would be allowed to go before them until there was retail since its in the ordinance.
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