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  1. If any of you live adjacent or your neighborhood is adjacent to the City limits and you wish to annex, feel free to contact me at [email protected] Benefits to annexation can be found here: In addition, if you have flood insurance, your rate in the City will reduce 10% compared to unincorporated Greenville County.
  2. When they widened Pete Hollis, so early 2000s I think.
  3. I'm sorry, but that looks awful. Especially is a downtown setting, a church should look like a church...not a conference center.
  4. It is too small of a site for what they really needed for a drive thru. SCDOT has regulations that you can not back up a drive thru onto their roads...for good reason. Its not just a traffic problem, it is also a safety issue. The site was just too small to accommodate a restaurant, parking, and enough space for a long drive thru.
  5. Unfortunately a lot of damage even without interstates: There used a be a small downtown-like area around the intersection of Rutherford/Buncombe... Forever destroyed by SCDOT...
  6. There was originally suppose to be a Savannah-Augusta-Greenville-Chattanooga interstate that would follow the river up. However, it was low on the priority list. With 4 lakes, numerous wildlife statuaries, and the nuclear site in between, mountains, the low benefit of return, and interstates already the scourge of the land, it never got done. And thankfully it didn't! They would have used US-25 in part for the interstate I referenced above.
  7. I was not suggesting keeping it in place. I was suggesting moving it. It clearly was not built in 1998. It would not have been built that close to the bridge if that were the case.
  8. Am I the only one that hopes the old house that the Academy Bridge basically sits upon is saved?
  9. Not exactly what I meant by outdoor-ish...but haha
  10. The Sears just needs to be removed and replaced with something. Maybe some outdoor-ish concept.
  11. 12 was already a compromise considering the current PD only allowed for 6 stories.
  12. Consolidated the County and City does not make sense since roughly half the County is rural. You will find that where Counties and Cities have been merged is where the entire county is urbanized. Now...what does make sense is for the urbanized areas of the County and the City to merge into one entity and the rural parts split. That could only happen if a growth boundary line where to be established that would not be allowed to be crossed with water and sewer.
  13. They aren't going to reroute the river back to original pre-ACE course because whoever they did at this point would be just as unnatural as the current course. They will be restoring wetlands in the area to soak up some flooding, clean the water, and provide habitat
  14. There are also financial negatives to not taking the mill village along with the mill. Without helping rehab the village, it might hurt the business of the mill.
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