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  1. DOG PARK is sorely needed! bring it on! They should let people use the Greer Stadium field as an enormous dog park until it is time for demo. It would also be nice to step back a little bit and look at the relationship between Ft. Negley Park, the Cemetery, Rose Park and Reservoir Park. Would be great to link all of these green spaces together.
  2. Not terrible, but would be vastly more enticing to the pedestrian with a second entrance or some type of activation along Southside instead of that blank wall
  3. Navigating these areas on foot becomes increasingly frustrating every time a new project breaks ground. I'm bummed about those two buildings being lost, and I'll be even more upset if they condemn the sidewalk for the next few years while the hotel comes out of the ground. The latest one I have seen is the palm trees project at 19th and Church. I can't believe public works continues to issue sidewalk closure permits for this kind of crap against all engineering guidelines and ADA requirements. SIDEWALK CLOSED [1 FOOT] AHEAD <- DETOUR [DIRECTLY INTO TRAFFIC AND SAY A PRAYER
  4. I don't thing MPC would approve rezoning with those massings. If they are serious about this proposal they will need a better plan that is more urban and walkable to achieve rezoning.
  5. I vote we close down hillsboro to automobile traffic between acklen and blakemore at all hours and turn the street into a ped mall. Maybe we could leave a through lane for buses and emergency vehicles and do a big roundabout at music row and wedgewood too, just to throw the luddites and their cars a bone.
  6. The major project definitions should be expanded to include buildings that have been designated worthy of preservation.
  7. This is an opportunity to reconfigure the street so that the bike lane doesn't turn into a taxi-stand/delivery vehicle parking zone all hours of the day. For many cyclists, its harrowing to have to merge into the traffic lane while going uphill at a slower than normal pace. Ideally this project will keep the active, ped-friendly streetscape and also add some amenities that turn the area into more of a 24 hour neighborhood. A grocery store and a pharmacy would be great as long as the building forms are appropriately urban and the parking is structured and lined with active uses. I'm glad th
  8. Its always shocking to me how haphazardly pedestrian traffic is managed around construction sites in Nashville. Just throw some cones all over the street, shut down every sidewalk (but NEVER a lane of traffic except in the rarest of cases) and hope to god nobody with a vision impairment tries to make safe passage around the site. Its really only a matter of time before somebody is injured or killed because of shoddy practices like this.
  9. There is a crew that is currently widening the northbound church street exit.
  10. The stonehenge products are not affordable. 1100 dollars a month for a less than 500 sq ft studio in a building that is already deteriorating (note16) is a cash grab, not affordable housing. You're giving these guys too much credit.
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