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  1. UrbanArkie

    Pinnacle Hills Promenade

    Is it more apartments going in behind 5 guys/ Firehouse subs? looks to be something large.
  2. North J is still a dirt road at that overpass. I do see that as a connection that could change traffic a lot though.
  3. UrbanArkie

    Rogers, Arkansas

    that area is rapidly developing. Since it is a main access to XNA, once the bigger access to XNA is open 264 traffic may be relieved.
  4. UrbanArkie

    Rogers, Arkansas

    I think that the improvements to Walnut will transform Rogers very well. I do wonder what the right of way acquisition will end up looking like.
  5. UrbanArkie

    Rogers, Arkansas

    Rogers has been getting more pedestrian friendly for years. What impresses me most about projects of this scale is that is isnt isolated. There are large scale developments all over the place.
  6. UrbanArkie

    Springdale, Arkansas

    The entitled driver will always look for the path of least resistance. It exists at every turn.
  7. UrbanArkie


    I would have liked to see the new development in Johnson to more closely match James at the Mill more. That style is already iconic of the location. This development is a great location with a great concept. I hope it holds on to it, especially considering how distant any other "downtown" is to the highway.
  8. UrbanArkie


  9. UrbanArkie

    Rogers, Arkansas

    I think it is an excellent location, and isnt that small.
  10. UrbanArkie

    Rogers, Arkansas

    maybe more on this forums topic... I have always wanted to see a map of what property is owned by walmart/subsidaries/etc in Benton County.
  11. UrbanArkie

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    With all the apartment development going on, a franchise like this may hang around for a while.
  12. Rogers Street Department could use some new blood.
  13. UrbanArkie

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Brick and Mortars need to offer something one cannot do online.
  14. UrbanArkie

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    interesting how this topic comes up. I fell for the "someone who worked at the restaurant" told me thing a few years ago. Maybe we will get a Dave and Busters too!
  15. UrbanArkie

    Infill projects in downtown Fayetteville

    Nice look. Full height windows are a good fit. I would recommend colored/patterned concrete in the front. Exterior lighting could be a little more modern.