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  1. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Maybe some news here in the otherwise bland reporting of the above info in the Observer today. Sounds like AA is at capacity with international flights at CLT until the new space comes online. I don't think they have talked about this constraint before as a reason why no new international here. Hopefully 2019 is the year we get 1/2 new international flights. Personally I am most interested in Amsterdam as I go at least 2x a year.
  2. Only the circular ramp can support up to 12 or was it 20?? story addition on top. This info was from the sales material for BBT center. It did sell. Don't think there has been any info publicly about what the new owners plans are.
  3. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Why would the inconsistency stop them from running longer trains? I have been on more trains than I can count in multiple locations around the world where there are announcements that say only cars X stop at the platform and make sure your in the correct one if you want to get off/on/.
  4. Crescent Stonewall Station

    So is it official the other retail is Whole Body? That’s what the sign is next to Whole Foods in that image. EDIT: Correction there is no such this as Whole Body retailer. It is jay what they calm their soaps, supplements, makeup department.
  5. 2018 – Development Predictions

    Wells reported earnings this past week. After going through the details of that and where they fall WAY short of their peers and where their stock holders want them to be I am adding this 2018 prediction... In Q3 Wells announces headquarters move here from CA as part of cost reductions
  6. Amazon HQ2

    With NC offering up to 1.5 BILLION for a 4k job auto plant does anyone think what we put into our bid for Amazon is in that range or greater?
  7. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    As I mentioned MLB would need to make waivers. With those waivers in place I feel they would want a 30k stadium. A 30k stadium can fit on that site. I don’t believe anyone who says otherwise. Will an architect need to be creative, hell yes! But not prohibitively creative. You add decks, actually wrap the stadium, cantilever of 10-20% to over hang, hell even sink the field another 20 feet, etc.
  8. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    I respectfully and whole heartedly disagree.
  9. Charlotte Knights AAA Ballpark in Third Ward

    The investment for the complex on that land for only 8-12 years of use is not justified. In that time MLB will come to Charlotte and they will want that site. The site is workable to MLB standards with a couple waivers which MLB will grant because they value the location versus sticking to arbitrary minimum seating capacity requirements of 40ish compared to 30ish which the site can hold. Few others as well pertaining to field dimensions that will give the stadium character once complete. You just wait and see.
  10. 615 South College (Portman Office Tower near Westin)

    How many people fit on a floor on average? Depends on the building of course, but of the buildings Uptown. Like 200 maybe?
  11. Google Fiber coming to Charlotte?

    Yes thought of that yesterday as was getting ready to set everything back up after I pulled the plug on switching! Decided not to do that though as the old one had TW in the name and I needed Time Warner/Spectrum out of my life completely. The process with Google was so easy and the guys were awesome that came to the condo. Love the web page and app they have for management of everything. I went with the $50 100/100 to start They say there is no tax added on so it is a flat $50/month. Still a little skeptical on that, but we will see when the first bill hits. There is one limitation that I think people should know about and that is their is a MAX limit on number of Wifi connections to the Google box they give. It is 16. This sounds like a lot, but I have 15 already used. Which does NOT include 3 hardwired devices I have (xbox,TV, Apple TV). I have to assume I'm in the minority with that number of wifi connected devices??? I am a two person household so of the 15 wifi things, my bf and I each have a phone and a laptop. The rest is all stuff around the house. This could be a problem as I already have a 16th wifi device on order since well before switching to Google. Side note: Returning the Spectrum equipment I had was excruciating. Went to the store on South Blvd yesterday to do it and it took 35 min. Of that time was 33 minutes of waiting to be called to the person at the desk. They have 12 stations available of which they had 3 people working. This was at 10:45am on a Friday. It was a fitting end. The 20-30 people in the waiting area were a mix of people paying bills and people returning equipment. All bonding over how much they hate them and EVERYONE has a maddening story they love to talk about.
  12. Those 4 random street level apartments on 8th Street should be retail. Dumb. The College St. side looks extremely fat and ultimately stumpy because of that from that angle. EIFS is will ruin this, but will depend on how/where used in the three colors see in these renderings. Color plate will be extremely important. At the moment I'm at a 5/10 for this. End product may move me to a 7 or a 4. Cautiously disappointed with upside potential maybe
  13. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Core sample crew doing their thing at the Presbyterian Church lot on W Trade today. [emoji848]