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  1. Looking at this last picture it just occurred to me this is NOT a steel constructed building. Not sure why I thought all taller/office buildings were steel, but clearly does not need to be cause. Does anyone know what goes into the decision of steel vs. concrete? cost/design/purpose?
  2. A second commercial airport for Charlotte?

    In 5.5 years and 70+ round trips 85% of which are peak business travel hours. I have never had an issue at CLT. I have not one negative memories of a long tarmac wait. 10/20 I would say is average. I don't consider that bad or aggravating. To say there is major congestion is an overstatement. PHL on the other hand where 60% of my trips are to/from I just curse the world.
  3. Ballantyne

    It got to be hell getting out of this mass of concrete at 5p. Build some decks and add more density? lightrail spur through south park perhaps? Aerial view of Ballantyne Corporate Park Larry Harwell Photography
  4. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I have flown 6x LHR>CLT in the last 3 years and have never had more then 10 minutes to clear customs here in CLT. Quick and painless each time. I don't have checked bags though and am usually one of the first off the plane. Also you do NOT need to use the kiosks they have IF you fill out the customs card they hand out on the plane. Fill that out on board and then walk right to the agent. The kiosks do seem to slow down the process but even if you do have to stop at them would only be a matter of minutes extra not hours.
  5. Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    Soooo boring. Where is parking for this thing?
  6. This is all truly bizarre. The website is like something made out of Geocities as well. Go figure. Also nothing like having to climb 30 steps to get to the entrance of the Tryon street side.
  7. 300 South Tryon and Kimpton Hotel

    Park is way too loose of a term. It's basically and over sized pavered sidewalk with planting strips
  8. The Bad News Report

    Looks like NC did not get the big Foxcon expansion. Going to Wisconsin.
  9. It is a primary care physician office. I think has been open 4/6 months now.
  10. Charlotte Greenways - The Big Picture

    The article in my opinion does a poor job conveying it is a false choice between the two.
  11. The Good News Report

    No change from last year we stayed at #5. If it wasn't for education cuts and inclusiveness could be at the top of the list.
  12. The Good News Report

    Red Ventures buying
  13. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I find this all very encouraging.
  14. Bearden Park in Third Ward, Uptown Charlotte

    After several years and 20 months of fencing around the base they have crane this morning finally placing a giant aluminum/steal piece of 'art'.
  15. First Ward Urban Village and Parks

    I walk around this and First Ward Park 3x a week and to me this garage/apartment project appears stalled. I can say I haven't seen any substantial change in 2/3 months. I do see a very low number of trucks in and around the site though, so I have no idea what they doing.