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  1. To me this the most disappointing project currently underway in uptown/south end. Lacks vision, thoughtfulness, scale, creativeness, for such a prominent site that in 5-7 years could be the third center of gravity uptown to which this project could have helped advance. This gets a grade of a D from me. Only thing keeping it from a F is the street level retail.
  2. It's actually about 4 months of little to no change on the tower. internal or external.
  3. I think it looks alright. Sure the leds could be bit brighter maybe, but it’s different. Kind of cool looking.
  4. This is how you properly design and execute roof mechanical equipment. Take note Ally, DFA building, Spectrum Vantage.
  5. Hideous. City needs neighborhood design standards. Never should be allowed to be built.
  6. Park is starting to come together nicely. And the hornets can’t use CLT... [emoji57]
  7. This is going to be commanding from the park.
  8. Ugh they are using ‘CHA’ on MLS.com. God no please stop this!
  9. Then he should buy Circa and bulldoze the POS otherwise will never be true. Or better yet the city use eminent domain to take it. Its practically blight anyway along with the The Mint
  10. There is literally construction happening here now and has been for a few months on the 40 million redo the county approved. And just last week the county approved another 8 million to cover the cost overruns to keep it on track.
  11. That would be sick, but it’s not that or anything close. The rezoning was for 435sqft max screen size. That has to be 8-10ksqft.
  12. They just vote and do what they need at their board meeting this week. The ‘special event’ with public announcement here in CLT will be a week to 10 days after. Fingers crossed this is actually happening.
  13. Well finally found the angle that is not flattering at all to the Rail Yard project.
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