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  1. It's been fun to watch this and better appreciation for how longs things take and why. This marks 10 weeks that they been actively working on the 1.5 floor transition section to the 'L' shape. Finally though looks like they about done and first floor of the 'L' just about ready to shape/form/pour. Should resume its march higher quickly again post that first one.
  2. Yea take the old Brixx space too now that it’s continuous for the market. Have lived uptown 7 years now. Went to Q 3x in that span. Got sick 2 of those times. Safe to say I won’t be missing it.
  3. The S&P is up 42% since the lows. Other indexes are up even more. I think you may have locked in some structural losses unfortunately. Hopefully not life changing numbers for you. Got to get that money back working for you asap though. So hard to put money to work in the market now I know as seems defying logic at back at highs already. There are options though to reduce risk in new money such as a different asset allocation for 'new' money versus the core holdings. Then overtime that bucket slowly rolls in to the core holdings. Also other types financial products from Closed End Funds to High Yield Funds. Most importantly though talk to a PROFESSIONAL that only has a fiduciary responsibility to YOU to come up with a plan/strategy. I know it sucks paying these people 1-1.50% fee for there services but its worth it. Other option is if can separate the emotion from the situation and have the time and enjoy the effort it takes can spend the hours and hours in research and modeling on your own. 11+ Trillion in asset purchases a lot of which is still NOT fully in the system. The expansion of the M2 money supply has been EXTREME. I can't even pretend to know medium to long term effects of this and the moral hazard it creates, but we do know that in s the short-medium term this leads to assets going higher just by principal. Add in good news about treatments to virus and less bad news out of companies and you have an the rocket ship we have had from March 24 until now. Its all so whack, but the funny thig is it's the same pattern as every external shock to the markets for the last 100 years. This is what gives me comfort. Yes the numbers are bigger and the timelines compressed, but there are good arguments why that is case and there is a patter to those showing that trend is 'normal' as well over the last 100 years. I do think at some point that there has to be a reckoning of this including the structural govt debt, but who the hell knows what that actually is and when. So yea that is why time horizon and proper asset allocation is most important so if/when that happens you are also just along for that ride as well sleeping well at night
  4. Oh boy the graphics departments must be working overtime today to prepare for the fear mongering that's to come tomorrow when this rolls over to nice round number. Maybe need some special theme music scored to your rise repeat trash that called local 'news'
  5. He didn’t though. When asked exactly what he didn’t like about what happened last night his response was ‘it looked bad’ then some rambling and circled back to ‘the optics’ is what he did not like. Nothing about tactics or communication breakdown or any of the other things he could have went to while saying the investigation is underway. Guy need to go now. The new guy gets one more chance in front of people and if can’t handle he needs to go also.
  6. Right next door to a stick built 5/6 floor version of a Circa or The Mint thanks to inlivalin.
  7. No new damage yet you have folks like the Carrilon Building erecting massive walls of plywood as we speak.
  8. It is wild, especially the last 10 days of gains. I keep waiting for a pause, some consolidation and few down days. They will come eventually, but in the mean time grind higher for now. I still have my last Fridays paycheck to invest. Should have done it Friday morning, but trying to be cute thought could get 1/2% lower in the next handful of days from then. This is why timing the market is fruitless. Even when the 1/2/3% come now it will only be back to where it was if did that Friday morning or more likely not even since would have been up 5.5% already on that incremental money. I never learn lol
  9. Hopefully no one did anything rash in late March/April. Markets are not vehicles to be viewed through the prism of emotion or personal political views. Repetitive I know, but time horizon and asset allocation is all you need to have correct. The rest is noise and fear. Anyone pushing another narrative has an agenda.
  10. Thanks it does! I was just re looking up in Accela as well. 628ft from Tryon to the top. Is this final at this point? Also I think should count from Collage as would as prob add 30 feet to that number.
  11. I have yet to figure out the footprint tbh. The hole in the back is that just parking and will only go 6/7 floors? What’s formed/shaped now is what will rise 42 floors?
  12. That's awesome. I had no idea they were going here also. I knew about the Refinery location just down the road, that still happening? IMO QC Grounds is the best thing to come out of Charlotte in the last 5 years. I hope they continue to do well and have ambitions to expand not just in the city, but beyond and even well beyond
  13. There was no one on site here inside or outside all week. just saying. If by some miracle this actually completes this is why it will be 2023 at best before its done
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