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  1. The city has a 1/4 cent remaining and can do that on its own following the defined process.
  2. The more I look at it the uglier it gets. No hate for its shortcomings though like I have for LU1 and Ally's issues. Those make my blood boil. This just ho hum.
  3. Nothing. I drive by daily and something happened 2/3 months ago. It stopped and no one is on site since then.
  4. It is pretty ugly, which is a shame, but LMC deserves credit for putting up such an investment that is surrounded on 3.5 sides by in your face blight. 15 years from now it will just be ugly but with LMC rolling in the dough.
  5. They will never see a dime of my money. My replacement ThirdFederal HELOC close next week. I walk my dog down 5th a lot now just so it can piss on their building. The small pleasures in life.
  6. Saw it from the midtown Target deck today also. Did a double take as had the thought what is that. Nice to see the growth. Poor N. Tryon though.
  7. 28k for Publix seems small. Is this full size? I thought minimum 40-45k is standard with some pushing 60k.
  8. If I had to vote today I’d be against. I have no faith in CATS.
  9. Prime -1% is the rate for the life of the HELOC, so that’s 2.25 today.
  10. My only 2 month old BB&T HELOC is now closed! Truist this is for you [emoji1603][emoji1603] Btw really should look at Third Federal if in the market for a HELOC. Really awesome rates!
  11. The female anchor mentioned 'even an online petition started to remove it'. Was very brief though. They did highlight a spoof twitter account of the sign, showed some online comments/tweets about how horrible it is.
  12. This sign and the online hate for it got some play on WCNC this morning. While the anchor agreed it does not look good suggested perhaps an overreaction considering everything else going on in the world.
  13. Agreed but should have kept SunTrust name. Either would have been better. Truist still has not gotten any better to me after all this time. Still horrible.
  14. I think you hit on something here. The first 2-4 months it was wow we can do all this with 95% folks at home virtually. Everyone was happy employee to executives. The cracks began to show around the 6 month mark and its a fisher at the current moment at my company. Sure will always have a higher percent of employees that preferring WFH, but even those numbers dropped 20% from the June survey to the October survey our company did. And the exec and management team are trying to coax folks back into the office and cant wait for the day until they can force it. With current situation they not in the position yet to mandate it, but as soon as not optically bad they will be.
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