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  1. That little sign is idiotic. Some dumb ass thought would look best centered over the window also. Should be eliminated entirely, but if not screw the centering and push it over to the right corner .
  2. 747 and 380 are both end of life out of production. As long as 777x size planes can land is all that is needed. Cargo is another story and CLT has many 747 size and up cargo planes all the time.
  3. Both of those are empty 310+ days a year and don't do nothing for activation and livelihood during the time office workers are using the space and location. Gateway does not exist. The building is surrounded by blank dead walls all around in all directions. My point was though, with all the empty space uptown available there are so many better locations that give your employees access to food/drinks/services/coffee and would also provide a nice view. Why would any employer choose here over 100 Independence, 300 S. Tryon, Grant Thorton, First Citizens and others.
  4. Why would any company looking for office space rent over here in no mans land. Good luck with those five floors. Carry it for 10/15 years and when the duke garage and the residence inn are gone and the stadium is converted for Charlottes MLB team then this will be money. Until then bad ROI.
  5. Hah this is a joke. There is 0 legitimate reasons that silver line can’t be a 10 year concept to operations timeline. And I’ll add that concept started 18 months ago at this point. Leadership and will.
  6. Cause the planters worked out so well on the Uptown one. IDIOTS.
  7. Idk why this is bad news. The owner decided he had enough. BFD. Wasn’t forced out or anything nefarious. This is great news actually. Camden is the downtown of south end. Can’t wait to see what comes of this lot in the next couple years.
  8. This is a growing issue across the country. only the big name companies make the news when in fact they really only a fraction of the workforce. My company just updates on its office plans/ growth and its not good for office buildings that cater to cubical and meetings rooms. Feb 2020 plans - New/expanded 'professional services' space needed and coming in San Diego, Glasgow, Boston Updated June 2021 plans - no new space in San Diego, no need for expansion plans in Boston and only need/want 1/3 of the original idea for Glasgow Not company related either as we are hiring a
  9. Hah this is Charlotte not a real thought out operations plan. There is not a chance of anything like that.
  10. Scroll up to 4/12. Visually looks the same today. This 4 year saga continues.
  11. More continued evidence as to why the current organization/administration does not deserve a yes vote on any referendum. Burn it down build it new then maybe they deserve to be in charge of 10B+ project.
  12. I don’t have a 10 figure bank account, but I just sold my Uptown condo and am packing up and moving to Miami. Came here in 2012 and watched the dramatic changes in uptown and south end since then. Personally I outgrew Charlotte and while this is undoubtably a controversial statement I think Uptown had its peak for the foreseeable future in 2019.
  13. British EV start-up Arrival is setting up in North Carolina to build a UPS fleet https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/22/british-ev-start-up-arrival-north-carolina-factory-to-build-a-ups-fleet.html?__source=iosappshare%7Ccom.apple.UIKit.activity.CopyToPasteboard
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