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  1. A delay of the sake of nothing is not a restriction. Idk what it is, but it’s nothing but something that cost both a developer and society at large negatively for nothing gained.
  2. Idiots. Should never be allowed to delay for a year. Developer should reverse what he/she already restoring as a big middle finger on principle. Everything that is wrong with government is embodied in this delay for no practical reason other than that sake.
  3. No parking podium on this on because there is NO new parking included. Another corner of Downtown getting some love. Just wild what this 10-block area will look like in 4 years. 448 units, 40 floors
  4. Those are way to early of times for the Spirit passenger demographic. Lol
  5. ^Oh snap and right on queue someone shot up the food distribution today in that parking lot. Sad. Sad part of town. Sad looking building.
  6. Anyone know the success or not of the leasing of this project? I know in the first 6 months asking rents were slashed, but it’s now approaching 2 years past that and haven’t heard much. The surrounding area is still a ghost town unless u count the homeless who line up for food distribution in the parking lot next door almost daily.
  7. So half the site is a parking garage. Continuing the disappointment of this development. LH is truly a POS developer and Charlotte got stuck with them. Yea yea all u defenders of them have your arguments I know. They add nothing to this city from uptown to South Park to south end. I actually like the building just fyi. So much wasted opportunity on this land assemblage they had.
  8. The delivery apps suck. That said I am a user, but in the last 6/8 months I have dramatically scaled back. I have taken to calling up the place I want take out from. The prices are dramatically cheaper for the individual items and then none of the consumer fees as well the apps charge individuals. The mark up just got to out of whack for the value. I hope more people realize this and the individuals establishments can then kick them out of their operations.
  9. While I usually stand with management I stand with the workers here. It’s irrelevant the location of the employee to his/her contribution. This I why I only work for small companies.
  10. 65 million = that building wont be around much longer. Anyone know the zoning of this site?
  11. Hopefully the new Toyota plant will use CLT. 1hr 40min door to door according to google maps
  12. It’s not public art. It’s parking garage screening.
  13. First slanted steel got connected today. This is the front part so that is pretty darn close to apex.
  14. Time for charlotte to follow MIA and stomp these out. https://www.thenextmiami.com/miami-commissioners-vote-to-end-scooter-program/
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