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  1. Murphy Express is going up next to walgreen's on hwy 30.
  2. we will probably be moving out of ascension parish in the next 3 to 5 years. The city of Gonzales can't get their head out their butts. Look how long it took for them to put a turn lane at cornerview and 44. its amazing about those invisible turn lanes on airline to 44 and 44 to 30. The lack of planning and construction is stupid. 44 is 4 lanes and areas without a turn lane? WTF? How about the lack of stop signs in neighborhood?? I have speeders in my neighborhood, and there is no way my son will ever play in the street like i did as a kid, with these idiots. the city workers have no
  3. We have some new construction sites going up! Hwy 44 next to Big Ben & Pizza Hut. Hwy 30 next to Walgreen's Hwy 30 Across from The RaceTrac Hwy 73 next to the Chevron will be Chabill's Auto Repair (NOT) Dairy Queen. Cabela's parkway Shopping Center anchored by P.F. Changs. VooDoo BBQ backed out from that location, They are looking at another piece of land. now lets hear the Rumors Raising Cane's to be built next to Sonic in cabela's parkway. Lamar Dixon Road will be expanded to Hwy 44 Emerson & River Parish College built on same site
  4. did anyone else notice the walking track around East Ascension? While the blackout was going on yesterday we went and walked it...its very nice and long.
  5. Malco Theatres will start construction this fall. Same Property as the bowling alley. I talked with one of the managers while bowling, and he was telling me about the plans. Expanding into the parkinglot towards airline and then behind it. He did tell me that they are looking into doing more stuff with the land behind it. I wonder if Go-Kart Tracks are in planning?
  6. La quinta, Hampton Inn, Supreme Inn, Towne Place, Comfort Suties, and Another one coming soon. <Cabela's Sportsman Park.
  7. 3-4 stores yea right!...try a whole new WING!!! and now they are expanding by gap!
  8. the lot next to timeshare and behind logans is for the 13,800 sqft retail shopping center
  9. just got some info on Sportsman park. Two hotels going up now. Logan's Opened. 1 Outlet Shopping Center in design process anchord by a Chinese Resturant (P.F. Changs). Another 10,800 Sqft Outlet Shopping Center is now getting built, unknow who will be in it. VooDoo BBQ has backed out again, again. Another Hotel is approved to be built, bringing our hotel count to 14. Originally 3 Resturants where proposed, Santa Fe, Logan's, and a 3rd Steakhouse. Now there is talk of a 4th resturant. Unknown who it is at this time.
  10. sweet a Dairy Queen! I still dont know what is worse...No Turn lanes in Gonzales, or the fact that Hwy 30 is still 3 lanes instead of 5.
  11. <----- ALL2NEAT. you will be shocked to who I am. https://www.facebook.com/kelly.v.bones March 25th, 2013 Logan's Roadhouse Will be open!
  12. Smoothie king is almost done... the movie theatre looks like its starting ground work too. I'm still talking with my friend that own the Nicholason VooDoo about building one by cabelas...
  13. the all equipment rent all place moved everything to their baton rouge location, which leaves a huge warehouse on airline by 74 for sale. @thesignguy...Welcome aboard my fellow Gtown resident!
  14. oh boy...more movies! time for BR to have some sitcom's to be filmed here...i dont want to go to hollywood or universal just to watch a filming of a sitcom, when its in our own backdoors.
  15. IDK....but they need another "nighborhood Market Walmart" or another Walmart/Target soon... The Gonzales walmart is horrible and is always packed.
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