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  1. Check your DMs. There is a time... and place... for everything. Suffice it to say I'm not here trying to win any popularity contests. I'll still be here when most of you are gone. And one day I'll be back in Norfolk as a resident, business owner and landlord for another 20 years -- while most of you were never there.
  2. Recently, a female friend of mine directed my attention to a rather insipid, pop culture TV reference which I think most of you seem to be, perhaps unwittingly, mirroring or espousing re: this whole nightlife shutdown saga. "Be cool. Don't be, like, all uncool."
  3. Haha. Thank you for the non sequitur. Yes, because it’s so “stupid” to want safe streets. Sorry, but I’m a tough on crime true believer: pro victim and vehemently anti-criminal. Unapologetically so. I do not want to live in a no bail, criminal-coddling dystopia. And neither should you, for your very life and the lives of your friends and loved ones depend on it. 1) My “approval” of your idea of a fun night out is not the issue here. And by the way, I pretty much know your age within a couple years, and you’re not exactly representative of the demographic down there. Unless, that is, you’re still clinging onto your youth by your fingernails. LOL. No shade. But anyway, contrary to your insinuation, I don’t have a problem with bars or drinking or having fun. Of course that’s not exactly all that’s happening at or outside of these places, now is it? Rather bizarrely, you seemed to be holding up these establishments as iconic beacons for the “young professional.” I simply took exception to that rather humorous assertion and urged us all to aim higher. That’s hardly a controversial proposal. 2) Having said that, it is true that we cannot bury our heads in the sand and fail to acknowledge the obvious: crowded drinking holes, young/bored men…and the early morning hours do not a Disneyesque combination make. City Council understands this and is taking action. Want to know what I truly don’t approve of? Well, let’s start with criminal activity. Violence. Whether that be by a gun or a knife or the fist. What I don’t approve of is those who, in the name of politics, profit or carrying a torch for some warped, low-brow notion of “cool,” tolerate or otherwise turn a blind eye to rampant thuggery, drugs, assaults, murder. 3) The majority of crime may be happening outside of downtown, but downtown is the heart of Norfolk and has been ground zero for Norfolk’s renaissance since the early 80s. Norfolk is also the cultural and financial capital of Hampton Roads, and thus DT far too precious and important for a business-as-usual attitude when it comes to crime. If downtown dies because people are too afraid to visit, Norfolk pretty much dies.
  4. I think it might be Breeden. INDEPENDENCE ACQUISITION LLC 287 INDEPENDENCE BLVD 219 14784069280000 CONDO ASSOCIATION MASTER 287 INDEPENDENCE BLVD 220 14784232740000 Name Independence Acquisition, Llc Entity Type Limited Liability Company Jurisdiction of Formation VA SCC ID S4518850 Status Active Date of Formation/Registration 2013-04-24 Principal Office Address 560 Lynnhaven Parkway Virginia Beach Va23452 GPS Coordinates Latitude: 36° 49' 53" N Longitude: 76° 3' 59.6" W
  5. Those in the Icon with newly blocked views should probably request a rent reduction. Heh.
  6. Not only do they have more developments to talk about, they have more reliable, consistent and prolific members. For instance, I've been tracking the weekends for years, and we literally average about one half of one post--total-- on the weekends. How strange. Looks like our people only post to distract themselves from their work. But Richmond, heh, they just keep on posting 24/7/365.
  7. Nothing moving on this front rn, but it is interesting to note that the HR and Richmond forums recently both arrived at a ".1" marker--namely, at a 69.1K and 58.1K post count, respectively. However, fast forward a few short weeks, and Richmond is now at ".8" ...with HR trailing at ".2"...or more precisely, 58.8K and 69.2K posts, respectively. If this long-standing trend continues, the HR forum is destined to play second fiddle here in USA South>Virginia, and in fairly short order. Well, from a VB native to our venerable UP friends up in Richmond, I say "kudos!"
  8. I am not under the impression that these are standalone projects. Developer is obviously concerned for the viability of the other concepts absent a surf park. and yet we have been told, repeatedly, that the financing was or would be in place.
  9. We have entered Bizarro World. This thing is as clear as mud. Need more reportage please. Sigh. Just goes to show you that every time a politician's or a pitch man's mouth is moving, they're lying...or at least not telling you the whole story.
  10. No lol. To quote from the article, “If all goes according to plan, the temporary casino will only stand for a few years and will be torn down when the construction of the permanent casino is completed yards away,
  11. I loved it. Thanks.
  12. I watched the formal session, and in some strange twist of events, this item was actually on the agenda as presented and was voted on. APPROVED
  13. I watched the informal session today and this project was pulled from the planning agenda without explanation.
  14. Well, it isn't fine. I was actually down there both as a property owner (multiple) and an on again/off again full-time resident from 2003 to 2020. That's nearly a generation's worth of my time. And, yes, it was pretty fine when I arrived... but not so fine when I left. And things have only gotten less fine since.
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