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  1. Virginia Beach Development

    Perhaps he meant pots of gold…at the end of rainbows? Or leprechauns?
  2. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    It was all about taking a risk and building that arena. Bringing together the major stakeholders and committing public funds. Like the governor said, he was willing to talk about the size and the color and the shape, but basically the building was going in. Period. End of discussion. And this in the face of a 17% public approval for the project. Can you say guts? Our spineless, vision less wonders (read: our politicians) around here would never be able to pull this off.
  3. Virginia Beach Development

    The Navy will not allow residential development on that property. Additionally, these houses that you say were on the golf course? No, they simply happen to be sharing the view with everyone else. Including you and me who walk down the street, & the wildlife that live in the trees. They have no deeded right to that view. Their properties weren't developed by the golf course people. They were just lucky to have that view for all these years. The applicant has gone to tremendous lengths in designing his building and thoughtful site plan for maximum aesthetic impact and superior preservation of the natural habitat. But most significantly, the applicant has promised to include everyone in on the profiteering. The adjacent residents will get trained for jobs in a preferential manner. And these neighbors are likely to make significantly more $$ there than they are making at their present jobs. I watched the planning commission hearing and was most impressed by this application. Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth.
  4. Scope Renovations

    Well...It's not getting torn down. And it's probably not going to be expanded to be large enough to be relevant. So, this may be a big waste of time. Unfortunately, that's the way I feel about this. Don't exactly understand what the Mayor and Council are doing here. They seem to be throwing out half-baked ideas in a vacuum ...absent any matrices or data that would indicate what the actual return on investment will be. And what of the alternatives? Why don't they instead invest the $80 million or whatever (guessing) on revitalizing the waterfront near Harbor Park and maybe getting an arena done over there. A real arena. A big boy arena. Not some super complicated rehab that will end up accomplishing next to nothing in terms of attracting the events that we would all like to see. Events that would actually help pay back the debt. Why don't they partner with somebody, even if it's those nameless people who might've failed in Virginia Beach, and this time have the city put up some of the money? Risky? Maybe. But you have to go big or go home. Make gambles, take risks. The payoffs can be huge. Just look at Nashville. We all need to read those Nashville trip articles that are popping up in Inside Business. Boy do we have a lot to learn. And that goes well beyond regionalism. Which is a big enough hurdle in and of itself. There are so many components missing here it's not even funny!
  5. Norfolk Pictures

  6. Norfolk Pictures

  7. Town Center North

    Yeah. I guess it will be OK. Better than those ugly 60s boxy spaceship buildings.
  8. Norfolk Outlet Mall

    I've been keeping quiet about this. Corresponding with some people. And then today an article comes out. Disturbing. Confusing. Some hope thrown in for good measure. Contradictions abound. Corporate obfuscation ? You be the judge. But definitely more questions raised than answers.
  9. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    A report on the Hampton Roads bigwigs' visit to Nashville to learn about how they've been so successful down there. One Takeaway: Nashville has always bet big, not afraid to lose. They built an arena without a tenant. And now their mayor credits that big bet as the main impetus for everything that has come since.
  10. Town Center North

    Site plan, yes. But then one site plan had something other than a fast food drive in on what is now ...a Chick-fil-A property. Anyway, I agree though. It would be great if they'd stick to it. Let's get the secret recipes that are back there cookin' in da kitchen ...out of that kitchen ...and onto the dirt!! ;-)
  11. Town Center North

    6? Boo! Now I'm imagining a squatty rectangle or something taking up enormous swaths of territory with acres of surface parking. Waiting for architectural rendering. Hopefully the architecture will be somewhat as good as the "better" ones above from around the country. I don't know. It's probably gonna look like a Holiday Garden Inn. OK, out of curiosity, I just googled "6 story Hyatt Place." Totally different designs came up from the ones I had already posted above. So here they are. We might be able expect something as incredibly "beautiful" as these. Yuck.
  12. Norfolk Pictures

  13. Norfolk Pictures

  14. Norfolk International Airport

    Good news. Because it's all about demand. And numbers. Sheer numbers. Until we get the requisite demand, we won't see international or even West Coast direct… Much less expansion . That's why Bruce Thompson wants to basically merge the RIC and ORF/PHF airports because he knows that sheer numbers are the only to make possible a hub, int'l and direct west coast flights, and much greater visibility for the region vis-a-vis domestic and int'l big business & tourism.