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  1. A speculative piece on the arena. It quotes Sessoms, Henley, Moss, Ms. Kilmer and a professor. Do the bankers believe that the $$ projections add up?
  2. I hope it sells and is developed before it becomes overrun with vegetation or a place for people to congregate in the dark of night.
  3. Yeah, that's entirely possible. Hoping maybe that the hotel will be at least 6/8. I posted it because it's ancillary development to the IKEA and the Simon Norfolk Premium Outlets, which taken as a whole including future development, is an interesting and rather significant new phenomenon for that area of our region. I don't know if there's anyway to categorize that here in another thread? I guess we have IKEA, then the Outlets already listed separately. There's a lot more coming down the pike if things go well. I guess could've put this under one of those two but wasn't sure which one.
  4. New major hotel (150 keys), retail and restaurant development "just west of IKEA" at 5900 Northampton Blvd. on 7.8 acres owned by USAA.
  5. From what I understand this money is not coming from the general coffers, it's coming from revenues that will be generated directly by this project in the future. Seems fair to me. If we don't incentivize, surely someone else will. I suppose that if Abbott had been in charge these last 20 years, we wouldn't have Town Center. ETC. Also love how she conflates millennial-friendly with millennial-endorsed/approved. These dwellings are millennial-friendly because they offer the amenities, lifestyle, design and location that millennials desire. It's irrelevant whether millennials will approve of or otherwise endorse the morality of the funding mechanism (and that is certainly not what the marketing materials intended to imply, lmao), for I doubt that any potential future millennial prospect of CW2 will consider said mechanism when deciding whether or not to live there. Finally, I find it somewhat offensive that she believes that she is somehow uniquely qualified to judge who is of "above average means" (or that she believes that she should be segregating people by class) and then seek to discriminate against a particular group deemed to be unworthy, consequently determining who should and should not receive government incentives that are ostensibly open and available to all entities whose applications meet the basic qualifications of the program. Are many developers wealthy? Yes. But many of them have also gone bankrupt more than one time in their lives, for they have taken major risks. Thank God that with risk sometimes also comes reward. But nothing is guaranteed. Oh, and of course there's also the notion that most of us have never gotten a job from a person of "below average means."
  6. VB technology firm expands and re-locates within VB.
  7. Right. That's what I meant to convey anyway. That the two aforementioned developments would be behind the point of view/perspective of this rendering of CHKD. When I said "perspective" of the viewer, obviously in this rendering you are standing in between the three projects, with the CHKD building in front of you and the two other buildings behind you. In other words the others are at the corner of Colley & Brambleton, on either side...which forms sort of a "gateway" to this CHKD project. Perhaps for clarification, I should've expressed it this way: "CHKD is just West of the two other projects, which are at the corner of Colley and Brambleton.
  8. New public-private partnership proposal for a "massive" 155,000 square-foot outpatient VA facility with 1050 parking spaces located at Princess Anne Commons in the new VABeachBio Research Park.
  9. I don't think this thing ever got built?
  10. CHKD MEDICAL TOWER The EVMS Edu Bldg would be to the right & behind this perspective, whilst the River Tower would be to the left and behind this perspective. This is heading down Brambleton toward Hampton Boulevard, just past the intersection with Colley.
  11. I'm totally torn. That contact of mine in business media finally got back to me today. Well, actually his boss got back to me telling me that the gent had left the company. Oh my goodness. He also added his two cents…which was... "many doubt, and that doubt is growing." Of course, he meant doubting the developer's ability to close. On the one hand, I do understand that these deals are massive and complex, and that banks are extremely detail-oriented and cautious when it comes to lending out 9 figures. So, it would make sense that you are going to need additional time now and then beyond what are simply educated guesses/artificial timelines. On the other hand, I do understand that these deals are massive and complex, and that banks are extremely detail-oriented and cautious when it comes to lending out 9 figures. LOL. So, I also wouldn't be surprised if things fell apart. I wish I could handicap this thing a bit better, but it's reading tea leaves at this point.
  12. They operate under a public- private arrangement with almost 100M endowment in the bank and positive growth on the revenue side. Plus, you're right when it comes to capital improvement projects for state-sponsored schools: there's usually plenty of money at their disposal upon request.
  13. Andrea Kilmer officially given additional time to close on the loan with J.P. Morgan Chase. The new deadline will be 11/6/17. USM is now operating as Mid-Atlantic Arena, LLC –at lender's request,
  14. EVMS$$$$ + OwnOcc = YES!!!!