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  1. Norfolk Pictures

  2. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Ahh! Thanks.
  3. The Icon at CityWalk Progress

    Cool. As to new construction, well of course they'd say that. They haven't done any. LOL. Well, except for that building behind the Union Mission. Which is taking forever! Anyway, last I corresponded with Zed at Cordish, cost wasn't their main concern. Their main concern was finding a way to get approval from the City Council to build where they think they need to build to maximize their return on investment. Rooftop $8k: Can you explain a little bit more? Is that a common element for all of the tenants to enjoy? Or are you saying they built some type of residential penthouse up there? Thx!
  4. Virginia Beach Arena

    19 days left....
  5. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Great question! I suppose "served" would technically mean that there's a station proximate to the location in question. Some would define "proximate" as attached. Others might say that LR has to be within a short/comfortable walking distance of the location for the location to be considered "served." I would agree that Military Circle is not served by light rail. Not by a long shot. However, I walk downtown daily, and I would have to disagree that TPP is not served by LR. I'm quite sure that I could walk between the two in about six minutes, quite comfortably. But even at eight minutes, that's less than half of a mile. In any case, I've never bought into the notion that simply because a location is not "served by light rail," that it is not a potentially viable or suitable location. I'm quite sure that we'd find a way to extend light rail to wherever Amazon HQ2 decided to land. Double time.
  6. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Woah, zing!! Well, I'm confident that it will be so for at least the next 25 years.
  7. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    None of the proposed locations have light rail. Neither do the ones in Richmond. So should have all of those mayors refrained from participating? As to SPQ, I never thought that would be an appropriate location for such an endeavor. However, Military Circle....
  8. Residence Inn at Town Center

    Skids greased. Yeah, Tom Lyons was big before Bruce Thompson was known. He's been around a very very long time. I guess somewhere around the very late 60s early 70s. He already had an absolutely huge mansion built by around 1980 back in the back of Bay Colony. I was a very little kid and we would stare at it and think it was the biggest house we'd ever seen. It's still big even by today's standards.
  9. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Except that Kenny Alexander has never had the balls to say that. So when did he ever come out publicly and endorse what you just said? Even tangentially so? (Of course I disagree completely.)
  10. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    People are coming around. And like I said before, Kenny=WEAK, feckless, same ol' same ol' politician.
  11. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Apparently, Hampton Roads will submit three sites for the proposed Amazon HQ2. Only one of them is in Virginia Beach....
  12. Virginia Beach Arena

    I'm cautiously optimistic. And excited. Although Barbara Henley doesn't seem to be all that happy about it. But that's OK. Anyway, also of interest to some would be the fact that this arena absolutely crushes anything that Richmond has even dreamed of proposing so far, judging by their latest renderings and specs. (My apologies in advance for potentially violating the 11th commandment of these boards , but it seems to me that Richmond is far enough away from Hampton Roads that I don't need to be so diplomatic and deferential! LOL)
  13. Well, I can only report what the man who runs the largest city in Virginia is telling me, directly. Additionally, I have spoken with a reporter with the Virginian Pilot who, along with Mr. Hansen, is telling me that Richmond practically gave the property away (land prices are lower there already anyway) & slashed all business-related taxes, etc., to next to zero. They both also reiterate that the job creation would be limited to around 100. Not that we wouldn't like those jobs, but it's not a significant economic development...development, if you will.
  14. Town Center Marketplace

    Ha ha, yes. Agreed. But wait until you get a Wegmans way out West. I don't know what decade that will be, but when you do, you will know that you've seen the promised land.
  15. Norfolk Development 2

    Norfolk Waterside Marriott SOLD for $35M to RIC based company. Major renovation planned @$19-24M, incl. $4M from ORF for updates to conference center, etc.