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  1. Clearly, she’s been watching Shark Tank & Mr. Wonderful. LOL
  2. I don’t see a Virginia Beach photos page, so I thought I’d post this here since this is Beach “development.” Nice bit of density here built up over the past 7-15 yrs or so. In particular with the left upper quadrant of this photo. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t really capture it as well/the same as the human eye, and I couldn’t get very high up today, but it’s pretty interesting to observe the changes here to the general 31st Gateway area from this perspective. Here you are looking from Beach Garden Park on the causeway which leads from Holly Road to 30th, and Laskin as well.
  3. Oh, that is an intriguing thought! Covid will pass, but will their budget allow for such an endeavor now? Interesting how they had sought advice from their architect to make the building “more efficient” in design, which meant squattier, but since then they’ve been adding floors.
  4. Snip, snip! Yes, actually it was snipped & clipped, and then it was added onto again. The net result being 24 versus 27 floors.
  5. Most excellent, and I concur. This thing will turn out much better than I feared after the scale-back ...and not so much “worse” than originally conceived. If that makes sense lol. Project salvaged. Now if only we could get rid of the brick! Lol. Can’t have everything I guess.
  6. So skipping 13, you’re saying they think they’re on 21 right now? So three more to go Or only two, i.e., is 24 mechanical?
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