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  1. Maybe so. However, recently I did watch a video on VBTV of a VBCC informal session where they were advised via an econ dev presentation that our region's out-migration from the prime working group cohort aged 25-54 or so was significant.
  2. I agree. I asked him. He said it can be expensive to do. That may have something to do with the added complexity of design to allow for both optimal office floor plates and optimal residential floor plates in the same structure, as they are typically in conflict. Also, you'd need separate entrances, separate elevator banks, and you would encounter differing window design standards and safety design standards. Also he says that there is something more difficult about financing a mixed-use highrise project because lenders use differing criteria for lending for the residential and the office components. Can be done though. Don't know how eager A/H is to tackle another mixed-use high rise ...à la The Westin.
  3. Great report. I, too, have visited NOVA Wegmans locations over the years. They run 130k-145k sf, whereas ours is 113k sf. Richmond's two units are 115k & 120k sf. Main difference here vs. NOVA besides some extra space in main level is that they have the huge mezzanine seating area and private room(s). Fredericksburg mezz, in particular, seems like wasted space to me. Not crowded. However, you are also correct in your reportage that Wegmans has decided that it can operate more efficiently within a smaller footprint, as 4 of the 5 new stores in The Triangle will be under 100k sf or just a tad over. 95/99k-103k....vs our 113k.
  4. Friend of mine who works in commercial real estate says VBTC could definitely handle more office but that no one builds this much sq ft speculatively these days. This we know. So they continue to look for the anchor tenant. Hoping it happens within the next 5 years. Just feels like we "need" this 16-20 story project to round out out the "skyscraper" aspect of VBTC--to solidify its architectural impact--and to drive home the point to all who care to notice that VBTC is a true power center of business. A real downtown.
  5. An interesting article from 11/2018 on the history & future of VBTC featuring Lou Haddad. Touches on the need for improved public transportation in the city/region if we ever hope to be anything other than what we are now. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.13newsnow.com/amp/article/news/local/mycity/virginia-beach/whats-next-for-virginia-beachs-town-center/291-616057599
  6. Np! Exciting either way.
  7. Yeah, the 5.7% increase refers to flight departures, while the "double digit increase" refers to passenger count.
  8. Anyone been to Wegmans or Shake Shack yet? Impressions?
  9. well, it looks like we got a combo of designs from rendering 1 & rendering 2. i still prefer the glass tower on the orig rendering. would love to see the other side. per website opens 7 June.
  10. The sky is falling! Run for the hills! This Seal Level Rise Coastal Flooding Land Subsidence Resiliency Resilience Officer/Grand Pubah-Czarina will surely have her way here (read her warning in the article), and so the whole area will eventually be relegated to green-space, exclusively. When Harbor Park reaches the end of her functional life, she will be razed and moved to higher ground...like Suffolk! Watch as fear spreads like a cancer aided by official city govt policy & surrounding land values plummet as they have been doing in residential waterfront and water-adjacent Downtown & the Hague! The tax base will shrink, nowhere to expand, people move out, taxes go up, vicious cycle leads to a reckoning for Norfolk that makes Mother Nature's wrath look like child's play! Yay!
  11. Agreed. It's all about self interest, or more precisely stated, perceived self interest. Norfolk is just not as "powerful" as it once was. Even when compared with fairly recently.
  12. Sorry. I don't follow you bud. It's been a good while now but I'm pretty sure I saw the presentation? But if you know something I don't, then cool.
  13. Until you can convince Virginia Beach that a merger with less prosperous and less economically-diversified entities (Norfolk, Portsmouth) is in that city's self-interest, nothing will ever happen. Of the seven cities, a merger of Chesapeake and VB would be the most likely thing to occur, as they are the most "alike," but of course it won't happen because neither one truly needs the other to prosper at this point. We all know who needs who around here.
  14. Planning staff recommended denial because they deemed the development to be "inconsistent with the transportation and land use strategies in the city's comprehensive plan...." Plus the schools issue. I'm with you, they need to see the bigger picture here! Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Still, we know there will be a big fight over traffic & safety concerns ...oh and then there is that state champion tree.... The developers have agreed to delay the residential component until after the new, planned elementary school is built. They want to start with the industrial anyway because they have a whale on their hook & don't want to let it get away.
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