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  1. Yes, right. So when I saw the update and clicked on it, I knew for certain that there would be nothing new here to see lol. Because this was Kenny's 2018 SOTC confection/concoction.
  2. I really hate the name. Redundant & derivative. Adding an "e" to the second word is gilding a lilly that is actually more of a carnation. How silly. Trying way too hard. I don't even like the street name or the way they've spelled it. Again derivative. Faux panache. Très bourgeois.
  3. Victory is sweet. Fabricating ridiculous excuses for losing is nothing but sour grapes.
  4. But remember "neutral Andria" is inviting people to sign a petition at her speaking engagements.
  5. I just saw on TV where locals-only 3-day tickets go on sale this Saturday for $150 ...and $500 for VIP...but only for a very limited time.
  6. It needs to be changed to 8k signatures. This would stop these types of nuisance campaigns. 4k is a very low threshold in a pop of 250k. Theirs is a campaign of lies and deceit. They are against the casino. They tell the ignorant, the undecided and the go-along/bandwagon crowd that they merely wanna slow things down. Cuz who could be against that, right?
  7. I have no idea, but the idea of artificially altering speeds downward absent a safety-based rationale seems odd to me. I generally don't like public policy that forces behaviors or ensures specific outcomes (to be determined, no less, in some ivory tower) that wouldn't otherwise exist if simply left to natural market/environmental forces and rational actors--like you and me. Why wouldn't you just ban trucks and let the rest of us drive 45? Not saying I support that idea either, but....
  8. Remember, it's the Tennessee billionaire who will be financing this project. What makes you think that either he or the Tribe would want to keep idle a totally non-performing asset...in your scenario? In that case, the City would likely be first-in-line to buy-back this flood-prone plot--at a steep discount no less haha! Seriously though, this land is currently generating zero dollars, and there are no other buyers...nor have there been since the dawn of time! $10M certainly isn't chump change here, especially in these times of diminishing returns on waterfront/water-adjacent properties. Especially for a severely cash-strapped Norfolk which, frankly, has no business being in the real estate business ....i.e, as in holding vacant land ...except in rare circumstances. Should the project fail, it will likely be sold off and redeveloped with Fed Govt approval...or redeveloped by the Tribe and investor. However, I'm pretty certain they will succeed, with Norfolk getting the $10M plus yearly seven figure payments, economic spin-off benefits and jobs, jobs, jobs. Of course we could always just plant some seagrass and wait for the tide to roll in....
  9. Who else is stepping up to the plate and offering $$ for this long-abandoned parking lot? "...it's not like any other sale where we could potentially buy-back the land in 50-100 years..." ??? Well, I cannot see into the future, but the advent of any circumstances under which we would be buying back this particular plot of land ...in 50-100 years ...escapes me. Won't it be under water by then anyway?
  10. So you two buy her story. Fair enough. Myself, living in her district, watching her closely and corresponding with her over the past couple of years, I believe that she is actually against the Casino on multiple grounds and is merely trying to throw a few wrenches in the works in an attempt to slow the city's roll to buy her time to build and organize the opposition.
  11. what about the rest of us? we would have to suffer through an unreasonably low 25 mph speed limit ...the entire length of the road. if one wanted to go to the base and back from downtown, a 25mph speed limit would make one want to blow one's brains out.
  12. https://www.nfkcolony.com/ Should not this project get its own thread?
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