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  1. 15th Street Pier Redevelopment

    No, the pier is not a done deal even without the enhancements. The minority member bloc on Council does not want a pier, and the majority has caved. And they will continue to cave because they have no guts and they do not understand how to wield their majority voting power. What feckless imbeciles. Cowards. I have emailed a scathing message of protest to the majority and the majority, alone. And I routinely support them with positive emails, so I hope this one stands out. Even though I am one small cog in a giant wheel, I must call a spade a spade. Bruce is right. This is crap. Unfortunately, business as usual of late on the Virginia Beach City Council.
  2. Virginia Beach Development comfirmed
  3. sports in norfolk

    What some of you seem to be forgetting is that these alignments are predicated on more than just geography or athletics, they are often determined by shared culture and academic standards. No offense to Old Dominion, but I wouldn't put them in the same league as University of Virginia or Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Duke. So, no, ACC is not happening.
  4. Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    Thank you. I love that you are still connected and committed to us despite your long absence and distance. And I agree, when I say tower I don't necessarily mean 30 stories. More like 10 to 15 would be nice there and appropriate. Hotel/residential, shopping and dining, and a courtyard maybe even a rooftop courtyard at the third floor level or something... there's much you can do with a property that size. It seems like they're just trying to fill up the whole thing, wall it off to the street and leave a courtyard connecting to a building --as is uthe status quo. This does nothing for MacArthur's second floor, or for revamping the third floor, the underutilized theaters/food court.
  5. Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    Where did you see me say that I thought there would be an anchor store there? I said nothing of the sort. I live within a five minute walk of this place, and I am there nearly every day of the week. I have seen the mall open and morph since the first day it opened, and I've known for many years that there would never be an anchor store there. Reread my post. What I'm saying is that there should be greater use made of MacArthur Center's architectural flexibility by incorporating dynamic verticality in the form of a tower that would connect to multiple floors at that dead end. Not an anchor connecting, but a mixed-use project connecting. The developers cleverly built-in connectivity for multiple future purposes. Not just for an anchor. What they should not be doing is simply encircling a courtyard that already exists with the only connection to the mall being that very courtyard with an entrance on the first floor. Which already exists! Mark my words, the project as conceived now will not, as you claim, increase foot traffic for the mall. It will be it's own separate village and will support itself. There is no integration. They are slapping some pedestrian apartments next to a mall. That's because you think logically ...and big. Nice to have someone of kindred spirit here. That's also what my sources in city government are telling me and others, but nothing is certain at this point.
  6. Norfolk Gateway

    Well, that is one $$ piece of property. It should be able to support higher rents (ones necessary for better architecture) for the views, alone. Thinking I really like the design, but it's a little bit stubby. All in all though, the bottom is fantastic and the rest has potential. Hopefully with added mixed uses we can get to ICON type measurements. Still waiting for a 35-45 story tower. There are smaller markets around the country that have them.
  7. Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    Ok, true. But here watercolor designs have nothing to do with actual structural and functional design. Look at the design. There is no connectivity to the second or the third floor. There's just a hole with grass like there is one already. Clearly, a tower should be built with direct access to Mac floors one, two maybe three some shops and restaurants and office or hotel or something.
  8. Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    This is a low rent, slapdash disaster of a plan on so many levels, primarily with regard to an abject failure of integration and connectivity with MacArthur Center and its supremely flexible, multilevel functionalities, as well as with respect to a dearth of dynamic verticality, presence and visual impact. This plan leaves the second and third floors, and likely even the first floor, as well, as dead ends to nowherw, absent the (originally) intended multiple in-line tenancy and foot flow. There is zero integration with the only connection being a courtyard ...yeah...where one already exists! This is like slapping a new development next to the mall and calling it an extension. Unless you can enter the hotel or restaurants or shops absolutely directly from MacArthur floors one and two, or nevermind actually reinventing the third floor food court area (where there is an unused elevator shaft behind Sakura and a hallway waiting to be punched open to new development) and adjacent movie theaters which are underutilized, this project will do little to nothing to enhance the mall, to shore up its tenancy issues, to create a buzz...and finally, to keep Nordstrom. Lastly, if you study the architecture and building materials used to build MacArthur Center-- both inside and out--you will see that they are first grade, entirely custom and extremely well thought out. I sincerely doubt that the facades of this new construction will come even close to reaching a level of quality of design and materials used by Taubman. I have already sent emails to Starwood, the Mayor, and my council representatives downtown.
  9. 15th Street Pier Redevelopment

    Political CYA tactic. Even in the face of $200M piggy bank which was gleaned from those tourist $$? These people are certifiable. And afraid of their own shadow.
  10. New Bonney Road Development

    Oh, I bet it looks ever so slightly better than you thought it would ha ha. ;-) Remember, this is a very preliminary submission. This does not represent what VB has come back to them with, so there will likely be changes. However, the developer made it clear to me that they had done years of extensive market research on the parcel in anticipation of the RFP. This is especially significant given that they are already the King of Bonney Rd. re: office development. (And also the king of zero public subsidies, which I suspect will weigh heavily on the final design ...and weighed heavily on the city's decision to choose Olympia in the first place). I agree with you regarding the connectivity issue. Although the developer mentioned to me something about environmental impacts--and he was anxiously awaiting the EI report--beyond that, he had no comment on connectivity. In my opinion, that's up to the city.
  11. New Bonney Road Development

    I don't have a name. There will be seating and pedestrian walking access around the center fountain feature. Office with retail/poss. medical in the pink and dark pink spaces, respectively (fig. 2). 120 key Hotel is the taller building in yellow in the upper right quadrant (fig. 1). Parking deck behind hotel. Apartments directly across from Hotel in yellow. Offices front Bonney Rd. of course.
  12. New Bonney Road Development

    OK, so I just received some news. Preliminarily, this is proposed to be a mini-city center (NN) type of development with a roundabout & fountain in the center of a grouping of four urban/contemporary, class A buildings, varying at approx. 4-6 stories & to be interchangeable based on demand: 1 hotel, 2 office, 1 apartment. Ground floor retail and poss. medical. Standalone parking deck. Cost prohibitive to put parking decks under the buildings. Wetlands/creek environmental survey underway. Unknown if there will be any connectivity with TC whatsoever. Doubtful. Remember, all of this is preliminary.
  13. New Bonney Road Development

    Right, Thx. I was just wondering if I was seeing something because that's the only way it could ever happen as I was looking at the satellite. Truly, I don't know why they ever proposed that because the enviro governing authorities (ches bay/ace) are never going to allow them to build another road across that creek. Pedestrian bridge maybe?
  14. New Bonney Road Development

    How was Olympia's parcel supposed to "connect" directly with Town Center?