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  1. baobabs727

    River Tower

    LOL....Yes we could take the art of architectural prognostication to new heights...and simultaneously frustrate the spinners and propagandandists in the development community! As for the bldg, it's not bad ...but it's not good either ...and one will never be able to get the original outta one's head...and so the new project will always pale and underwhelm by comparison. Why can't they just take the brick away? It adds nothing and looks like unnecessary adornment ...and an exact copy of the grid pattern (zzzzz) of the existing bldg. Can't we get some actual creativity, please???
  2. baobabs727

    Norfolk Gateway

    "Rises in 2020!"
  3. baobabs727

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Actually, Lynnhaven recently completed a multi-million $$$$ total top-to-bottom renovation with all new interior and a backside addition of 30k sf for a new food court, a new mall entrance and huge addition out front for a new LL Bean & Maggie McFly's plus others a new 11k sf ground-up build out front ongoing for upscale Cooper's Hawk Winery...not to mention all new front of mall parking configuration, landscape, hardscape, lighting, way signage and entrance signage (ongoing) ......
  4. baobabs727

    Norfolk Gateway

    huh? how'd he know that? i can't get anyone to talk on this one yet. very preliminary. exciting tho!
  5. baobabs727

    Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    And Nordstrom remains silent....
  6. baobabs727

    Town Center Marketplace

    Verrry slow going here. Blocking off entrances in VB Blvd and site work continues. Meanwhile, same happening in Raleigh/Cary.
  7. baobabs727

    Beach Dome Site Proposals

    Wonder when the studies will ever end?
  8. baobabs727

    New Realm Brewery

    Looks like these ATL boys will actually brew beer in VB! Possibly as early as late Summer/early Fall.
  9. baobabs727

    Block 2 Tower

    I would probably trust what's on Divaris' site... note the reduced price psf, reduced total sq. ft. of entire bldg, and 16 vs 22 stories.
  10. baobabs727

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    One would think they would wanna tear down that bldg and start anew? Valuable land in a primo corner location such as this calls for some verticality, imo. Perhaps they're calling this expansion phase of TC, "Madison Park?" Your guess is as good as mine, though I seem to recall that James Madison was essentially the father of the Constitution...and that this development borders Constitution St.....
  11. baobabs727

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    What once was an urban forest...for most of my now a shining example of new-urbanism and public-private partnerships. An unmitigated success--and still growing.
  12. baobabs727

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    It's a done deal. Head count taken with knowledge of increased scope and costs. Bonds paying for it. They decided to go way bigger at 285k sq ft once they also decided to issue bonds. At one time early on they were saying 150k - 185k sq ft.
  13. baobabs727

    Premier Apartments Progress

    I'm wondering whether they have found their signature restaurant for that building yet? Also, super impressive that the Lynnhaven scored Cooper's Hawk Winery restaurant at something like 12k sq ft...a ground-up build in the front of the mall at the main entrance. Construction underway now. Oh Where Oh Where is Maggiano's?! Lol.