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  1. 100% agreed. It seems like sometimes people associate “urban” exclusively with high-rise development and integrated parking garages. There are plenty of urban communities all around the country where there are blocks upon blocks of mid-rise apt. buildings interspersed with quads, townhomes/rowhouses, etc., with some surface lots and more back alley parking and hidden/concealed parking in the interior.
  2. Looks like a respectful, respectable, appropriate scheme for a large scale, mixed-income, public-private redevelopment of a downtown-adjacent urban neighborhood community.
  3. Wow. As to your first paragraph, I “reject the notion, ” patently and unequivocally, of anyone expressly preempting or quashing any meaningful discussion on a topic simply because one happens to disagree with another board member. Secondly, it would appear that elitism is alive and well in urban planning and community development circles. You see, it’s not about you or me or some academic white paper…or even a sometimes-lofty back-and-forth on an online development forum. Nay, it’s all about the folks. And the folks have spoken. And the Council has their back. So adjust your wo
  4. I’m not sure I understand all the disgruntlement here. What were you expecting? Is it all about density for most of you…or is it about architecture? That’s not entirely clear from the comments, but I’m sensing it’s more about the density (or the perceived lack thereof). And yes, of course they took “community input” into serious consideration. After all, it is their community, not ours. This is not a place most of us are going to visit on a weekly or monthly basis (that is unless you live there or someone you know lives there). For after all is said and done, this is a neighborhood. A
  5. Yeah, I heard him going on and on. I think that’s the Chairman.
  6. I'm likely not as up to date on all of the block details as are you, and I didn't listen to the entire presentation. However, the presenters made clear that these renders were not representative of the entire TG development...and specifically, not inclusive of the final phases. So, I would assume all of this would be part of the early phase build-out. What do you think about the design? I'll add some more overhead perspectives. Maybe that will help you (and myself) with the block orientation. I have updated my original post to include the city planning workshop video.
  7. Some updated renders for Tidewater Gardens from the recent Planning Commission workshop.
  8. Very cool. I've been saying BOA needed to vacate that prime property for years and years. So it looks like 7 stories along Pacific until you get to the end of the 10 story tower, 2 stories plus a rooftop with build-out (3rd story) along Laskin and along Atlantic, and then 10 stories at Atlantic and 33rd and 10 along 33rd! That 10 story portion is going to feel like 11-12 with that roof cap. Agreed. And everyone knows that the mid-high end furniture game has been an increasingly hard sell/slog for 10-20 years now.
  9. WOW. I guess I'm not shocked though because Ben Willis has been slowly redeveloping the property over the past decade plus. However, it's a bit surprising given that his main building's fancy new facade ....which was created around the time he ceded some space to allow for the construction of the Aldi is only a few years old!
  10. BUT WAIT!!! Is this WILLIS FURNITURE?? (FORMERLY WILLIS WAYSIDE AT THALIA WAYSIDE VILLAGE? ) This is a venerable mainstay of fine furniture in HR dating to 1890, and relocated here around 1950!
  11. Rocky Holcomb (from what I understand) will continue to serve in Abbott’s seat through election night November 2022. This is as a result of the voting rights lawsuit and will take more time to clear up those issues. Mr. Wood’s resignation is a very sad event indeed. And a scary one. Sabrina Wooten and Aaron Rouse have announced their intent to run for vice mayor. Please say “no” to Sabrina.
  12. Generally-speaking, I would definitely agree with you. However, I did take one of the new HRT Route 20 all-electric buses from downtown to the oceanfront one day when I had some free time (more like 1:40!!) because I wanted to see what they were like. The ride was flawless, quiet and smooth as silk. The interior was spartan, modern, bright and clean and styled with layout almost exactly mirroring a light rail train car. I found the entire experience (besides the length of the ride because of all the stops) rather pleasant and somehow far less “stigmatizing” than the old buses.
  13. Just as I have always feared. Rome burned while our leaders fiddled. Potentially 20 years to second phase expansion completion from initial starter line debut is absurd, ridiculous and destined to fail based on inflationary pressures in raw materials, alone. However, ridership matters, and the all-important funding formulas will not work at current ridership levels. Therefore, extending LRT to Military Circle is the very best we can possibly HOPE for in the near term. Additionally, the Pilot’s editorial was perfectly balanced and spot on in every single aspect, from tone to facts to
  14. It's no longer listed on their website re: branch locations 23451
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