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  1. That's interesting. He had asked me if I or anyone I knew lived in the adjacent and surrounding area. I think he was looking for some neighborhood contacts....
  2. I'm thinking this is why.... Neighbors demanded parking plan/study. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/virginia-beach-neighborhood-wants-parking-plan-for-atlantic-park-project/ar-BB1fk1SN
  3. Yes, and that was the problem: Too “hands on” and no expertise. I think it’s safe to say that you find yourself in the very, very, very slim minority of opinion of Redskin’s fans (or even basic NFL fans) who think Dan was a good owner. Dan was a micromanager who often exercised poor judgment and made many, many mistakes over his tenure. The results speak for themselves. Feel free to compare his record in playoff appearances, wins and Super Bowl titles to the record of the prior owner, Jack Kent Cooke. Not even close! And that’s because, unlike Dan, Mr. Cooke actually had many years of prior
  4. Yeah, tell that to the Redskins the past couple decades. Fact is, you're only as good as your ownership...no matter the Industry.
  5. "HeadWaters." Well, it's interesting enough. The Chief states it's about new beginnings. Sounds like a Headquarters and Tidewater(s) smashup. I suppose it doesn't really speak to a place/location, but most people will likely refer to it as the "Casino" or the "Norfolk Casino."
  6. Buy experience? Well, no, you cannot buy a "Bally's" or a "Hard Rock" now. This was a non-competitive process, and it is now a settled matter. Ironically, you could have bought a ready and willing Cordish Cos., and with it an extensive gaming operations pedigree.... Now certainly you can buy individual talent for day-to-day operations, but he/she will still always be working for, beholden to...and taking direction from... relatively inexperienced, monied corporate ownership @Yarborough/Pawmunkey Inc.
  7. i'd be happy to hear from you relative to your opinion on the relative value and import of business and subject-matter operational experience when it comes to selecting a casino operator. additionally, would you have favored the issuance of an rfp in this instance? if not, why not?
  8. I think you're missing the point that the author was attempting to make with such a carefully-worded opening statement...i.e... experience counts. Experience matters, and especially so in specialized gambling operations of this magnitude. You are also missing my point, to wit: I have held and expressed the opinion that Norfolk should have issued an RFP, as did Richmond, thus potentially attracting multiple, high-visibility, experienced, veteran casino operators from all corners of the US...yes, as did Richmond. This contention is even more salient in light of the VA Legislature's recent cons
  9. I love the first line of this article: https://www.casino.org/news/500m-norfolk-casino-resort-renderings-released/ "The Pamunkey Indian Tribe has no experience operating any sort of gaming, but it nonetheless was selected by Norfolk as its preferred casino developer last year." Hmm....
  10. I’ve been reading about what’s included and staring at these renders for a few days now. Am I the only one who doesn’t see $500 million when looking at this?
  11. I’ve always believed that good design appeals to your brain while truly great design hits you squarely in the gut. You just know it when you see it. Sadly, I feel nothing when I look at this. Nothing. Especially with the fifth render.
  12. Thank you. Exactly. Last night, I sent a rather blistering email to the City Council, economic development team and city manager saying just that.
  13. I agree. He seems disappointed but at the same time excited to move forward with something new. There is pent-up demand to be sure. John Moss won’t like it though!
  14. See my post on Greenway Office Park/Olympia/Cutchins from 5 mins ago. Following his news which I reported there, I would bet that this will never be office and will turn out to be residential.
  15. I just spoke with Mr. Cutchins. Looks like this project is dead in its current form, although permits are in place and final ok is close to being granted by city officials. However, the pandemic has basically eradicated commercial lending for office, so funding fell through. Recently, he has been approached by a national developer to JV an apartment complex there which will pay handsome dividends on investment at 2X that of the former project.
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