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  1. When did the cement place close? That's kind of sad.
  2. Been looking at Main Street Realty's properties... pretty much all of them look amazing. Wow. Not too expensive either... definitely cheaper than what something similar in Charlotte would go for.
  3. Oof... that place is looking way too expensive I'm afraid! $950 for the very lowest end of range for rents on the 1-bedroom. It's nice though!
  4. Yeah, just noticed they cutoff at "mid income". Not really sure what that means exactly. Yeah living close to work would be nice. At least I would assume the A-Line runs through Acca, no idea!
  5. So I was just searching around randomly and the Richmond Dairy Apartments look pretty cool... and very cheap. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks so much for the write-up! So far Manchster sounds like the place for me. Or maybe Scott's Addition. The main thing with affordability is, well... I'm not 100% sure how much money I'd be making. Honestly, not even close. That's one of the weird things about working on the railroad... one Conductor can make wildly more than another just depending on the job they're holding down that week... holding down a scheduled job in the yard is cushy and convenient, but you'll be netting less than 3k/month. While in some places you can net 8k+ per month working the road. Ideally, howe
  7. So I'm not sure if this is the place to post something like this... but I'll give it a go! I'm single, 28 and currently living in Charlotte... which I'm surprised to find out actually has one of the more speedy subforums around here. Didn't expect Richmond's to be so slow! Anyways, I work for CSX, I'm a Conductor... and right now, deeply furloughed. Been looking around at places I stand for work... but most of them are pretty much in BFE. Manchester, GA... Fitzgerald, GA... Waycross, GA. There's Augusta too but... eww. Anyways, turns out I stand for a good number of turns on the Rich
  8. EIFS is the worst thing ever created by a Human.
  9. That would be because IKEA isn't Swedish. As far as ownership goes, anyways.
  10. I doubt this is new news, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere... there's signs in the windows of the Nook's retail space that a boutique sneaker store is coming soon.
  11. Oh yeah I know all about Seaboard St... take the line through there all the time. Fun fact.. there's still a gate right there beside the CSX track where you used to swing it back and forth to block either the CSX line or the O-line depending on who was going through the diamond at the time. Not sure why no one ever tore it up, but there's an orange lock (Engineering Dept) on it so you can't swing it. Speaking of that work, if you look on Google Maps you can see all the fresh ties laid out beside the tracks and the Engineering Dept equipment sitting in the runaround just north of Harris B
  12. Are you sure the O-line is entirely abandoned? I don't think so. I think they just keep it maintained for only 10mph like the old P&N line we operate at CSX.
  13. Ditto on the railroad. "Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see."
  14. As to the area around Mount Holly (and thus the bridge over the Catawba) I'm fairly certain CSX owns it. There's a split rail here: When we interchange with the P&N, you have to line the split rail, shove the cars over it and then line it back. I would imagine that marks the boundary between NCDOT owned track and CSX owned track. As for the boundaries in Mecklenburg... I'm not really sure. I would imagine CSX owns anything that hasn't been abandoned. I can tell you there's a portable derail in place here: Because there are no other industries in-service past Blue
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